Crack down on SLO County identity theft rings

June 16, 2012

Attorney General Kamala Harris

The San Luis Obispo County operators of two high-tech bank scam operations that ripped off hundreds of Chase Bank customers over the last three years are winding their way through the court system as the result of a crackdown by Attorney General Kamala Harris’ newly created eCrime Unit, according to a press release.

On Friday, Gnel Snapyan, 35, was sentenced in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court to 364 days in state prison and five years probation. His co-conspirator, Gervork Aroutiounyan, 48, was sentenced in March to three years and eight months in state prison. The men were also ordered to pay restitution to Chase Bank.

Between July 2010 and February 2011, Snapyan fraudulently withdrew approximately $220,000 from the bank accounts of more than 300 victims in Santa Clara, Marin, Fresno, San Luis Obispo counties.

In a separate scam case, Santiago Alcantar, 37, Genea Antoine, 39, and Anthony Garcia, 30, entered a plea of guilty on Friday in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court to one count of conspiracy to commit grand theft, computer access fraud, identity theft, second degree burglary, and forgery of access cards.

Between October 2010 and February 2011, Alcantar, Antoine, and Garcia ran their skimmer operation in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties. The crew stole approximately $217,000 from more than 200 victims.

The case was investigated by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department and the Attorney General’s eCrime Unit.

Sentencing is scheduled for July 27, at which time Alcantar will be sentenced to four years in state prison; Antoine to two years in state prison and Garcia to a sentence that will not exceed one year and 4 months.

In both cases, Chase Bank reimbursed customers for their losses.

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Attorney General like Kamala, nice photo, Wow!

Where are all those anti-government, nihilist, REPUBLICANS now …when government performs in the interests of the common person ?

They crab all the time about government wasting money.

I only wish that they got the idiot government they deserve.

Nice spin as always. Most republicans I know don’t like crime. Indentity theft is a crime. So why wouldn’t they like?

Well, BTDT, it really is not a mystery any longer. The Republican party has been hijacked by the most extremist elements…that faction that is so far right, and so domineering, that they intimidate any that might use reason or have a ny sense of community.

The crazies have taken over the Republican ship, and the few sane ones that are still onboard are too cowed and frightened to stand up to the bullies…cause they know that they would be immediately thrown over or worse.

The Republican party in America is SICK…and they are going to have to suffer a humiliating defeat of epic proportions if they are not going to continue to reduce to a regional and permanent minority outlier status.

The sweet thing is, they are doing it to themselves.

Perhaps in twenty years or so, when most of the Reaganite bridge burners are gone, they MIGHT come to their senses…but I doubt it. They’re more likely the latest rendition of the Whigs.

Today is Father’s Day ! I salute my Father !

He was a NAZI KILLER in WWII . Killed untold numbers of NAZIS in humanity’s scribe.

He was a HERO because he KILLED these monsters.

I only HOPE to be able to come close to what he accomplished !

The NAZI/ FASCIST/ REPUBLICANS like to think they will co-exist. It is a fantasy.

You FASCIST dirtballs better RUN while you can, because REAL American patriots got your number.

Dude don’t forget to take your meds.

I agree with what you say about the GOP, but the Democratic Party is not much better. It is difficult to tell the difference between the two when you focus on what the politicians actually do in office—and quit being fooled by the pretty ‘Yes we can’ BS we are spoon-fed every election season.

We live in an oligarchy. In reality, there is one corporatist-serving political party that serves the elites, not the masses who elect them to office.

Oh HORSEFEATHERS ! False equivalency.

I know way more Democrats thatn R’s , and I tell you…from the casual person that identifies as as Democrat, to those well-known public figures: there are as many ‘moderates’ or ‘conservatives’ as there are ‘liberals. maybe more collectively.

For every generally liberal high profile Democrat, I could name at least one Democratic counterpart of less liberal persuasion.

Not so the Republicans, who operate as a solid bloc…as a stampede, in lockstep unison; like members of a hive.

