Capps Maldonado exchange slaps

June 21, 2012

Lois Capps

Central Coast Congresswoman Lois Capp tossed an election-cycle challenge to her Republican opponent Abel Maldonado to join her and post all his tax returns and worksheets for every year he has served in office on Monday.

“With the US Congress certain to consider many tax issues over the next two years, the Capps campaign believes that it’s important and fair for legislators and candidates to the House to disclose their own tax returns so the public can examine whether they meet their obligation to pay their taxes and whether they would benefit from their own tax proposal,” Capps campaign said in a press release.

Maldonado, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the IRS over more than $4 million in taxes the IRS says he and his family business owe partially because of allegedly claiming personal purchases as business expenses, plans to accept the challenge. His campaign has agreed to post his last return within a week.

Maldonado’s campaign fired back with a challenge of its own Wednesday regarding the botched Operation Fast and Furious that allowed guns into the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel. Hundreds of Mexican citizens and two U.S. Border Patrol agents were killed by weapons obtained through Fast and Furious. [Noozhawk]

Abel Maldonado

House congressional leaders announced Wednesday that Congress will consider a contempt resolution next week regarding Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to cooperate with a congressional subpoena for documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, Noozhawk said.

“I am hopeful that Congresswoman (Lois) Capps that we need answers, not cover-ups,” Maldonado said. “This is one of those votes and it doesn’t belong to the president or the attorney general or to any particular party; it belongs to the families of the victims who have been killed and the people she represents. This vote is about reflecting the interests of the people in our community who demand answers.

“Hopefully, Congresswoman Capps will vote in favor of the contempt resolution and publicly call on the president to instruct his Justice Department to fully cooperate with the congressional investigation into the botched operation that allowed guns to “walk” from the United States into Mexico and into the hands of drug cartels.”

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Meanwhile, back to our side issue. In April, Darrell Issa presented the case at a National Rifle Association conference.

“Could it be that what they really were thinking of was in fact to use this walking of guns in order to promote an assault weapons ban? Many think so,” Issa said at the time. “And they haven’t come up with an explanation that would cause any of us not to agree.”

Slowerfaster and Slomike. I have to reply here because there’s no reply box on either of your comments on my computer–I don’t know why.

I got my quote by googling Zaprod’s quote “the man who tells the truth is chased from nine villages” and going to the entry from the digital library at Baylor (Penn Jones). I didn’t know about Michael Vanderboegh until the quote from Rachel Maddow.

I actually wasn’t lying –I don’t know about every radical or extremist around the country.

I can’t find the site that Slowerfaster found with Michael V. Can you supply it?

Well…things happen. I can accept your explanation as legit. Many people are ‘used’ unawares. I know that I have been, so I can relate how you could be, too. There’s so many scam artists out there now with anonymous web posters.

Finding some kind of common ground is an excellent way for people to realize that they may not be the mortal enemies initially imagined.

As for the link, I may have to go thru the cache. I didn’t make it up…honest. I wouldn’t do that. I’ll look, and if I track it down, I’ll post it here.

Thanks for posting this.

the replies only go nine deep

Here you go. Just Google the quote in parentheses. Michael V. is another, in a long list of, shadow characters putting out morsels to fuel right wing conspiracies. I believe you also, now. Holder is probably in over his head, but nor so than Bush’s Alberto Gonzalez. He lied. Excuse me, “didn’t recall”, 64 times…under oath. Held in contempt? No. Not quite the same as “both sides do it” is it.

Much appreciation, Mike.

I think we [ Citizen, yourself, and me ] have all learned a little here, and benefitted.

Perhaps we can keep a dialogue going ?

From the number of comments favoring Lois on this site I would say that; A-Karl Rove’s Crossroads feels Lois can’t be beat so why waste money paying trolls to weigh in or B-Karl Rove’s Crossroads doesn’t trust Maldonado to drink the Tea Party flavored kool-aid. I haven’t seen the Cons shouted down on this site in quite a while.

While I am glad that both candidates have agreed to post their tax returns, that is not the big issue for me. I also don’t know if there are good reasons for withholding the information requested by Issa’s committee or not. But I do know that Holder and his patron Obama should not be the only ones involved in the decision. It should be made by a person without a political stake in the controversy — is such a person could be found.

I do know that I don’t trust Holder — and by extension, Obama to some degree — on this issue. They do have a gun control agenda although they have been wise enough to not do much directly about it. Is this part of it? I don’t know but it could be. My big distrust for them comes from their refusal to follow through on a position that was at least implied if not precisely promised in the last election. I am referring to making enforcement of federal laws against marijuana a low priority in states where it is legal for medical purposes or not.

This is only one of many examples of promises of change from Obama that were either not attempted or weakly attempted. The right-wing fanatics will oppose everything he says and much of what he attempts for purely political purposes even if they personally agree. There was nothing to be gained by compromise with them and yet he tried on several issues. Was it a lack of leadership ability (a lack of awareness or ability to use “the bully pulpit”)? Of was it that he really didn’t care about many of the changes he promised beyond their ability to get voter support? Given his choices for leadership positions in his administration (Sec. Treas, Sec. State, etc.), I suspect it was the latter.

