Mountain lion spotted near Bob Jones Trail

July 13, 2012

A mountain lion sighting near the Bob Jones trail in Avila Beach on Wednesday has led to the posting of warning signs on the trail heads.

This is the second time in the past five weeks a mountain lion has been seen near the popular bike path.

Mountain lion attacks on humans are rare. There have been only 16 verified mountain lion attacks on humans in California since 1890, six of them fatal.

If you come into contact with a mountain lion, back away slowly, try to appear large by raising your arms and make loud noises, Fish and Game officials say.



  1. Citizen says:

    Maybe we should reaccess the locations of hiking/biking trails and put them where they are needed in towns so that school kids and others can bike safely in town. We don’t need a trail from Paso to San Miguel along the Salinas River. We don’t need a trail from Cayucus to Cambria along the beach.

    If we continue with the present policies of paving the great outdoors, we will have to kill off all the wildlife along the trails. What kind of environmental policy is this?

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  2. Moderator says:

    second amendment discussion fail,
    no repeats please.
    ??? or !!!
    thank you.

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  3. Jack L says:

    More humans have killed and maimed in that area and See Canyon than any lion ever has or will. Beware of the human.

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  4. obispan says:

    Used to be a mountain lion would not only not approach a human but steer clear. Good chance of being a fine rug and headdress. Mess up their habitat and you choose between extinction or having them hunt mountain bikers and runners.

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  5. Slowerfaster says:

    Lions and Sharks and Yahoos , Oh My !

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    • Slowerfaster says:

      Oh darn… Now I know it warn’t the lions and sharks that scardey punched ‘dislike’ . They’re not cowards.

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  6. calvertworthington says:

    There been some attacks more recently in Calif., but this case was memorable:

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  7. Ted Slanders says:

    “If you come into contact with a mountain lion, back away slowly, try to appear large by raising your arms and make loud noises, Fish and Game officials say.”

    If anyone encounters this situation, try this out, and report back to us to see if it works, either from the hospital bed, or from a family member because you didn’t make it out alive.

    Yeah, California Fish and Game carry weapons, so it’s easy for them to state this action. Sure, let’s taunt the lion by raising our arms and making loud noises so we could possibly piss him off for an attack upon our person because the cat is defending themselves and territory!

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    • morpheus says:

      Ted I think you are right. If you encounter one you should just outrun it, or the person you are with.

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      • kettle says:

        You run and I will hold my ground. It’s cat and mouse, only the cat wins.

        Also it wants you to run, you mark yourself as prey (and expose your back) if you do.

        Lunch of fools.

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