Cal State spring admissions open to non-residents only

August 17, 2012

The California State University system is under fire over its plans to admit higher-paying out-of-state and international students to its undergraduate and graduate programs next spring while barring California residents because of state funding cuts. [LATimes]

Earlier this year, Cal State officials announced a spring 2013 enrollment freeze for most of its 23 campuses including Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to address $750 million in funding cuts for the current fiscal year. In addition, officials wanted to be positioned for an additional $250-million cut next year if voters reject a November tax measure supported by Gov. Jerry Brown.

And now, Chancellor Charles B. Reed has announced that nonresident undergraduate and graduate students are exempt from the freeze because they pay higher fees; California residents are subsidized by the state.

California graduate students, for example, will pay $7,356 for the 2012-13 academic year, while nonresident students will pay about $4,464 more for 12 units.

“We need to make appropriate enrollment cuts and that, unfortunately, has to be California residents,” Cal State spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp said to the Times. “If a campus has a program with the capacity to bring in students who are not subsidized and who are paying for the entirety of instruction, they could … bring in additional revenue that could go to benefit state residents.”


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Chancellor Greed at his finest.

I say we increase tuition for out of state students so that each out of state student not completely covers their own cost and the state subsidized portion of a California student.

If they can’t educate California students then they shouldn’t be getting California tax dollars.

I feel I have been slipped some crazy pills. What the heck is going on in CA?

They have to pay for those outrageous salaries and benefits some how.

You are just now noticing how messed up CA is? You might *have* been slipped something.

The Chancellor should be horse whipped and bitch slapped. The CSU was built for California residents, and to deny them entry while accepting non residents (and the Dream Act students they will be accepting) is an affront to the Ca. taxpayer.

What kind of pissing contest is this?

If Cal Poly can’t afford to educate my kid, why the hell should I afford to underwrite Cal Poly ???

I smell something fetid. Perhaps this is a positioning manuever to aid Poly in going private. If so, I say let them go, and refund the taxpayer money that got them to where they are today.

I say we abolish the CSU System and start all over. Re-do every college with new policies and re-hiring and everything again. CSUs, UCs, private colleges, and the rest act as a business. The whole school system is crap too. Give people the vouchers. Charter schools are way better than some public schools. Smaller schools trump large schools.

Damn right!

Capitalism is the only medicine that these people running the CSU system will understand. A good hefty dose of it will release the taxpayers from having to get steamed up about this.

This is a good example of “crony capitalism,” having their cake and eat it, too.

What a ripoff!

How’s that “hope and change” workin’ for ya, people?

How does it feel to see your children denied access to the state’s own universities (the ones you paid for!) while non-residents enroll and take their places?

Nothing good comes from government.

Cal Poly has been using this policy for a while now; they’ve actually been surprisingly open about it. Cal Poly charades as an institution of higher learning, but it’s primarily a business. You can trace back all current administrative decisions to $$$; the quality of education or basic service to its students and the citizens of California is no longer a consideration. The telling part about this decision is that the CSU feels it’s OK to even suggest such a policy! The next step, create a “Non-Residents Relations” department. Hire bunches of administrators to staff the department and give them high salaries.

This is what happens when we have too much government. They forget who they serve. Wake up people you serve the Citizens of California. If you are not competent to do your job, you need to resign and get a real job in the private sector.

California Public Colleges are for California residence. We the people have been paying the taxes, working in the community and supporting our schools as an investment in the future. These are our colleges built by generations of Californians for our children our neighbors and our communities.

California give us back our public schools so we don’t have to take them back.

Does OUTRAGEOUS describe this situation?

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