Atascadero apartment fire started on patio

July 16, 2012

An Atascadero apartment complex fire that left three people with injuries started in the patio area of one of the apartments. [KSBY]

On Saturday about 1 p.m., residents heard a loud boom, a barbecue grill fell from one apartment to the porch below and flames shot up through the  Bordeaux House Apartments on Rivera Lane. More than 20 people were displaced because of the fire that destroyed four units and damaged four others.

Three occupants sustained injuries: one with a laceration to the hand, one with smoke inhalation and another experienced chest pain, KSBY said.

Firefighters are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire that caused an estimated $500,000 in damage to the property.

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How do the firefighters determine the value of loss?

Word is, is that it was a Meth lab…… Only Bordeaux…..

The California Fire Code prohibits most bbq grills in apartment complexes, particularly on balconies. The residents who said that the explosion sounded like a propane unit knew that the apartment complex banned propane grills. I wonder if the person(s) using the grill will be charged.