State voters still like tax plan

June 11, 2012

Potential voting support for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase initiative plan remains fairly strong, according to the results of the latest Field Poll.

The measure would increase for seven years state personal income taxes on persons earning more than $250,000, and will hike the state sales tax for everyone by one-quarter cent for the next four years.

Poll results show that  52 percent of registered voters, mostly Democrats, back the plan, with 35 percent opposing. Support appears to be divided sharply along party lines. The voter preference totals are reversed among higher-income voters, those who would be most affected by the successful passage of the initiative.

Revenues from such an initiative would be used for K-12 education and early childhood development programs, as well as supplemental funding for paying off state debt during the first four years.


Goodby from a 1%

I am a local doctor and last year 2011 I paid $70,000 in state income taxes.

I will be moving my practice to Reno if this passes, I have had enough. Gee living on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe does not sound too bad and with no income taxes I would $5,500 in my pocket every month to spend.

Another bonus is Medicare and Medicade pays more in Reno then SLO county.

It even sound great if it does not pass.

My 5 employess may also want to go.

This is a fact of life revenues will decrease if this passes.

Maryland tried it a 5% tax on incomes over 1 million dollars. What happened revenues decreased, the 1% voted with their feet.

This is the real world.

Business are already leaving the state for more business friendly states so they just want to hurry the process along in Sacramento.


So long. don’t let the door hit ya where it split ya.

I’m sure that you will enjoy building a new practice centered on the meth heads and alkies in your new location, versus the rather passive retirees here.

Good luck !


In CA the maximum rate for individuals is 9.3%, which puts your take home pay after deductions and expenses around $750,000 for 2011. Being a doctor with that kind of net pay, you are part of the problem. Go to Nevada. They are having their own problems with not being able to live off of the casinos. Your taxes will be going up there too.

Spirit Filled

Thanks for being here Doc we need you. I for one do not blame you for leaving though. By the time you get through paying for liability ins., employees, office exp., and etc. you don’t end up with much anyway. And you work 24 hours a day. Like how teachers work everyday where money is no object, they just don’t have much.

I know you doctors work hard. My brother is one. He can’t change a light bulb or build a tree house for the kids but he can remove your spleen in a second or two. Why does he make so much more than I do? Lot’s more kid’s that need a tree house than need their spleen removed. Also ever try to walk around the house in the dark? Light bulbs are important too.

So go ahead Doc, move away from all of us seniors when we need you more now than ever before.

Being a doctor is much more important than mere money. Sounds like you need to take a pill, lean back in your easy chair, have one of the kids serve you an iced tea out by the pool, light up a joint or have a brownie, count from 100 to 90 or so and just relax. Think about the horrible weather in Reno then call and renew your golf membership at the local Country Club. Thats what I’m going to do in a few minutes when my mind clears.

Good luck and God’s speed. Take many blessings with you.


It’s not really the rise in taxes that I hate, it’s that I have no doubt that no matter how much we give it will be squandered on things like the “High Speed Train to Bankruptcy”, I think people are fed up with crap like all the Lotto money going in one side of the education pot and the legislators siphoning off an equal amount to play with from the other.

Ted Slanders

To the nay sayers of this proposed bill,

Would you really miss that extra 1/4 of a cent? Are you packed that tight with your finances to whine about this minimal extra sales tax that everyone would pay?

97 percent of you would rather that California suffer billions of dollars more in cuts, leading to schools and hospitals closing, thousands of people losing their jobs, and millions losing opportunities and services because of a 1/4 cent raise in the state sales tax? Really?

As for the $250K plus crowd and corporations having a higher tax rate, barring their tax loopholes that the middle class can’t take advantage of, off shore business practices, etc., these are the alleged “job creators”; remember? But, where are the jobs in California and nationwide that these people are suppose to have created?

Individuals and corporations that fall under this guise are sitting on trillions of dollars, whereas, the GOP says that any tax hike would inhibit these job creators from creating jobs! Huh? If they were actually creating jobs, then where are they?! Smoke and mirrors to the ignorant of the Christian God’s creation!

Oh no, the 3 percent crowd will leave California if they have to pay a little extra in taxes. For shame! This means that they’ll have to limit their expenditures equal to their tax hike or move. Does this really matter to the very wealthy? NOT! Furthermore, they want to live in California for what it has to offer, and like Brother Slowerfaster states, let them move to the armpit states. Let them dollar-cost-average the alleged gains in moving!

