Man shot to death in California Valley

July 9, 2012

Gina Loret Mayborn

A woman shot and killed  a 49-year-old California Valley man on Sunday shortly before 8 p.m., authorities said.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested Gina Loret Mayborn, 55, for allegedly killing her neighbor Joseph King Cochran.

Authorities said there had been a dispute between Mayborn who lived near the intersection of Cucamonga Trail and Dorris Road and Mayborn who lived in a trailer next to Cochran’s home.

Paramedics from Cal Fire station 42 in California Valley responded to the scene and attempted aid to Cochran, but they were not successful and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies arrested Mayborn on a homicide charge and booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.



  1. slowtime says:

    Who says meth doesn’t kill?

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  2. Jorge Estrada says:

    For those who hate guns and try to outlaw them, remember this point, the gun that was not arrested. It is good that she was able to defend herself and the court will determine that relevance. I got to ask, who in their right mind would assult a w—person with a shotgun.

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  3. doggin says:

    Redneck justice in the wild west? Perhaps its time for a Sheriffs shop substation in Ca Valley.

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  4. winedude says:

    Can you say TWEAKERS?!?

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  5. shelworth says:

    Maybe he needed killing?

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    • sloslo says:

      What a disgusting thing to say. Would you have said the same if he had killed her instead or are you a sexist as well?

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      • SpeakTruth says:

        Easy there sloslo, I think that was an attempt as sarcasm in respect to the Cal Valley stereotype.

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        • sloslo says:

          Sarcasm or not, this man had a family who will dearly miss him. Is it funny for them to deal with cruel and insensitive comments in a public forum just so the original poster can get his jollies from thinking he’s a funny guy?

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  6. Pizmo says:

    I don’t think you have to be Columbo to guess that meth had something to do with this. Check out the mug shot.

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  7. pasoparent5 says:

    Hmm…Calfiornia Valley…living in a trailer adjacent to the alleged killer…some kind of dispute…drugs?

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