Martin eyes council seat… again

July 17, 2012

Steve Martin

Steve Martin, a long-time local politician and Atascadero public relations practitioner who occupied a Paso Robles City Council seat for a decade ending in 1996, is the first to throw his hat into Paso Robles’ upcoming Nov. 6 electoral brouhaha.

Martin has been a veteran in recent years of a variety of  Atascadero municipal activities. He operates a marketing firm, S.W. Martin and Associates in that city, and is the developer of The Tourist, an Amtrak publication.

He has been director of tourism and public information officer for Atascadero and liaison for that city’s Main Street organization.

“I see ‘now’ as being an important time in the history of our city,” he wrote on his website, which he launched July 14. He also calls himself “a man of two cities.”

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Mr. Martin >>> Kudos! You have my vote in November. We need two more candidates to register by

August 9th, 2012. Mr. Nemeth had his eight (8) years on the City Council and failed the citizens on the

Nacimiento Water Pipeline Project that cost the taxpayers $176 million dollars at the time and is now over $200 million dollars without having a water treatment plant built for Nacimiento Lake water filtration. Mr. Nemeth just went along with the “good ole boys” on the City Council. What a fiasco!

So, Paso Robles citizens are paying for Nacimiento Lake water that is not available to City water customers. However, San Luis Obispo has been using Nacimiento Lake water because it has a water treatment plant in operation prior to financing their share for Nacimiento Lake water. Good luck! Mr. Martin.

Yes, totally agree. Mr. Nemeth would have to come up with an extremely good reason why he failed this city while he was on the council and went along with the ‘good ole boys’ instead of looking out for the tax-paying citizens. All other cities that were part of this water project are currently usinig that water and all Paso gets is to hear it run on by in the humongus pipeline under North and South River Road.. It is not a beautiful sound.

Hopefully, there are 2 other good people yet to annouce they are candidates before deadline.

Mr. Martin (or any one person) will not be able to change things alone. It takes 3.

I do not know Mr. Martin, but the mere fact that he is willing to run took some backbone – for that I say thanks. He evidently has had some prior CC experience, before the Kingdom of Jimmy was founded. Now it is up to Mr. Martin to make it perfectly and crystal clear to all citizens as to the exact ways he would change city operations – provided he gets elected (and hopefully part of a majority on the CC). Crystal clear on such things as:

1. The future of Jimmy App.

2. The proposed added sales tax that is intended to be used however CC and App wants.

3. Why tourism seems to be the holy grail in this city – anything for tourists is good, anything for citizens is ‘whatever’.

4. The police chief debacle – what will he do to fix this – can not just expect it to finally go away, what with Chitty living off taxpayers money, seemingly unending string of lawsuits filed or to be filed, and a search for a new chief that will be 180 degrees different that the prior one.

5. The Naciemento water fiasco – why have the citizens been paying for this for past 8 years and will be paying for another 4-5 years and yet to see one, single drop of water. In my opinion, this is absolute extremely poor management of this by the city.

6. The streets of this city? Why was no planning done to address this – anybody could see that things have to be planned for. Will streets in this city end up being handled same as water and sewer solutions?

7. What will he do to put a stop to the ever increasing impact that city salariers and retirement packages have on this cities coffers.

And I’m sure there are many other items that Mr. Martin will need to address – forecfully and with absolute conviction as he goes forward with the objective of cleaning up this city.

Guess He did’nt get enough the first time around ? Wants another shot at it ? Lets vote out all the incumbents and anyone looking for a career job. Enough good old boys palatitons… get some real honest people to run Paso !!! WAKE UP NOW….. OR WE END UP LIKE Stockton, or San Berdino ! Really….. is there no end to this endless crap ?

I believe Steve Martin understands what’s going on locally and has a pulse on the state and national scene as well, and will serve Atascadero well.

Steve is articulate and motivated and appears to be an honest contributor to the political process. I met him and have seen him at work at town hall community projects.

Steve will listen to you.

I sincerely doubt any speculation or inuendo as far as Steve having been involved in any nefarious or corruptive activities that has been going on in Atascadero’s past (ie Gearhart). He’s professional and certainly not a GOB.

This article isn’t clear about which City Council he’s running for, but I’m fairly confident its Atascadero.

I wish Steve the best of luck.

@godislanguage: Martin’s running for Paso city council, not A-town.

And I agree with your comments. Martin seems like an honest, straight-foward, competent leader and heaven knows Paso needs many more city leaders like that.

Thanks! I see it now.

Atascadero’s loss.

I have personal knowledge of Steve Martin and have found him to be a resoundingly professional and dedicated man. CPRN2012 welcomes Mr. Martin to the candidacy and looks forward to hearing his take on how he will bring Change to Paso Robles.

Mr. Martin, my suggestion to your campaign….plan to get rid of Jim App. He must go.

Interesting……..Not sure what I think about Steve, wasn’t he a big WalMart supporter here in A-Town? Wasn’t he buddy boys with Kelly Gearhart? Doesn’t he rub elbows with our Chamber who seem to have an affinity with Grigger Jones and the GOB’s? Just asking because I could be wrong but that is my impression. I wouldn’t trust anybody that thinks Grigger Jones is a great guy after knowing about his involvement with Jay Miller, Gearhart the PiJIHoTa and what he did to Nanci Meek, yet our Chamber still thinks the sun rises and sets behind Grigger Jones. When their President passed away, Jo-Anne Maine, who do you think they asked to do her eulogy? You bet, man of the year, Grigger and that just occurred last year despite all the dirty deeds being known. Hummmmmmmm, so where does Steve Martin fit into all of this? Like I said, seems to me that he is buddy-buddy with our Chamber and even personal friends.

Just asking, but impressions can be wrong……

Cindy, these questions will be well researched and we will certainly bring any such affinity between Mr. Martin and Mr. Gearhart (and his co-horts) to light. Paso Robles needs candidates with serious change in mind.

Thank you, Cindy, for your impressions and recollections. I think it is critical in these difficult times to know just who and what these candiates stand for and who to trust to do the best job for the citizens. Look at what just happened in the South County regarding Adam Hill. This incompetent bully impacts all of us in this County if you seen how they voted today. Thank God Debbie is in and Patterson will not be out although not soon enough.