Can you imagine in going back to the old tax rates for the wealthy in years past? As an example, how in the hell did the 3 percenters survive in the Clinton era where they were paying more taxes than now? Wait, they did survive, and it was the best economy in a long time! This high-end group didn’t know any different and didn’t complain. State of conditioning. Only now that they’ve tasted the insidious Bush tax cuts, at the expense of the middle class, do they not want to give them up.

How outright unchristian like can this wealthy 3 percent crowd be to their fellow middle class earthly passengers? Yes, true Christians of the middle class, what’s left of it, know that our Christian God will sort the 3 percenters out in the end, and praise our form of God’s revengeful and torturous ways of Hell for eternity for this Satanic faction!


I remember when the sales tax was 6 percent and everyone said ” whats another 1/4 percent” well we are closing in on 10 percent sales tax. It would be one thing if the state did not waste our precious hard earned taxes. And you know what ted, it’s not Christian to waste other peoples hard earned money. For how many years have we heard if you don’t approve this tax increase we will have to layoff cops and firemen and teachers. Well those fine people are being pink slipped on a daily basis so some freeloader can keep his publicly financed life. I have no problem helping those who truly need help. Everyday I see people who could be working but are not. I have a people approaching me for work but they will only work for cash so they will not loose there freebies. Me thinks ted you are a recipient of some of our public funds. I find it interesting that most democrats want something from the government, and conservatives just want to be left alone to work hard and get ahead


Au contraire…

Contemporary conservatives are nothing more than the expected fascist authoritarians that want to pillage, destroy, rape, steal, and pollute to their own ends with NO consequences, punishments, or answers for their selfish bad behaviors.

For your unwanted, unsolicited, and definitely un-knowing information….society; real society of everyone instead of your made-up colloquy of Lords and powder-assed baby jerks.


Revolution is brewing, and YOU will not be able to escape it. Mainly because you are too stupid to see it coming !

It’s coming for YOU !

I’m not saying it’s me…probably not. But it’s coming.

It is YOU numbnuts that give backsupport to your oppressors, and OURS , that will be the first casualties.

The stupid always die first.


Looks like I am coming for you %$#hole.


Yeah, but I’m prepared.

I’m your worst nightmare…a 2nd Amendment liberal !


Closing in on 10%??? What a fool! You rant and rave, but can’t even do basic math.

Here’s a hint… 7.5% is far closer to you beloved 6% than it is to 10%.


Let’s see, stupid,%$#hole, fool, I find your responses funny. San Luis Obispo’s sales tax rate is 7.75 percent


Well, I’m in the county, f&$?h$&@, and it’s only 7.25% here! It will only be 7.5% with the increase. Even 8% is a far cry from 10%.

If the 0.25% will break you, why don’t you shop in the county where you can save a wopping 0.50%!

Spirit Filled

Thank God Walmart will soon be here in Atrashcadero. Like Mighty Mouse in the old days Walmart will save the day. Low low prices. Now I know anyone can save money by shopping there. I suggest the Doc shop there. It will make up for having to pay that extra quarter point for taxes.


It’s not really the rise in taxes that I hate, it’s that I have no doubt that no matter how much we give it will be squandered on things like the “High Speed Train to Bankruptcy”, I think people are fed up with crap like all the Lotto money going in one side of the education pot and the legislators siphoning off an equal amount to play with from the other.


How dumb do you have to be to believe that the govt of California will use this money as advertised? If any of it got to the schools I’d be surprised.

BTW Why do the dim-wits that run Sacramento think the schools are the first place to cut? Shouldn’t that be among the last place to cut? I guess they have their priorities wrong.


Conversely, how dumb do you have to be to believe that the ultra rich will use money from tax breaks to create jobs rather than spending it on even more lavish houses, cars, and other luxuries?

Similarly, how dumb do you have to be to believe corporations with use tax cuts to create local jobs in this state rather than just increasing shareholder payouts while moving jobs offshore?

It has been proven over and over that cutting taxes does *not* create jobs.


Who builds those lavish houses? Who builds the expensive cars? That couldn’t employ people could it? I would call that creating jobs. You know like construction jobs and automotive jobs.

Ted Slanders


SLAP! $#(&^%$!!! There, are you in reality once again? Do the simple math. The 3 percenters are just that, 3 percent of the population. Get it? Therefore, this nation cannot live upon this factions lavish homes and cars being built, let alone their loopholes for not paying taxes. Duh.

It takes the raising of the “middle-class”, you know, the majority, to bring this nation back to what it once was.

You’re dismissed until next time.


I can’t think of more of a ‘slam dunk’ raise your taxes ply than the last TAX Big Tobacco chant… and it fell to the astonishment of so many. However, there is an explanation.

Folks think the California governments… state, county and local have plenty of money… yeah, they want more… but a lot of taxpayers don’t agree. Many still remember where the lottery money was supposed to go (education) and didn’t.

