State voters still like tax plan

June 11, 2012

Potential voting support for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase initiative plan remains fairly strong, according to the results of the latest Field Poll.

The measure would increase for seven years state personal income taxes on persons earning more than $250,000, and will hike the state sales tax for everyone by one-quarter cent for the next four years.

Poll results show that  52 percent of registered voters, mostly Democrats, back the plan, with 35 percent opposing. Support appears to be divided sharply along party lines. The voter preference totals are reversed among higher-income voters, those who would be most affected by the successful passage of the initiative.

Revenues from such an initiative would be used for K-12 education and early childhood development programs, as well as supplemental funding for paying off state debt during the first four years.

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Either we let economic law run its course or we destroy the engine of prosperity. We must defer or we make matters worse by attempting to control society.

Oh GREAT…the unseen …magic hand , invisble market superstition of no, NO validity or empiric evidence. AGAIN!

WHAT A BUNCH of diaper droppings !

If you believe in this hogswallop, you DESERVE to get stripped bare by these POKERS !

says the gleeful nihilist

I find it interesting that only the Education System is attacked. This is a scam on the surface, core and the pits… Of all the employees, programs, layers of administrators (including their assistants, clerks, aides, secretaries, etc.) we have to talk about the teachers. The truth of the matter is this, like the furloughs are a plug in the sinking ship. NO ONE wants to fix the problem. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA cannot afford to continue its business the way it has. Ask San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, etc. We need to change in order to survive. Last week five (5) states advised the Federal Government that they were dropping out of programs like the First Five, No Child Left Behind, and they were returning to the core of teaching (reading, writing, english, history and science). They join a larger number that have already done this. These programs (before school, free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, after school, etc. all cost the taxpayers (just the wear on the schools). We need all these layers of help to implement these programs, monitor and report all this stuff, Supporting education is one thing, supporting all these extra programs is another.

Why is Calfornia not reforming itself. Notice we don’t hear about the prisons, a failed mental health program, etc., Cal Trans (since we don’t have money let’s cut here and put the projects out to private contractors – as a matter of fact, let’s contract a lot of the State functions because we all know how incompetent they are).

Who would vote for a tax (consider this a fee) for a service that you know is not functioning in the best interest of the end user. This is insane.