Tsunami debris reaching Central Coast?

June 22, 2012

Central Coast residence are getting their first dose of tsunami debris with several items with Japanese lettering being found in the Cambria area. [Tribune]

During the past two weeks, beach combers have come across a fishing or mooring float, a hand soap container, and a red light bulb.

Earlier this month, 66-foot metal and concrete structure, a soccer ball and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in a shipping container have washed up on the North America coastline.

Japanese officials estimate the March 2011 tsunami washed about 5 million tons of debris into the Pacific Ocean. Of that, most sunk leaving about 1.5 million tons of trash floating towards the United States.

Scientists say debris from the tsunami is expected to continue reaching the West Coast through 2014.

In California, however, coastal currents may deflect most debris back toward Hawaii.

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Ted, everyone reacts to disasters differently. While alot of us may pray to the Almighty,many people may resort to ‘gallows humor’ to help move on, and even others such as myself do some of both. Just because someone finds some humor in the idea that a Harley washed ashore in a shipping container, doesn’t

take away from the seriousness of what happened. Lighten up!

I once read in a history book that said both Albert Einstein and General Eisenhower claimed it was a mistake to drop two Atomic Bombs in Japan during WWII but it never elaborated why other than the obvious.

Japan reaped the “Blast” the “Heat” and the “Fallout” thereafter the rain washed them, and later the winds and ocean current move fallout to the Atlantic coast and at about that time the US began experiencing polio, cancer and birth defects!

No one elaborated the full reason why it was a tactical mistake!

about that time the US began experiencing polio ?

By 1910, much of the world experienced a dramatic increase in polio cases and epidemics became regular events, primarily in cities during the summer months.


about that time the US began experiencing polio ?

You must be older than me

Just generalizing from memory

I wish a Harley would float over to me…Is it finder’s keepers?


Just pure sickening! You fail to realize, like the alleged Christian, Cindy, in her ungodly comments below, that this Harley might have been shipped to a Japanese citizen that died a horrific death in the tsunami, along with the possibility of his family as well!

Just the plight and horror of that day alone should make you think twice about anything that floats in upon our shores! THINK! But, all you and Cindy, et al, can do is make seemingly comedic comments at the expense of the poor Japanese that lost their lives that day! Your actions are pure insolence that sickens TRUE Christians like myself!

Jesus is definitely not smiling towards you, Cindy, and anyone else that describes the aftermath of this incident in a flippant way!

I will pray for you tonight.

Yeah but, Jesus would sure be smiling seeing me on a Harley!

Pffft! Everyone knows Jesus rides a beezer.

Wrong again MM.

Jesus rides a Vespa while wearing suspenders.


Thank my ever loving and forgiving Christian form of God for His revengeful ways, because upon Judgment Day, you minions of Satan will be tortured and burn in the sulfur lakes of HELL for eternity!

“And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” (Revelation 20:10)

Brother SF,

I am sickened that you made such a comment about our Jesus! If He was walking our shores, He might acquire the Harley, ride it, but only to take it to a homeless shelter for them to sell. The proceeds obviously would go to helping the poor, and NOT to Dee Torres’ wants in the way of her attire or other ungodly purchases!


A Harley Davidson in a shipping container! I wouldn’t have thought a shipping container was that sturdy and definitely not that water tight? That must have been one heck of a huge container to float a Harley Davidson across the ocean, no?

Maybe folks in tsunami territory should purchase and load up shipping containers and keep them around, sort of like an ark. ;)


You represent just another Sister of Eve that chides the poor Japanese and the horrific plight that they went through on that terrible day! Proposing that they should keep shipping containers close by, like an Ark, is an inappropriate and un-christianlike comment! Mentioning the Ark is forcing YOUR belief upon them, since most Japanese are not Christians, but follow Shintoism and Buddhism!

In your Satanic minds eye, we assume that we’re to visualize the poor Japanese hanging on to these containers for dear life, starving to death in the meantime unless they’re found? Then, eventually washing ashore in California with their bodily remains? As you as an alleged Christian, this is what you propose? You sicken TRUE Christians like myself!

Of course we know that what the Japanese went through on that fateful day is nothing compared to what our God put His creation through in the way of killings, plagues, abortions, floods, pestilence, killings of the first born, etc., in our bible, remember? Sure you do.

Now, I suggest that you get back to your Christian womanly duties for the male gender in your area. You were put here as a second class woman to serve men, and while you’re at CCN, you’re not doing what the bible says that you’re to do! (Genesis 2:18, 20 – 1 Corinthians 11:9, 1Corinthians 11: 3,8 ).

Brother Ted … One can only imagine the personal decor of some of these beachcombers: various pieces of flotsam and jetsam from untold tragedies and disasters, all illuminated by the ambient lighting from the collections of Auschwitz edition skin lampshades !

I beg your pardon!!!!!! Didn’t Noah and his family and all those animals survive and go on to live long productive lives after taking up residence in an ark for a year or more? If they could all do it why not someone else? If a Harley Davidson made it across the ocean then a person could do it too. Also they should have some flairs and a can of spray paint to write SOS on top of the container, or the bottom depending which side ends up being up ;)

OH YEE Ted Slanders of little faith, if I lived in tsunami land and was too obstinate to get out while the getting was good, I would own a loaded shipping container and keep it right on my side lot. I would have everything I needed to survive in it ( bolted down) for the initial wild ride, yippie.

Maybe it is time to market a surfboard with a built in Geiger Counter or have the surf report include the measured background radiation.