Shark sighted off Pismo Beach

July 13, 2012

A 12-foot shark sighting off Pismo Beach has led officials to post warning signs on the beach

A surfer spotted the shark about 150 yards offshore on Thursday morning. The fire department determined it was a  credible sighting.

The signs warn people of the risk but do not ban people from going in the water.

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Double Bummer. Sharks at Pismo Beach, Mountain Lions on Bob Jones Trail, now we have Fools

in Sacramento and City Hall. When will this invasion stop!!

Bummer, we were planning a kayak trip next weekend. That is definitely off the books now!


The sharks are still present, even if not reported, therefore it’s like any other day at the ocean. Remember, to have a sighting, people were in the water prior, and afterwards at the same time until they were told of a shark within their area.

Gamble it, and hopefully we’ll not read about you here at CCN if one showed up when you were out there! If you have friends that joke around, then always check the bottom of your Kayak to see if they put a full sized sillouette sticker of a seal beneath.

Sell your kayak or stick to rivers and lakes, I’ve got news for you. There are ALWAYS sharks in the water off the central coast. These warning signs should just be set in concrete.

I don’t know why but looking at the picture of the shark here made the Snickers commercial from a couple years ago pop in my head.