Cal State spring admissions open to non-residents only

August 17, 2012

The California State University system is under fire over its plans to admit higher-paying out-of-state and international students to its undergraduate and graduate programs next spring while barring California residents because of state funding cuts. [LATimes]

Earlier this year, Cal State officials announced a spring 2013 enrollment freeze for most of its 23 campuses including Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to address $750 million in funding cuts for the current fiscal year. In addition, officials wanted to be positioned for an additional $250-million cut next year if voters reject a November tax measure supported by Gov. Jerry Brown.

And now, Chancellor Charles B. Reed has announced that nonresident undergraduate and graduate students are exempt from the freeze because they pay higher fees; California residents are subsidized by the state.

California graduate students, for example, will pay $7,356 for the 2012-13 academic year, while nonresident students will pay about $4,464 more for 12 units.

“We need to make appropriate enrollment cuts and that, unfortunately, has to be California residents,” Cal State spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp said to the Times. “If a campus has a program with the capacity to bring in students who are not subsidized and who are paying for the entirety of instruction, they could … bring in additional revenue that could go to benefit state residents.”


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Surprised, even the progressives in Academia know they have to go for the higher paying customer in the end!

They have stellar gyms better than any gym in SLO county, pristine fields to play on, beautiful pools, the President here at Cal Poly makes more than the Governor. How is there a problem? With the Ca Dream act in place, not illegal residents who either illegally entered the country or their parent illegally entered the country are rewarded with other people’s taxpayer supported education. These illegals did not pay taxes, they used a fake SSN, claimed a large number of exemptions, and did not file at the end of the year.

You know, all of you progressives are all up in arms about BIG OIL and BIG PHARMA and BIG MEDICINE, how about looking at the gouging of our BIG EDUCATION system and going after it for a change. How about excessive salaries and benefits for the administrators.

I have a plan to move out of this State within two years of so. I just hope they don’t throw up a fence before I can get out, and know that even in the other State I will still have to pay for California’s problems in my Federal taxes….

If the parks dept has 250 million squirreled away I wonder how much the university system had hidden?

look under foundations

This shows, explicitly, that the California State University’s main goal is not educating California students. It’s all about raising money so they can boost salaries and pay the pensions. No new taxes until our own children come first!

Thank you. It means alot to hear people still care.

I don’t think things in CA will change. Read Victor Hanson’s “Two Californias”

California is being split by the poor and rich. The extreme poor and the rich control the vote. And the south desert to the San Joaquin Valley up to Sacramento is becoming the poor area while the coast is seeming like a utopia.

You rather are in the welfare system of CA or you are rich and taxes don’t bother you or in the middle class where taxes are eating you up.

If CSU are going to exclude California residents from enrolling, then the CSU must issue checks to California residents for the rent of the CSU facilities and its instructors.

California residents paid to build and develop the CSU system. We own it. We have graciously tolerated nonresidents’ use of our CSU system in the past, even though it often meant California taxpayers and their children had to fight to find required classes with spaces open for enrollment.

If California residents cannot enroll in CSU classes this spring, then shut down the motherfracking CSU system until the budget can afford to have California residents attend again.

That means laying off instructors, staff, and all but necessary administrators to mothball and maintain the campus.

Exactly, the whole point of building a California college system was to educate California residents, that is why we paid for it. But the government employees who dictate policy in this state think the system is theirs to do with as they please.


Whose salaries? Faculty and staff haven’t had a raise since 2008. Well, they did get a 15% pay cut for one year, but otherwise nothing. So why has tuition gone up so much since then? Is it administrative salaries? I’d agree they are too high, but no way does that add up.

This isn’t rocket science. The reason they are doing this is because the state if cutting funding. State funding has dropped under 50% of Cal Poly’s income. Cal Poly is primarily funding now by the students and foundation. The taxpayers have moved to second place.

