Bomb threat shuts down Santa Maria police station

August 7, 2012

A suspicious  metal box left at the Santa Maria police station has resulted in the evacuation of buildings in the area and the shutting of streets around the department, Corporal Alfredo Ruiz said.

Department staff requested assistance from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department bomb squad after discovering a suspicious metal box in the department parking lot Tuesday morning.

Operators are not answering non-emergency phone lines and a mobile unit has been put in place.

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Maybe the Chief forgot his lunch box?

They didn’t need the bomb squad. They’re the Santa Maria police – they just shot it until it was dead.

Oh boy…… we go! Interesting timing to say the least, a day after the new interim chief is announced.

If anyone was going to do the bomb-threat thing, you would think they would have done it when they couldn’t get rid of Macagni.