Great white sharks like kayaks

July 10, 2012

A great white shark bit a chunk out of a man’s kayak, and knocked him into Pacific Ocean off of Santa Cruz on Saturday.

People in a boat nearby saw the attack and helped the kayaker who was unharmed into their vessel.

The unnamed kayaker was about a quarter of a mile off shore fishing when the 15- to 18-foot shark bit the front of his 13-foot kayak.

Also on the same day, in the Atlantic Ocean in the Cape Cod area, a great white was trailing a man in a kayak.

After a paddle boarder began screaming warnings to kayaker Walter Szulc Jr., he quickly paddled away from to 14-foot great white shark tailing his boat.

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From Ded Slanders:”My God has allowed me to have a 145 foot Delta Marine yayht, fully equipped with wine, women, and song, for my onboard Ministries.”

Wow, he stuck you with a yayht?? God really does hate you!

P.s. your attempts at humor are as ridiculous as you owning anything 145′ long…



I can only assume that your quote of “ Wow, he stuck you with a yayht?? God really does hate you!” was suppose to be funny? Yes? Are you not becoming what you’re allegedly against, which is attempts at humor? Sure you are.

At times I really feel sorry when my adversary to our Christian God is acting in the manner of a fish out of water. Therefore, I throw them a bone, so to speak, so they can come back and say “you misspelled a word”, neener, neener, neener, instead of them discussing the topic at hand. You know, just like you did!

“SuperDave”, obviously you’re not narcissus in any way because of your moniker, yeah right, anyway, just come to Jesus and He won’t allow you to remove one of your feet to insert the other like you’ve done in your feeble attempt of putting down Brother Ted and his godly ways. He will look out for you in this manner, and the caveat is internal life in Heaven!

“After a paddle boarder began screaming warnings to kayaker Walter Szulc Jr., he quickly paddled away from to 14-foot great white shark tailing his boat.”, (FROM THE ARTICLE), soooooooo,

put a sock in it and quit Slandering everyone, even this paper’s spelling and grammar can’t compare to your godly presence oh chosen one, you make me want to barf.

I hope that the Board of Supervisors or Governor Brown will outlaw these out of control sharks doing such bad things to people soon! Are you listening Mr. Gibson!

Or just open a season, there are way too many and I know! Shark irradication program is the wordage from Hawaii, just kill the Dinasaurs, keep a few in a tank like tigers and every thing else that walks on land but doesn’t lurk in the deep blue sea!


Conversely, it seems to be open season with the sharks towards surfers. It’s their environment, not yours. You are trespassing and you’ll pay at their leisure.

Now, if you encountered a land shark, then that is a different story, because now they’re in your territory! Get it? Probably not.

Okay you all remember what happened too me, 25 footer on top of the water in 1978, (blogged is on previous articles) me on a surfboard, long story short , very close call.

I have thought of buying a kayak for economy, but I think I stay in my 16′ Glasspar boat, I was thinking about it right before I saw this article and I’m going to take that as a sign from god!

Also Ted can’t you tell from the red that you are out of your head!


Since you’re bringing this old tired old story to the forefront once again, it seems that it is your only accomplishment and notoriety in your life. That’s too bad.

Come to Jesus, with the rest of us Christians, and that is all the notoriety you’ll ever need! It’s so easy, trust me! No tests, no rituals ( at the onset), but just plainly stating that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and that’s just about it!

Because we have such a low level entry, as described above, is the reason why there’re so many damn pseudo-christians that don’t know their @ss from a wild grape when it concerns the true teachings of our bible. But, that is why Jesus has placed me here, to enlighten the flock, so tospeak.

Out of my head because of the red? Surly you jest? No, the red’s represent pseudo-christians that can’t engage Brother Ted on the topic at hand, other than to quickly click on the dislike button and RUN! They’ll pay upon Judgment Day, that is for sure. Praise our loving and forgiving God’s revengeful and killing ways!

“Since you’re bringing this old tired old story to the forefront once again”, well what do I say, I kept it short, to criticize is to judge, this is criticism, correct?

In my language, ” Up yours pal! ” GO PREACH ON ANOTHER CORNER!

And the only killing I want God to do, he is doing, and that’s Kelly Gearharts soon to be fatal lung cancer that has recently set in according to former county supervisor Charlie Moore!

Thanks Charlie for spilling the beans, oops, did I, just well, sorry Charlie, you owe me one anyway!


Listen, subjectively, you’re operating a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Yeah, blah, blah, blah…… the next time you tell your story, it’ll be 35 feet long!