I believe Capps is an honest and well-intentioned person. However, I also think that she lacks leadership and is unwilling to challenge the corrupt elements both in her own party and Washington in general. The fact that she has been supportive of constituents on little issues is not unusual for politicians of either party — McCarthy’s reputation not withstanding. I view her as ineffective on the big long-term issues from protecting freedoms to balancing budgets. I don’t know if Maldonado can or will do any better, but he at least has a history of standing up to his party’s power structure when he thought it was right to do so.

You know, Obama has disappointed me as well. Bill Clinton, the same. So much potential, each of them. But, and a very big but, they are point people for a party and philosophy that looks out for and works on the behalf of those in need and those who care. The GOP seems to think of themselves as mythical strivers for ideals. And those ideals are more important than people. They follow the barkers on Fox news and talk radio. Their candidates are rotten fruit coated with wax then sold to the prepped audience. It is Obama because of the supreme court succession. And he is a good person, as is Lois.

oh, Mike …please, please, PLEASE…,STOP with the KUMBAYA sugar-coating.

These Republican gangsters do not respond to logic or reason.

Today’s Republicans are FASCISTS, plain and simple. NOT the dimwit, drugstore variety that are common marks for every con game invented. The idiots at the bottom can be partially excus

ed because of their stupidity.

I am talking about the EVIL FASCISTS at the top of the Republican hierarchy. They are TRULY the worst, stinking humans breathing air today. They are KILLERS, EXTORTIONISTS, and CRIMINALS of all variety.

The Republicans of early 21st Century ( get that ? the 21st Frickin’ Century ! ) are BIGOTS and RACISTS and NATIVISTS and religious FANATICS that belong in the 12th Century or other MEDEIVAL times.

Republicans have EMBRACED these imbeciles. Republicans are NOT good people !

Get used to the FACT that the Republicans are ENEMIES around us that will have to be dealt with in a very undiplomatic way.

I feel your pain.

The imbecile attacks of Slowerfaster against all Republicans (half the country) are driving commentors away. Moderator, I hope you realize what is happening, because the silencing of opinions different from hers is probably her purpose.

I invite your refutattion, if you can. I still do not believe that half of the nation is as extreme and polarized as people like rep. Allen West, Rep. Joe Walsh, Rep. Michele Bachmann, John BOehNER, Senate Minorty Leader Micth McConnell. I could go on and on of these Anti- American and anti-civilization nihilists.

Gone are the Bob Michels, the Everett Dirksens, the Chuck Hagels, John Danforth, Margaret Chase-Smith…ALL of the sane and somewhat responsible icons that kept the nutcases isolated in the back or the sides.

Don’t give me the false equivalency argument, either. Those extremely rare Democrats that are as vociferous as the average bomb-thrower Republican are as common as chicken lips.

I welcome your answer.

Oh, another fascist tendency is censorship.

Sometimes it’s wise to get the village idiot to shut up, so rational discussion can prevail.

the man who tells the truth is chased from nine villages.

For Eric Holder: “A lie on the throne is a lie, still, and truth in a dungeon is truth, still; and a lie on the throne is on the way to defeat, and truth in a dungeon is on the way to victory.”

Well isn’t that special… in doing a search on the anonymous quote you offer, the FIRST result is from a blog by Michael Vanderboegh, the right-wing fanatic you earlier claimed to have never heard of !

Hoisted by one’s own petard, I believe. Shakespeare, if you will.

Here’s a better one attributed to Mark Twain:

A lie can travel halfway round the world, while truth is putting on its shoes.”

Sorry, Citizen. Never seen anyone trip themselves up like that before. Interesting how many falsehoods get spread and never challenged on this site. Now, did you know Vanderboegh early in your arguments or did my Rachel Maddow link lead you to him?

Slowerfaster said:

“Republicans have EMBRACED these imbeciles. Republicans are NOT good people !

“Get used to the FACT that the Republicans are ENEMIES around us that will have to be dealt with in a very undiplomatic way.

….and then…

“Oh, another fascist tendency is censorship.” (So…don’t go censoring free speech, obviously.)

Rather, one is expected to ‘censor’ tax-paying, vote-casting Republican “anti-American,” “nutcases, “imbeciles,” “enemies” and “bomb-thrower” folks. And while we’re at it, let’s deal with them “in a very undiplomatic way.”

Given this ranting description, am I to conclude that such mentality is indicative of all non-Republicans to “put the past aside,” “work together,” “reach across the aisle” and “(insert campaign rhetoric here)” for CONSTRUCTIVE change?

Gosh, let’s hope not.

Mrs. Capps and Mr. Maldonado, please explain this to us:

US: The largest ‘fire sale’ in history is about to begin. The federal government, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, now owns tens of thousands of foreclosed homes and will auction them off in large blocks at huge discounts from their true value. [Only financial institutions, the super-rich, and insiders with political connections will participate.]

New American Posted 2012 Jun 16

The problem is, Gimlet, is that most of us tend to discount the reporting on blatant, extremist propaganda websites. Sure The New Amerian website as ttruth mixed in with the misleading propaganda, but not enough for the wise among us to seriously consider anything published there.

Get real, please.