High-speed rail may sink tax plan

July 6, 2012

UPDATE July 7: The state senate Friday approved the high-speed rail project without a vote to spare, sending the bill to the governor for his signature.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative has a lot of support among California voters, but its potential success in November is jeopardized if state lawmakers approve $2.7 billion high speed rail project, according to a new Field Poll.

At least 20 percent of those who now say they are willing to support the Brown tax initiative would not do so if the rail system gets the green light from legislators.

The taxing measure, which would temporarily hike state income taxes for those making more than $250,000 annually, has a current favorable rating of 54 percent, compared to 38 percent opposed.

“These are people who generally agree that the state needs more tax money, but are concerned that if the state has the money for high-speed rail, they have a question as to whether the taxes are really needed,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of the poll.

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Roll on California, I can’t wait to take a haul assed trip while sipping chardonay through the worst scenery in your state. You would have done better buying up cruise ships and plying the coast. Someone needs to hire a historian and give lessons to your legislature. But who knows? maybe this third or fourth try will succeed

Gimlet you are reading too much about the Paso problems. Please keep my pole out of it. I am a Christian man. Although I do swear quite a bit. And enjoy every word.

Math don’t lie

Simply hard up for $!

P.S. There is no such thing as a “temporary” tax hike.

Here we go again spending our childrens future by passing bonds we can’t afford. California has done this for decades without looking beyond the end of their nose to see the fiscal consequences 20 years down the line. WE ALL pay for is sooner or later. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a balanced budget in California before going further in debt. We should take a lesson from the Federal government. And we can hardly wait to start laying tracks so the Federal government can chip in their part too. Another government entity that HAS NO MONEY! Insanity prevails as usual.

I thought that California didn’t have any money?

http://news.yahoo.com/californias-biggest-community-college-fights-survive-031300133.html It doesn’t obviously except for propping up union jobs.

Just one more piece of evidence that the California electorate is composed of suckers. We are the reason the state is dysfunctional, consistently falling for a ruse at the ballot box.

My pole says of the 54 percent that supports the Brown tax initiative 95 percent of them are in the State payroll or pension system. For the 38 percent opposed, they just happened to live near the State capital where the polling took place? For this reason, you might consider ignoring the poles or propaganda when you cast your vote.

Actually, it’s spelled “poll.”

Actually, it’s spelled “pun.”

actually, I think no one here shouild be taking about anyones pole

Especially a “Black_Copter_Pilots Pole……..

It sounds like someone has “pole” envy.

I sense a lot of polearity here.

Unless you’re sitting on the pole like the legislature is. When they cough up money then they can talk and I will listen.

I have never voted in a bond issue. That’s for the big boys.

The Gimlet Eye, you make me want to misspell all words. Don’t be so critical please. From now on I will be looking for misspelled words in all your writings. God loves you both the same anyway, and that’s what really counts.

God Bless

Oh, don’t be so thin-skinned. One little correction don’t spoil the whole bunch.

I also misspell words. Not too often, though, and even then, it’s almost certainly a typo and not due to ignorance. Clear communication is worth something, isn’t it?

Shall we take a poll?

I like your style.