CSU system to offer online university

August 26, 2012

The California State University system is slated to launch a system-wide online university in 2013 that could eventually expand enrollment by 250,000 students. [InsideBayArea]

Budget cutbacks to California’s state-funded universities have resulted in fewer classes and reduced student enrollment. The online system is expected to increase class availability.

However, participation by campuses on the quarter system, such as Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, is less likely because the online classes are slated to be semester-based.

Participation in the online university program by each campuses will be voluntary.


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If there is a business case it will happen and the good excuses will follow. Atleast Cal Poly’s theme, Learn By Doing, will justify their campus and hopefully to benefit the youth of this State first.

At this point, who cares?

It’s too late for them. The CSU is way behind the curve on this. The education market is bypassing everything that they are doing.

This is a cynical, opportunistic move so that they can have their cake and eat it, too. In other words, they want the best of BOTH worlds, monopoly privileges and the free market.

That cannot be.

To all the customers of the CSU, you don’t need them.

It’s not too late. We do have the means to control this situation. Get out and vote….

There is no earthly reason why our own states children cannot attend our own CSU school, there is no reason why online classes should not happen, there is no reason why the CSU should not move into the 21st century and accept the facts that the computer age is here…

Oh,I forgot unions and tenure…

Between the online student undergraduate and one who has live classroom/ lab training, guidance and experience bachelors degree, which one is more qualified for the job.

How will government and private industry view the difference as presently no regulation to view them both equally.

Thus the system creates a placebo to answer the demand with a pseudo resolve for more revenue.

I wonder if this is only open to out of state students?

One of the legacies of the very bloated CSU administrations has been to experiment with a ‘teacherless environment’… seems like they are getting closer and closer to that goal.

On-line education works for the top and most self disciplined students where the pace is set by the individual student… few on-line courses work quite this way. However, on-line education works well in very specific situations. My daughter Karen teaches at a traditional university and on-line… one of her students on-line was a soldier deployed in Afghanistan… this was an educational plus for everyone as they all could communicate on the course message board.

I am a bit suspicious of the CSU version since they seem to have big holes in their educational outcomes already… few graduate and fewer go on. In the face of all of this, administrators pull down salaries that would make many in the private sector blush.

Once upon a time there was a concept of higher education, where people could aspire to be educated at a reasonable cost and with a presumption that the education would lead to a satisfying and relatively good paying job.

I guess thuse days are gone, replaced by the sterile environment of online diplomas which are nothing more than a means to generate revenue for the system.

We have arrived!

Welcome to the 1990s! What a wonderful innovative and cost effective idea. Why did it take so long?

Why did it take so long?

Because of monopoly privileges.

Take them away, and, presto! Welcome to the “education market,” your next connection to REALITY.