My question is: Why do you carry water for these jerks? You obviously choose to propogate this blatant lie.

The premise of this article is busting lawbreakers…and Republicans don’t like it because a Democratic Attorney General and Governor are doing it.

Well said, MaryMalone, you get it. Welcome to the society of those who are “awake.”

Republicans HATE America.


THEY DO ! YES , they DO !



We all KNOW this.





What’s your point and why are you hijacking this article to try and make it? I used to think of myself as a Democrat and then realized how extreme some can be. In any case, the name calling seems pointless. (And Mary is right on target IMHO.)

Agree with the thumbs down. Not sure why I bothered to post that.

Well then good job Mr. Government…that bust only took $5 billion tax dollars. Still waiting for hope and change though….guess unemployment for thousands was the change and hope is what they’ll need to find another job eventually.

I gather that ‘doggin’ is another numbnut Republican droid. Where you been ? FIVE BILLION DOLLARS ? Bush wasted that in TWO DAYS in Iraq and Afghan , and who knows where else !

You Republican PUKERS make everyone BARF with your LIES !

You fool NO ONE !


When anyone says they are a Republican now, evreyone ( except the complete idiots ) knows that they are talking with a MORON or a con artist .

Republicans are fools and liars.


My my,,somebody wee wee in your wheeties? what a fine example of hypocrisy to the Democrat party you are with your distasteful and disparaging comments directed against millions of Americans. I recall your party making a point of all Americans working together, so are we? Unity of the parties and American people perhaps,clearly not in your case…..just another disturbed sheep who calls its self SlowerFaster.. BTW, Im neither Repub or one of yours. I have a mind of my own and think freely for myself.

Excellent post my quisling friend. Your handlers couldn’t be more pleased. Keep pulling the lever and you’ll get more pellets. Remember, pull the lever get the pellet. Keep calm and carry on.

Curious about the word ‘quisling’.

The word is synonoymous with fascist and collaborationist forces and to traitors and sellouts in individuals in particular.

It comes from the Norwegian traitor and Nazi puppet Vidkun Quisling, who betrayed his countrymen. After the War ( WWII ) ended, he was tried for various charges…among them embezzlement, murder, and high treason. Convicted, he was executed by firing squad on October 24, 1945.

Those Norwegians were pretty smart , huh ?

He was also a religious fanatic that envisioned a new ‘heaven on earth’ , with himself ( naturally ) as a visionary prophet.


I had the privilege to read the unexpurgated version of “Mein Kamph” . Hard to find now. the Nazis among us ( American Republicans, the Koch Brothers caliphate, various right-wing front skinhead orgs ) have shielded the DUMMIES from truth and conscripted these idiots to do their dirty work.

Same old, same old !

Airholes will ALWAYS be holes ! Republicans will ALWAYS be JERKS !


Lou Ferrigno, our newest sheriffs deputy, would have taken them down if they were still operating. He would turn green as the money they stole and squeeze their pencil necks.

They should have teamed up with Kelly Gearhart who defrauded way more funds than these two and he is still free. We’ll see what happens to Gearhart’s partner on the 25th when he is sentenced.

I wonder who all will be sweating it on the 25th if Jay Miller tells all for a reduced sentenced.

The sentencing hearing for defendant(s), JAMES H. JR. MILLER, has been set for October 29, 2012, 10:00 AM at Hearing Location for Western Division Office 2, US Courthouse, 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 before Judge Otis Wright.

Thank you for posting this info, Fedup.

But I’m still not clear…why hasn’t Gearhart been charged with anything yet?

Because all the money trail was pretty elaborate from my understanding. It is also my understanding to go after Jay first in hopes he will plea out to leser time on Gearhart and others.

Do you know why the sentencing has been extended? What is the statute of limitations on all of the crimes that Gearhart is accused of? I hope the government doesn’t screw this one up and let this time period lapse beyond the limits.

Once the initial criminal or civil complaint has been filed there is no statute of limitations.

Gearhart has been charged with NOTHING as of yet.