Pensions are already sunk costs. It’s called CALPERS. Agreed it’s been mismanaged. But no one is taking money away from students (yet) to fund that system. Give it 20 years and well, who knows, but that’s not what’s causing the current crisis.

What a damn shame. I will tell you one thing myself and other friends in my generation gap are going to kick out the a holes who are stealing our money.

I am living at home while going to Cal Poly SLO and it’s still freaking expensive. There are no breaks on parking even though I am paying gas to drive there. No discount on books and they just raised tuition at that college. I am fortunate my grandparents had a savings account for my college education, so I won’t be going in debt but it’s still so much and all the financial aid and scholarships are going to some kids who don’t even have citizenship status. If I wasn’t going to Poly I’d have to take out a loan and work.

It’s all about money and college is not about students getting educated, but for professors and faculty to make more cash. Professors don’t even care if you can’t get into their classes. The only good thing about Poly is that IT IS the best college for getting a job after you graduate and it’s looking that way for me.

I am a CPSU alumni. I know how CalPoly brainwashes students into thinking it is the alpha and the omega in colleges for education, post-graduate employment, etc.

You might want to check out other colleges. If you are an ag science major, Texas has a couple of stellar ag science schools. Cornell in NY has a great Ag/Hort program, as well. Many states are offering deep discounts in tuition to California residents, too.

There is a strong and rising trend for California students to select out-of-state schools. At the top of the deciding factors to leave California for schooling is the cost.

The LATimes recently published an article about it, but it is not on their website. However, many other publications reference the LATimes article for their own articles on “cross-border” college enrollment by California students.



“The rise in interest of cross-border tuition discounts has increased as tuition price has become more of a deciding factor in choosing a degree program. In 2010, 41 percent of students said cost was “very important” in determining where they went to school, up from 36.8 percent in 2007, according to the annual nationwide survey of college freshmen conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. “People are shopping around for price,” says Patrick Callan, president of the Higher Education Policy Institute.

Patterns in California support Callan’s assertion. In-state tuition in the state jumped 21 percent in the 2010-2011 academic year, the sharpest increase anywhere in the country, according to statistics from the College Board. That same year, the number of California residents who went to undergraduate programs out of state using cross-border tuition discounts jumped 34 percent to 7,667, vs. a jump of 12 percent a year earlier, and a total increase of 8 percent for 15 states in the Western U.S.

Huntington Beach (Calif.) resident Corie McGuire said an out-of-state tuition discount, coupled with scholarship money, made the undergraduate finance program at Northern Arizona University more affordable than the in-state programs she looked at. She graduated in 2011 and decided to stay at NAU to get an MBA, which also qualified for a cross-border discount. “It was a huge factor in my decision to go to grad school,” she says….

I’m already attending Cal Poly SLO.

This student is looking like he will have a job after college and a good one too. Hopefully I can find a wife that is making similar income, so we can afford to buy a home in Pismo Beach while prices are low. I love Pismo Beach! It’s a suburban paradise.

I hope when I have kids they can follow in my footsteps. Go to a local high school, go to Hancock, and go to Poly and stay in the area.

Welcome to privatized education folks. Those who can pay get the slots. Isn’t it grand?

California residents paid, with our taxes, to build, develop and maintain the CSU system.

If the state is going to exclude California students, the state needs to issue every California taxpayer a check to rent the facilities. They also need to employee their own teaching staff and administration.

Good luck getting that up and running by Spring enrollment.

It strikes me as a bad idea, but just to be clear. They are admitting out of state students to help subsidize in state ones. The out of state pay full cost and then some. This helps pay for the facilities and staff which in turn mostly serve in state students. Because of state budget cuts and limits on tuition increases, in state student enrollment has to be limited.

What’s really crazy is society today is the richest it’s ever been (in terms of productivity per worker) and yet we suddenly can’t afford to fund good public education. Yet prior generations that had a lot more on their plate (lower productivity, Cold War, etc.) dug deep and got it done.

