Bank accused of harassing Shell Beach couple

August 3, 2012


Following years of allegedly being bombarded with no less than 75 collection calls a week, an elderly Shell Beach couple has filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase.

Not long after JPMorgan Chase began servicing John and Anna Canaday’s mortgage, callers for the bank began threatening the couple with foreclosure if they did not make their mortgage payments on time, even though the couple had not been behind on their payments, the suit says.

In 2009, the Canadays contacted the bank asking them to stop the constant phone and written collection attempts. After that failed, they contacted Pismo Beach police and filed complaint letters with the California Attorney General, the office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Trade Commission.

In December 2010, the Canadays followed the advice of the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office and sent a cease and desist letter to JPMorgan Chase.

Officials with JPMorgan Chase responded with a December 2010 letter assuring the couple that they would not contact the Canadays by phone any longer. Nevertheless, the couple says the barrage of collection calls continued while the bank claims the number of calls the couple reports is inaccurate.

“When homeowners fall behind on their mortgage payment, we actively try to reach them,” a JPMorgan Chase spokesman wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “Our top priority is to help families stay in their homes. We have researched the frequency of calls placed in 2010 and do not believe the allegations in the complaint are accurate.”

Since 2012, following an alleged cease and desist letter from the Comptroller of the Currency, the bank’s representatives calls slowed to no less than 15 calls per week, but the calls continued, the lawsuit says.

In the lawsuit filed on June 4, the couple’s attorney Jim McKiernan seeks a jury trial and punitive damages, civil penalties, attorney’s fees and court costs.

Canaday Complaint

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Maybe the bankers are the ones who are REALLY running our country:

Broker, Ann Barnhardt, explains that, as a result of a recent federal court ruling, “customer segregated funds” deposited in financial institutions can be used by those institutions as collateral for their own investments. [If their investments go sour, you lose your money, and there is nothing you can do about it. In days gone by, that used to be called stealing. Now it is called banking. Barnhardt moves far beyond this issue, and her hard-hitting comments are worth your time.] YouTube 2012 Aug 14

The bank scandals just go on and on and on…….

MF Global CEO John Corzine is reportedly escaping criminal charges for stealing and then losing $1.6 billion of customer funds. [He plans to start his own hedge fund once he is cleared.] Townhall 2012 Aug 17

I would like to see a follow-up story on this case. I have the feeling some information is missing. It doesn’t make sense in many ways. Would Chase give an update?

I meant that Chase should want to give some explanation. The actions described seem so over the top and far too expensive to not have reached some agreement long ago,.

The Canadays should be thankful that Chase hasn’t thrown thrown them in jail!

A Washington man spent four nights in jail and lost his job for trying to cash a check that he received from Chase. When he tried to cash it at a Chase branch, the bank charged him with forgery and had the police haul him in!

How dare a black man try to cash an $8,000 check!

JP Morgan does not want me on that jury. I say we go for a record. 1 billion dollars is not an unreasonalbe amount and then we can discuss punative damages…..

Bizarre. But, what can you expect from the Banksters?

JPMorgan Chase loss only going to get worse

The Canadays certainly found the right local lawyer to represent them.

It was so cold in January that I saw McKiernan with his hands in his own pockets. As I recall, McKiernan was involved in that $7 million ponzi scheme in Cayucos that was run by James Sexton.

How funny, that J.P. Morgan Chase was harassing John and Anna Canaday at the same time they were amassing a 5.8 Billion, and counting, “hedging” loss and going through the Libor scandal!

They probably wanted to make sure that everyone paid directly on time so that they could continue playing their Las Vegas Cabling style casino banking of credit derivatives and paying Jamie Dimon’s 21 million dollar salary, plus perks, without interruption.

Here J.P. Morgan Chase, single handily, almost brought the world’s economy to it’s knees in the financial crisis, and they are giving the Canaday’s a bad time? What’s wrong with this picture?

Has anyone at J.P. Morgan Chase been brought up for charges regarding their gangster banking techniques that have forced millions of Americans into the worst economy since the Depression? No. It is more important for our government to let J.P. Morgan Chase continue in harassing their customers in the manner shown is Karen’s story.

Can you spell C-R-E-D-I-T U-N-I-O-N-S?

Collection agencies are vultures living off of the remains of people who are down and out. One has to wonder what type of person would become a collector.


What kind of person would become a BANKER???

The constant calls are a form of torture.