Gearhart owes county $207,000

June 7, 2012

Kelly Gearhart

The county tax collector has added his name to the growing list of people, banks and other businesses owed money by former North County developer Kelly V. Gearhart, claiming the Ohio resident is more than $207,000 in arrears in property tax payments and assessments to San Luis Obispo County.

Gearhart, once one of the most prominent residents of Atascadero and a one-time “Person of the Year” for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, reportedly owes the tax funds on 11 properties on North Ferrocarril Road in that city. His wife, Tamara, is listed as co-debtor on one of those properties.

The Gearharts moved to Wadsworth, Ohio in the wake of Kelly’s collapsing development dynasty, and he reportedly now is the subject of numerous government and law enforcement investigations into his financial dealings while in this county.

In a public document published Wednesday, Tax Collector Frank L. Freitas noted the properties with outstanding tax obligations may be sold as early as July 1. If prior arrangements are not made with the Assessor’s Office, the entire amount due must be paid by that date in order to redeem property.


If Jay Miller signed over 10 properties to Robert Grigger Jones when he knew the you what was gonna hit the fan, why wouldn’t Gearhart, a long time and confirmed partner of Jones sign over his interest to Jones? I would be curious to see who the buyers will be of these properties on the TAX AUCTION block?


After 5 years of delinquent taxes the properties will go on the auction block.

The new owner pays the back taxes. Some of these properties have other encumberances (investors and deed restrictions) which complicates the issue.

In the meantime the county is carrying the delinquent taxes.


I’m wondering why Gearhart still owns any property in this county ? I should think we would be hearing that it was being sold to pay back the investors that he duped rather than to pay his property taxes?


“I should think we would be hearing that it was being sold to pay back the investors that he duped rather than to pay his property taxes?”

I have absolutley no use for Gearhart, but the last time I looked he had no leins that would force him to do anthing but continue to sit on his real esate. Hell, he hasn’t even been charged for any crime. If he is being/was sued for anything, I’ve yet to hear the result.

I agree with the guy that says it looks like he beat the system. Maybe you can call your fiend, Steve Von Dolen and ask how the investigation is going

maybe not

Who would have Kelly supported in the District 5 Elections?


Pretty Boy Gearhart

“The most prominent residents of Atascadero and a one-time “Person of the Year”

It grieves me to say this:

Its over, nothing is gonna happen to him, he got away with duping everyone, go on with what you have left of your life.

Gearhart is probably enjoying life in a mansion out in the country of Ohio.

Anything that has to do with Gearhart “The Male High Class Hoar” is a waste of time other than a good reminder to be weary.

If the Feds had something solid on him, they would have nailed him by now, its over!

Theo P. Neustic

I wouldn’t say he’s exactly enjoying life due to a recent occurrence.


I wouldn’t say he’s exactly enjoying life due to a recent occurrence.

Anyone else perhaps may care or worry!

But you sir, are not a Kelly Gearhart!

Living far far away in the state of Ohio!


Not so fast WillieSLO….nothing is going to happen to him? WRONG! I am still getting phone calls from people who are in some way involved with Hurst Financial, Kelly Gearhart or some sort of connection to Attorney Robert Jones. It would appear SOMEONE wants to know what everyone else knows in anticipation of indictments and a trial. Oh it isn’t over in fact the conversations I have had would lead me to believe SOMEONE very high up is under the radar. Stay tuned!


The article refers to properties on Ferrocarril. What about property taxes owed on the Printery? They are around $100,000.


Calcoast must be running on fumes with this story if this is what’s getting printed about gearhart. It’s common knowledge that if you don’t pay your property taxes for years on end you will have your property seized .


You brought it up not me , but I will take the opportunity to comment on your post . Be very careful what you say about Calcoast in here . They are very sensitive to criticism , right or wrong . They will block your thumbs-up and pound your thumbs-down . You will be put on a permanent watch list ( does this remind you of any other countries ) . This is what happen to me , where as in The Tribune , I have pounded Bob Cuddy in the past on articles I strongly disagreed with . He never retaliated or came after me ( in the Trib ) . I would call it professional journalism .


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I was only making a comment to centralcoastcoyote who actually criticized CCN , not me . I only explained the consequences of what could happen to him . I have only focused my criticized on two people that CCN consistently publishes in the editorial section . CCN picks 100 % of what is posted on this site …It is who you are . You put yourself out there to the public . There will always be people that disagree about something . I consider it one of the foundation of be an American . For the record , you have posted in these comments that CCN is NOT a democracy but you could at least pretend to be one like NEW TIMES or THE TRIBUNE . So-long everyone I guess I’m 86’d now .


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Is this an end run around the court? Shouldn’t the tax collector fill out a slip and wait in line like everyone else who has been scr3w3d by Gearhart?


In line with BK in Ohio who will sell properties, pay taxes and distribute funds to investors at current sale value. Divide by number of duped investors per property=jail time. Now wouldn’t that be nice.


Sadly the 207 k is a drop in the bucket of money owed to county, investors and others like me, which we will all be lucky to even see pennies on the dollar. Oh well life goes on and maybe someday justice will be served.


but we all know the county must get their money first. Remember they needs to keep paying thier outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions. Too bad it is those same people that were cheated that have to keep supporting a failed pension system.

Ted Slanders


We can only hope that Kelly Gearhart will be smitten with Hemorrhoids in his secret parts for his stealing of money from the people that invested with him, in the same manner that the Philistines were that stole the Ark of the God of Israel! ( 1 Samuel 5: 8-12)


Gives a different meaning to “PILES”.