Now children, lets not have a lot of name-calling against our institutes of higher education.

We should be the obediant idiots they want us to be and all line up and vote for Jerry’s tax increase in November – NOT! ! !

I say let them close the doors to CA residents for a few more years – then the excretment will really hit the impeller. They already get huge sums of money from the taxpayers, they just keep wanting more.

Lets see them justify locking out CA residents for even more semesters.

Ain’t it great living in a socialist state?

Talk about getting stabbed in the back!

Is this even legal?

I can’t picture Californios taking this lying down, but……..we’ll see.

Socialist State is bad because of this non socialist effort? Because of the ‘user pay the fees’ being introduced you hurl insults at the ‘socialist state’?

We used to have a more socialist state- the best education in the world at some of the cheapest prices. The best roads and other amenities blessed our glorious state because we had a slightly socialist bent (pretty big government doing for us what we would never do for ourselves, with our tax money of course).

Now the ‘suits’ have wrecked out economy and right wing idealogues have pledged to continue that by cutting many essential services for the most vulnerable among us as well as in health and education-all to ‘lower’ taxes (for the rich who don’t need it), reduce all environmental, safety and health regulation in order to ‘boost’ business that will almost certainly despoil our air, water and other natural resources forcing us into worse health and costing us way more money than a few taxes would to prevent all that.

I wonder how many readers have suffered heavy losses at the hands of Hurst, Gearhart, Estate Finacial and other crooked companies. We lost over $750 million JUST HERE to those and other local crooks. That was because of a lack of any, or effective, regulation of that industry. Not enough money and motivation on the part of our gummint (salute to Pogo) to protect us from predators. Some regulation is stupid but the concept is good, the result can be dumb sometimes. I guess we can thank those other suits, the lobbyists and crooks like that who wreck our governmental processes with their money and influence on our representatives.

So, we are losing our ‘socialist state’ that has, in many ways, served us so well. California is the envy of the world for its opportunities, I suppose that will diminish now that tax fervor and selfish fools seem to make so much noise in their whining about ‘welfare cheats’ who steal hundreds of dollars, while ignoring the welfare for the rich that robs us of billions. The endless demonizing of the foreign workers who do the work here lazy and pampered white americans will not do is disgusting.

What we need is more, and better, government. Who else will create a good education system, repair and build our bridges and roads, maintain public safety and assure our drugs, tires, nail files, skillsaws and baby carriages operate properly and safely? Who else can get us to conserve energy to save the planet, who else will make sure our water isn’t poisoned by some crummy unregulated mine? Who else?

“the best education in the world”???

When was that???

“served us so well”

Again, when was that???

This is a great pile of muddle-headed thinking!

You are all over the place and have lost your focus. Look back at the article and think about how you have been betrayed.

If Cal Poly wants to maximize profits, great, but PRIVATIZE it and let it compete in a free market, don’ t let it take your tax dollars and cheat everybody this way. They can’t have it both ways.

If we are going to pay taxes to support this school, then California residents should come FIRST. If not, then let them sell off their assets to the highest bidder and have the new owners make their money the old fashioned way; EARN IT!

I think many voting ninnies will cave and vote for Brown’s school tax, because of this threatened lockout of California students.

In the end, it is the same story whenever it is tried: Let the government run something and it will ultimately FAIL. Usually the failure comes after a time, because money thrown at a problem prolongs agony; and they’ve been throwing money at education for decades.

Reminds me of that Chart of the Day at Business Insider showing CPI, housing and tuition… and we complain of high gas prices and medical.

crew ’em .here is no advantage to the Freshman/sophmore student bt attending Com College for the first two years of their program to get the basics out of the way and then transfer to the more expensive 4-year school. By the way, there are a number of Out of State Univ and private colleges that are cuttinfg their prices for the calif overflow. Find a real good “Head Hunter,” someone who really knows the ropes on todays college cluster F–K and make these important decisions based on the best info you can find.