Personally, I see a lot of folks ( like those in Wisconsin) agreeing with they whacked out neighbors on supporting the recall effort there ( or raising taxes in California)… an quietly voting their conscience and overturning all those apple carts.

However… surprise me!

Ted Slanders

^^^ Roger Freberg is the “one-post wonder” of Cal Coast News! ^^^


California would have no…repeat NO, budget deficit if corporations had paid their correct state taxes. California would be running a surplus if corporations were not tax cheats, avoiders, and evaders.

Apple’s 10% Federal tax rate has been widely reported, but it’s state tax payment of only 2% to California instead of the required 9% robs EVERY California resident.

Apple claims corporate headquarters are based in Nevada, and NOT the Silicon Corridor of actual location. While most Reseach and development is done right here, Apple channels much of their sales through Luxembourg, Ireland, and various Caribbean nations.

These Republican fools and greedheads will never see or acknowledge how they are getting ripped off along with the rest of us. It’s like they have bile colored glasses, or some kind of a mental tic.


What a fool you are. Someone should stick a fork in you, your done with those donkey thoughts.


Some higher income earners have learned to “game” the system by moving to Nevada then vacationing in San Luis Obispo for 364 days a year.

Not sure what the upside of chasing the rich ones away is.

Spirit Filled

Probabl;y Atrashcadero not SLO.


I wish that those “high-income-voters” WOULD move to armpit states like Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Carolina. They can then spend their dough an security measures while enjoying all of the lower level or non-existent services.

Then, the high-income jobs that they abandon can be filled with new grads and existing residents.



Maybe one of those jobs could be building unicorn saddles for the unicorns you must believe in. You need to live in reality. What kind of services are you talking about. Homeless campuses, Food stamps, Welfare? California has 10 percent of the population of the United States but 33 percent of the welfare. These kind of services are unsustainable.

Ted Slanders


What do you propose to do with the welfare recipients? When you decide this, what will it cost in the long run to the state of California? Rob Peter to pay Paul?


Maybe you should get out a little more. Am just finishing a long trip that has taken me through every one of those states. They all have lower taxes that California, including much lower gas taxes – and in every case, the roads are in much better shape. They actually have road crews out working every day rather than the CalTrans trick of parking idle equipment by the side of the wretched road for weeks and months at a time. A good old fashioned work ethic would do Cali some good. Alas, the only real work the legislature knows how to do is devise more ways to take money from those who have a little bit and then throw it away.

Ted Slanders


The intent was to STAY in those states the rest of your life. You know, insects that are the size of small aircraft, humidity to the point of being able to cut it with a knife, and racism that still has no bounds, just to mention a few entities of said states? Get it?

Under the current state of affairs, then we can only assume that you’ll be moving very shortly to the states in question?


Brother Ted….most of the whiners and bloviators are the descendants of said ( mostly ) Confederate states that moved to California after the Civil War ( which they still refer to as “The War of Northern Aggression” ), or Recostruction when they couldn’t fathom the idea of having to share the same space with people of a different color.

Some of the grandparents of these unholy seeds arrived after ruing their lands without proper conservation and public investment of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl deprivation.

Let them move BACK to the parochial county-states of the do-nothingism of their homelands of Hicksburg’s and Crackerville’s to enjoy the cornpone, the pelagra, the kudzu, the gators…snakes…and good ole possum pie, and the nasal voiced…hog-calling musical stylings of ‘country’ music.

Ted Slanders

Brother SF,

Uh, I couldn’t have said it any better than what you’ve proposed!!! lol

Our Christian God certainly has entered your soul today, bless Him!


Wow, now you are eluding that just because we don’t want to get stuck paying the highest taxes in the United States in a totally dysfunctional state that we are racist. You are an idiot! I once was told you can’t argue with idiots because they will bring you down to their level and then they will beat you with experience. So, I hope to continue to enjoy your benefits while they still exist. This free ride you and your friends are enjoying is going to end.


alluding ?




Did you come to those “conclusions” on your own, or did you have help ?

Did you ever think that maybe it was an ‘idiot’ that gave you that advice ?


Isn’t it interesting that California has a net OUTflow of citizens? Used to be far different. It used to be where everyone wanted to be. No longer – and Sacramento is the reason. Perhaps, more appropriately, the voters are the reason as they determine who works in Sacramento.


This poll just confirms what I have observed over the years that liberal democrats whether they are politicians or voters love to spend other peoples money. This tax would lead to an exodus similar to New Yorks, where high earners flee to other states. They will still live here but they have the means to establish residence in other states.