I expected nothing less than your gutter street language that you’ve shown, but once again, you try in vain to gain notoriety with allegedly “spilling the beans” on another topic. Some of God’s children, like you, just never learn when to remain silent.

Don’t worry, I’ll pray for you tonight. You can thank me later.

The dam thing may have been thirty five feet long, twenty five was always a conservative estimate, listen here Ted, what is your beef with me? If you don’t like what I write just skip on by, don’t chastise me kook!

Ted you need to be baptized, “GO JUMP IN A LAKE”

You never know if Dagon, the “fish-man God” of the biblical Philistines, is going to present himself again. One time, Dagon just may show up in our waters, so Christians, watch out!

“Now the lords of the Philistines gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to Dagon their god, and to rejoice. And they said: Our god has delivered into our hands Samson our enemy! When the people saw him, they praised their god; for they said: Our god has delivered into our hands our enemy, The destroyer of our land, And the one who multiplied our dead.” (Judges 16:23-24)

We had so many different Gods in our bible, along with our version of a God, that it’s hard to count them all! But, our former Hebrew God, later jettisoning the Jews and turning into a Christian God, was the best, praise!

Ted, c’mon man. Really? We gotta read your desperate screaming for help for the foreseeable future?

The Bible is M-Y-T-H-O-L-O-G=Y. And like you, it’s not R-E-A-L..

You’re not some special person who posesses complete clarity. You just hope you are and THAT’S clear.

Yo Justme,

Teds’ been making fun of the bible through sarcasm and humor now for weeks.


Listen up, all I was doing is giving another big fish story like cheeseburger was telling, get it?

Furthermore, the only one that will be screaming will be YOU upon Judgment Day when you meet Jesus, and subsequent to doing so, He will open the trap doors to Hell upon your behalf because of your Devil Speak shown herein.

I can almost hear your screaming as you plunge into the burning lakes of Hell. Praise Jesus’ ever loving and revengeful ways!

That’s just how Jesus rolls, praise!

Big fish story is right, 3′ foot high dorsal fin, do you ever even go in the water?

And this is why they have 911,,,”I can almost hear your screaming as you plunge into the burning lakes of Hell. Praise Jesus’ ever loving and revengeful ways!”



The last time that I was in water, is when I was born. The ocean is for fish and ocean life, It is THEIR territory, therefore, if one is attacked by a shark, well, you’re invading their habitat, C’est la vie!

Spammer? Cram it? Such Devil Speak to a godly man of my stature! I’ve learned early on that I can’t save everyone. Besides, who wants the likes of you in our glorious heaven in the first place?

Do you have another fish story to tell us like this article shown above has done? Maybe you encountered a California Grey Whale that was 150 feet long, no wait, 250 feet long, that was about to attack you, but you held it off? Yes?

No but I was attacked by a 2,000 elephant seal and I got away, you wouldn’t of!

In fact you would of been dead both times, and any other time I rode big waves, check the movie California Dreaming I doubled the lead actor John Calvin in the surfing parts, he’s still a friend of mine, so are all the other actors of the movie, so your my new enemy , cool, bad choice though, GOD WILL MAKE YOU PAY!


Only a one ton elephant seal? Come on, that’s nothing! You got away because it probably felt sorry for your lacking surfing abilities. They show empathy too!

Jesus H. Christ, you’re now continuing your alleged notoriety by just “knowing” certain actors in a B rated movie production? When will it ever end?

If we could only peruse the out takes of this movie that probably shows you falling from your board many times before the final cuts were made.

Saw a show on Discovery a number years back talking about sharks. When they come up on a kill they usually come up from underneath. They just see shadows looking up against the objected backlight by the sky above. Seeing as they go after seals a lot, they mistake objects like surfboards and Kayaks a lot of times for seals. Never knew but makes sence.

Ouch! Almost as scary as investing money with you know who.

Yes, but the shark never promised you 12% return when banks were only giving 2%,

ON SUBJECT THEY ARE QUITE COOL, I have a 16′ glasspar boat want to fish? Stay safe, the ones knocking the guys out of kayaks are babies, the one I saw was 25-30 feet long and verified!

Karen has my #! Serious, safe your dam life fool!


Only a 16 foot Glasspar? That’s like a harbor buoy!

My God has allowed me to have a 145 foot Delta Marine yayht, fully equipped with wine, women, and song, for my onboard Ministries. Thank God for the collection plate and mail in cash support!

You just don’t give up do you, bought everything with other peoples money just like Gearhart, you probably molest little boys like Catholic priests are famous for, go crawl back under your rock, troll!

And no one needs a boat that big except for NOA! P.S. would you like to dance?

And you don’t have one or you could spell it!