Avila Beach Golf Resort fire caused $400,000 in damages

August 26, 2012

Fire destroyed a golf cart shed at the Avila Beach Golf Resort on Saturday causing an estimated $400,000 in damages.

Cal Fire crews responded to the fire at about 6 p.m. By that time, the fire had spread from the shed to nearby vegetation.

The cause of the fire that charred 1.5 acres and destroyed the building, golf carts and lawn mowers remains under investigation.

Photo by James McKiernan

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I am guessing that more than half of the $400K is in the equipment stored in the shed. If it was a golf course maintenance shed, the “carts” and “mowers” tend to be very specialized types with correspondingly high prices. I remember seeing the new price on a “cart” specially built to spray pesticides at about $60K. Fairways and greens need separate mowers and they can run over $10K new. I would bet they had at least a dozen such machines for a quality course.

“golf cart shed “, must been quite the shed for $400k…

I’m thinking it’s the Rodney Dangerfield…Rolls Royce golf carts. But yeah,,, that’s funny.

Sounds like a Biblical insurance scam to me !

” How do you start a flood ? “

When batteries charge they create hydrogen gas. That coupled with the possibility of a spark at the terminal of a failing connection can be explosive or the ignition for combustion. Battery plants ( carts on charge) require adequate ventilation, that is the obvious. The not so obivious would be within the, battery logs, maintanence records, etc.

Hope nobody loses their job. Accident or crime someone will pay.