Paso Robles man owes $456,902 in taxes

June 1, 2012


A Paso Robles man has earned a place on the state’s annual list of the 500 largest delinquent sales and use tax scofflaws by posting debt of $456,902 accruing from his auto sales business.

Jeffrey David Gallagher, 46, owned and operated Gallagher’s Auto and RV Sales on Paso Robles Blvd. Telephone listings for the business and Gallagher’s Paso Robles home are no longer in service, and efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.

California’s Board of Equalization publishes its list, as required by law, in an effort to both locate and publicize some of the biggest debtors. Gallagher is number 460 on the current list. Each taxpayer is notified 30 days before the information is made public.

According to state officials, the top 500 is responsible for an outstanding amount totaling nearly $571 million. Persons and businesses owing money to the state face new penalties July 1, which could include the loss of business, personal and professional licenses.

The list publication has been ongoing since 2007, but it has not been very successful, officials concede. Since then, $5.7 million in back taxes has been collected, from only 42 taxpayers.



  1. mkaney says:

    It sounds to me more like he can’t pay those taxes because he HAS NO MONEY. Most likely he dumped every dime he could back into his business until it failed. Funny thing though, I bet there were a few years he lost money, and it’s not like they decreased the taxes he owed based on that.

    Some of the people on this list are scofflaws, for sure, but don’t forget it is thieves who made the list to begin with.

    • JonnyB says:

      You understand sales taxes AND payroll taxes are supposed to be segregated, and is a requirement he owed?

      Decreased taxes? You mean state or federal income taxes? You only pay when you MAKE MONEY!

    • OldNed says:

      You gleaned all that from this brief article? Your reading comprehension skills are clearly superior to mine.

    • FLAHERTINI says:


      • OldNed says:


  2. mrcyberdoc says:

    So what’s the consequence for not paying your state taxes? Doesn’t look like much. Perhaps JAIL would be a good deterrent for ignoring your tax obligation.

    • Ah, the good old days of debtor’s prison. Let’s put more and more people into jail as it is obviously a perfect solution to every problem in our society.

  3. Paso_citizen says:

    I have no sympathy for Mr. Gallagher, but I do have to wonder why he couldn’t have convinced one or more of the many tourism organizations in Paso or SLO county to tie RV sales into attracting tourists – you know, rent an RV – go wine tasting, etc. Or maybe have gotten onto the good side of Mr. App or our CC. Hell, they may have even gotten him a grant to expand his business and he would have had more than enough to pay his back taxes. No inovative thinking on his part!!

  4. unlisted says:

    What? Abel’s on the list?

  5. scoopone says:

    How about Weyrick ?? he issued rubber checks to his employees, didn’t pay state taxes, stole
    deposit money from wedding planners, did a slick screwover to Paso Robles (i.e., airport) on, on and on. Is he in jail….hell no!! Life’s not fair unless you screw everybody, get away with it, and sleep
    like a baby every night!!! Not a mention of him the past few years in the media.

    • fhill123 says:

      This proves “Crime does pay” and handsomely I might add.

      • Downtown Bob says:

        WEYRICH!!!!! Weyrick is a different guy named Collin that used to run a so-called lumber yard before he went belly-up with that. WEYRICH is the fat guy that thought his money would never end, until it ended.

        • MaryMalone says:

          I think he is related to the east coast Weyrichs, and has a brother who is VERY politically active in conservative politics.

  6. Vagabond says:

    Thank you PR! The endless entertainment is priceless. ( Well, not to me, I don’t live there)

  7. danika says:

    How much does the GSA owe the taxpayers?

    • JonnyB says:

      lol. Zero critical thinking show by the Tea Party types!

      How much did we waste in Iraq?

  8. fhill123 says:

    Hire Dawg the Bounty Hunter. He needs work as his show was cancelled. All kidding aside, how the hell can’t they find these people and make them pay?

    • racket says:

      Indeed. I ran afoul of these goons on a use tax issue, and without even looking for me, they sucked my bank acct dry.

      When it was all said and done, they acknowledged they were wrong. But issued no apology. Nor offer to pay the bank charges they racked up in their zeal to get me.

  9. Al says:

    And what about Kelly G. and Jay Miller? Speaking of, how does Mr. Miller keep getting his sentence date moved up??

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