Two SLO County top administrators to retirement

June 14, 2012

Within a two day period, San Luis Obispo County Administrator Jim Grant and County Council Warren Jensen both announced this week they plan to retire in the fall.

Following a sex scandal that ended in both former county administrator David Edge and his assistant Gail Wilcox losing their positions, Grant took over in 2009. He has spent 33 years working for the county.

A replacement for Grant has not yet been named. Supervisor Frank Mecham said he expects to find a  new administrator from within the county.

Jensen, who has been with the county since 1986, plans to retire on Sept. 29. Jensen replaced Jim Lindholm, who was the first SLO County Counsel following its split from the district attorney’s office.

The Board of Supervisors has chosen Chief Deputy Counsel Rita Neal to replace Jensen.

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I would like to congratulate Supervisor Mecham and the board at looking at hiring from within… nothing improves morale and work ethic like seeing one of your own tapped to move upward.

This should be the rule rather than the exception….

Jim Grant is a straight shooter …good guy. Came out of retirement to help.

Wait for it…………1+million dollars to find replacements from Hartford, Connecticut?, Chicago Illinois? Place your bets!

While neither of these guys could be characterized as rats (quite the opposite, in fact, they both seem to have long, upstanding, reputations of selfless service), I am left with the image of rats fleeing a sinking ship.

I’m sure the State of California will be knocking at our door for more since our books are in such good shape. A real good time to be vested, best of luck.

Can’t say I’m not HAPPY to see both of these guys retiring! I remember when Grant came out of retirement a few years back to help SLO County C it’s A…I’m glad to see Jensen go, it’s way past time for HIS departure. I’m sure the “replacements” will be “more of the same”, since they will be “handpicked” by SLO County’s GOOD OL’ BOY NETWORK…