Lou Ferrigno a SLO County Sheriff reserve deputy

June 16, 2012

Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilding champ who played The Incredible Hulk , was sworn in Friday as a San Luis Obispo County reserve deputy sheriff.

In 2006, Ferrigno joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a reserve deputy. He plans to split his time between the two agencies.

He has undergone firearms training, a psychiatric evaluation,  and a background check

As a reserve deputy, Ferrigno has basically the same duties as full time deputies.

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Morro Bay had a reserve officer, Richard Hannibal, who was in his 70s and was out on patrol stopping vehicles and investigating crimes for several years (he’s finally fully retired now). Of course, he was a real cop from Southern California who was fully trained and had already put in a career in LE not a Hollywood-type, playing at being a cop.

Didn’t Shaquille O’Neal get hired as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in Florida recently? Imagine those two — the Hulk and Shaq stopping you for running a red light…

I met lou sevral times he has good motive even if he is a figure head

There are 3 different levels of reserve law enforcement officer regulated by the state of California P.O.S.T. (police officer standards of training). Each with it’s own levels of responsibility, required levels of training and level of law enforcement authority.

More part time & volunteer police officers & deputies are in great need and it is a great way to serve your community. Not all reserve LEO’s are chasing bad guys down dark alleys. Many serve by being involved in youth activities & intervention programs, search & rescue, mounted patrols, and other community programs & events. Then there is the fully trained & authorized reserve who goes out on patrol, arrests criminals and makes are neighborhoods safer for all of us to enjoy.

Thank You Lou for serving and thank you Sheriff Parkinson for bringing back the reserve program.

Poor gujy will never escape the “hulk” persona. I’m happy he’s on our team. I wish him the best and thank him for contirbuting his time for us. He could just sit home and count his money like so many cleebrities.

Forgive me for not jumping on the Glory-Be-To-The-Incredible-Hulk-Actor bandwagon, but I find this type of celebrity worship–and celebrity pimping a role as a comic-book figure–to be repulsive.

It’s awful hard for him to “escape the ‘hulk’ persona” when he continues to use it for self-promotion.

Come on. Let’s get real here. Have you heard of him doing ANYTHING in which he did not pimp the “Incredible Hulk” persona?

Flame away.

Wonder if they did a steroid check? Does he turn green when making a bust?

If they did a steroid check on everyone who is in police work, we would have a very small pool of people from which to draw our LEOs. However, it sure doesn’t send a positive signal to the public, especially kids, when LE and the public fawn all over an obviously roided-up small-talent ex-TV-star.

Probably not. From what I have heard, Lou seems to be a pretty friendly and mild mannered guy. I doubt that he would ever do anything like this:

Utah Cops Committing Judicially Authorized Rape


What? He was a mature adult back in the 1970s. He’s got to be 65 years old by now. What in the world is he thinking? What in the world is SLO Sheriff thinking?

I don’t care how good a body builder he used to be he’s not running any skinny criminal down at his age.

According to a companion article on the Trib’s site, Lou Ferrigno is sixty years old. If you go to the Trib’s site and look at a couple of the pictures they have of him, notice how dark his hair is.

I wasn’t going to mention the dye job, but since you did… What Ferrigno is sporting in the photo is the horses’-tail look most people get when they dye their hair jet black.

Only people with certain types of heritage (Asian and/or American Indian, for example) can dye their hair jet black and have it turn out looking shiny and natural.

It has to do with the shape of the hair shaft, how the cuticle lays, and how it reflects light.

I agree, abigchocoholic! My questions are WHY? and what is he expecting in return for his “service”??

He’s 61 years old, almost 62. No way does LE use a person that age for real time take downs unless it’s for press. Most LE is 3% @ 50. 61 is like Granny LE. iut what the hey as long as SLOC will pay for any medical if he takes a header.

Good point. I was thinking a beat cop. Somebody who has to be able to run a sprint out of nowhere to run down a drug addict or kid burglar or a guy jumping out of a stolen car etc.

Lou is probably a heck of a guy. I mean after all he’s done and he wants to be a cop? If everybody were like him we wouldn’t need prisons. He could be really good for school presentations or community activities–basically a celebrity cop to draw crowds. Probably some good value in that.

Whats in it for Ian?

Feather in his cap, makes him look good

Whats in it for Lou?

He gets to carry a gun in SLO

What in it for us?

Good LE Mascot

Lou is basically a “just one of the guys” type person

I have no objections, so long as Arnold is not deputized to the list

Opra will also be glad to hear this, she loves SLO

I am hoping one day in the future, the CEOs in Entertainment will invest in SLO to promote the talents we have here

Maybe its a “public service” sentence for a crime we never heard about. It’s amazing how, especially in small easily-impressed towns like SLO, we never hear about celebrity run-ins with police.

The real crime here, is your continued posts on every subject you know little about.

Thank you Lou for serving in these desperate times when you could be at home counting your money or off on a Yacht .

Sorry if I kicked your sacred cow.

P.S. I’ve spent a good part of my life doing research. I happen to know about a lot of diverse subjects–not because I’m smart or anything, but because of the work I’ve done over the years.

Always brought a smile… I wish him good luck on his new career.

…Just don’t make him angry…

What a ridiculous publicity stunt.

Some time ago I came to question Ferrigno’s judgement when he became cozy with Joe Arpaio , the most crooked Sheriff in America. Some of the facts about this crooked jackass are linked in below news article.


Plus check out Ferrigno’s and Arpaio’s comments captured on Youtube during a rally in Arizona. His wifes comments that they are boycotting California is priceless.


What the heck is Parkinson thinking or is he just smitten with celebrity?

But…but…but….he was on our TV sets DECADES AGO and our TVs showed him as real strong and stuff. That warrants him slathering worship from the hicks for the rest of his life!