Grover Beach police arrest four suspected burglars

June 10, 2012

Grover Beach police arrested four people they suspect might be responsible for a chain of commercial burglaries that have occurred during that past few months in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Arroyo Grande.

Early Saturday morning, a Grover Beach patrol officer spotted a suspicious vehicle parked behind Grateful Threads on the 900 block of Grand Avenue. While the officer spoke to the two occupants waiting in the car, two suspects left the store and took off running.

Police found the two suspects nearby and arrested Naomi Rose Downs, 28, of Nipomo, Monique Kimberly Ryan, 28, of Atascadero, Michael Keith Downs, 29 of Atascadero, and Matthew Troy Skinner, 38 of Atascadero for burglary, attempted burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, and possession of burglary tools.

In addition, officers discovered someone had attempted to break into the Taco Bell on 1500 block of Grand Avenue.

Investigators have contacted other cities in the county that have had similar commercial burglaries reported  during the past few months. In each case, the burglar breaks a window and attempts to take money from the cash register at several commercial establishment in a community on the same night.

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Good job Grover Beach PD. It’s nice to know some police departments are actually at work trying to solve crimes and catch bad guys, not just citing citizens for having trash cans left out, or feeding the ducks, or not mowing their yards…

Good job, Grover PD!

I wonder if the Downs’ culprits are related to the Andrew Downs that went on that christmas rampage that killed those two sisters last year.

Is there some kinda defective gene pool thing in the 5th district SLO county ? Long term environmental mercury poisoning ? Too much cousin hopping ?

Yea crime outside the county, state, country and world doesn’t happen outside district 5. Geez. What else you got?

” Geez. What else you got?” , BTDT

Addictions and/or substance abuse ? Meth and other chemical mixtures that are so easy to conceal in backwoods canyons and deserted roads ?

MAN..You been to any California Valley / Boardwalk / Soda Lake location ?

Every other seemingly deserted ranch, and most of the occupied ones, are DEFINITIVE meth labs !

Just STOP outside any of them and SNIFF !

Just have a decent 12 guage with you when you do ! A .45 cal or equivalent would be wise as well.

That’s a better post. Your first implies that there is something wrong with the general populace of district 5, which heaven forbid is somewhat conservative. Your second reply is not so sarcastic and gets to the meat of the problem. Lots of COVER and isolation to do illegal activities. Has nothing to do with anything else but.