San Luis Obispo man rescues motorcyclist from fire

August 25, 2012

A San Luis Obispo man pulled a motorcyclist trapped under his burning bike to safety early Saturday morning likely saving the man’s life.

Michael Sumrall was driving on Ontario Road in SLO at about 4:30 a.m. when he collided with a deer. Sumrall’s bike flipped on top of him and burst into flame.

Steven Gray of San Luis Obispo watched the incident and heard the pinned motorcyclist shouting for help. Gray ran over to the Sumrall and lifted the burning motorcycle off of him. Gray then dragged Sumrall a safe distance to the shoulder of the road.

After Sheriff and Fire personnel arrived, Sumrall was rushed to the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment. Sumrall suffered serious burns to the lower half of his body, palms and eyebrows.

Gray’s decision to take action saved Sumrall from further burns to other parts of his body and quite possibly Sumrall’s life.


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NICE WORK Mr Gray! You are a true hero in my eyes. I hope Mr Sumrall pulls through OK.

“He was transferred to the Leon S. Peters Burn Center at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno on Saturday morning. His condition was listed as critical as of Saturday evening.”

Kudo’s to Mr. Gray, this fellow doesn’t sound like he would have had a chance without your quick action. Hopefully he’ll pull through.

Excellnt job..

Something we would always hope takes place in our time of need…

I always hope to have the guts and quick thinking to do what Steven Gray did. Here’s to you, Steven.

Wow, kudos to Steven Gray; I hope any and all of us would have had the presence of mind rush in and help like this gentleman did, good job Mr. Gray.