Abel Maldonado fails to disclose tax returns

July 25, 2012

Abel Maldonado

Republican congressional candidate Abel Maldonado continues to refuse to release his tax returns, even after he agreed to do so more than four weeks ago. [KSBY]

In response to a challenge by his opponent, Congresswoman Lois Capps who had released her tax returns for every year she has been in office, Maldonado’s campaign told KSBY Maldonado would release his 2011 tax return by June 22. He, however, has still not posted any of his tax returns on his campaign website.

Capp’s campaign said that the challenge was not for the disclosure of one year, but for every year since he has been in public office.

“We realize that Mr. Maldonado has bigger things to worry about than his campaign, such as the IRS suing him in federal tax court for avoiding $4.2 million he owes in back taxes from 2006-2008 and for making improper deductions for his country club membership, home remodeling and other personal expenses,” the Capp’s campaign said in a press release. “By our count, he has at least 4.2 million other things on his mind besides his campaign.”

Maldonado responded to KSBY on Monday explaining he had filed for an extension for his 2011 tax return and was asking the IRS to provide him copies of previous years.

“As has been reported, the Maldonado family farming business is engaged in a dispute with the IRS regarding the period of time in which certain deductions were taken in the past years,” Maldonado’s told KSBY. “Pending a resolution to the dispute, Mr. Maldonado has filed an extension for his 2011 return. In the interest of public disclosure, Mr. Maldonado has filed a public Financial Disclosure Form 700 with the state of California for every year he has been in elected office going back to 1994.”

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A most right wing fake online newspaper rag.

“It is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to uncovering stories that the professional left hopes will never see the light of day”

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“The Center For American Freedom is a conservative not-for-profit organization ”

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One of the few things I agree with liberals about, is that Abel is a liar. He sold out to the the liberal lefties in Sacramento so he could land a job as Lt.Gov., costing me copious amounts of additional tax$$$ for 2 years. He’s such a scamming political prostitute, he belongs with the left not the right. So it really doesn’t matter when I vote for Lois Capps this year; either way, I get the same thing.

Un Abel is a LIAR

THAT is an unqualified

Come on guys. If Maldonado’s tax returns are in dispute with the IRS, it means that they may be revised as we speak. If he turns in his original tax forms and the IRS rules against some of his deductions, then they will no longer be correct. He has to wait until the IRS disputes are settled. For example, if he claimed vehicles as farm vehicles and depreciated them over a period of time and the IRS says these vehicles don’t qualify as farm vehicles, then he may have to go back three years to remove the depreciation offset for them.

They may be getting revised as we speak, or it may take years for Abel and the IRS to sort it out. He can release his tax returns previous to 2011 (wait, he claims he doesn’t have them, the IRS does), and if they get revised, then he can release the revisions.

According to the article “the IRS suing him in federal tax court for avoiding $4.2 million he owes in back taxes from 2006-2008.”

Give us a break. His 2011 tax return won’t be an issue until he’s up for reelection for the third time.

Perhaps he is in so much trouble because he seems to expect the IRS to keep his records. IRS documentation requirements per Intuit:

The IRS recommends taxpayers keep their returns and any supporting documentation for three years after the date of filing; after that, the statute of limitations for an IRS audit expires.

If you’ve under-reported income by 25 percent, however, the IRS can go six years back, or seven if you claim a loss for bad debt or worthless securities.

If you don’t file, or if you file a fraudulent return, the IRS has no statute of limitations; so it may be best to keep your records indefinitely.


As someone that has recently had dealings with the IRS I can say with authority that you should never, never,never get rid of any documentation that in any way is tax related. I had to provide documents that went back 25 years to get them off my back. Dealing with the IRS was like talking to a multiple personality, constantly changing requirements and contradicting themselves at every turn.

The question is dangling, and UnAbel will not address it..


He knows what his returns are…and he refuses to be honest with the people he asks to trust him.

What a con artist !

I voted for Abel in past but I will never ever go down that road again.

He has proved himself as an unethical hypocrite.

Though I sometimes grumble, I pay my taxes Abel .. why can’t you?

……. and I can assure you that I don’t deduct country club memberships.

Able has to ask the IRS for past returns? I have mine, why doesn’t he have his? Sounds like he is flaky and out of control.

He’s revised his copies so often that they’re just a huge wad of White Out and paper pulp.

His accountant would certainly have copies of all his revised returns and unlike the IRS, the accountant is service oriented. Maldonado could have those returns within 24 hours if he wanted to produce them.

Maybe wrong….but…. Thought every filer of tax returns had to be able to produce the last five years of returns ? thought this was an IRS ruling ?

It’s my understanding that Abel did the books for the family operation. Or at least was responsible for them, as well as the tax filings. If there was a separate accountant, I’ve never seen one cited in the press.

“. . . Agro-Jal Farming Enterprises, the farm in Santa Maria that pays Maldonado a six-figure salary to serve as controller. . .”



Great timing, Lois. Maldonado’s wife and child were in an accident that killed a young man, and you’re stamping your feet like a little child waiting for those tax returns.

If he didn’t “CHEAT” on his taxes, the returns wouldn’t be a problem for him. As for the fact that his wife was “SPEEDING” at 15 MPH over the speed limit in a large SUV on a curve and killed someone, well if she wasn’t speeding……… …. she isn’t exactly all innocent here.


Good post. I especially like your first line: “If he didn’t “CHEAT” on his taxes, the returns wouldn’t be a problem for him.” Could “he” also refer to Romney? Here come the down-thumbs!

I’m not a Capp’s fan by any means but I do believe in being fair. If you read the article it states that Mr. Maldonado told KSBY on Monday that he was waiting on the IRS. In the other article here it states the accident was on Monday afternoon, so good possibility the accident was after the fact, so Capp’s is in the clear here in my opinion. I mean comon let’s not be so partison to the point of cheapness like this. It is what turns everybody off about politics.

Capp’s… Maldonado……..another no win situation for voters. Are We ever going to weed out the trash ?