Driver’s license furor erupting

August 21, 2012

Faced with fast and furious reaction to an earlier decision, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is reexamining its stated intent to issue driver’s licenses to young illegal immigrants who become part of the federal government’s deportation amnesty. (San Jose Mercury News)

Last week, the agency became the first in the nation to declare its intent to issue those licenses, even as officials of other states announced they would not.

But Monday, the DMV issued the following statement: “It appears that young people who receive federal deferrals will be eligible for California driver’s licenses, but it remains uncertain whether clarifying legislation or regulations will be necessary.”

An estimated 400,000 young people could become eligible for licenses if DMV determines it will issue to them.

Advocates on both sides of the controversy have been asking for a solution from California officials.  Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia) said Gov. Jerry Brown “should come out very clearly and explain why one of his agencies has decided to just go rogue and hand out what was once one of the most secure documents in the world.”

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How about you informing the author of this article that it’s not “driver’s license”, it’s “driver license”. If you don’t believe me, look at your CA. driver license.

hair splitting

Please do not cut and paste whole posts from other publications, link and excerpt are ok.

? or !

31$X 400000.00 = 12400000.00$ Could this be the reason ?

California Drivers license equals= Voting? Social Security? Buying a gun?

Don’t forget purchasing Sudafed, and how about getting a US Passport?

1. The 400,000 are here to stay so get used to it.

2. They are going to drive whether they have a license or not.

3. Make everyone get insurance.

4. Even if only a small percentage get insurance it will be more insured drivers on the road than if we didn’t require it.

Done…resolved….next issue

Right, we should just roll over and hand the keys of the country to law breakers. Maybe in your Kool-Aid guzzling dream but those of us who care about our country aren’t going to let it happen.

“we should just roll over and hand the keys of the country to law breakers”

Exaggerate much?

Some people feel that’s exactly what we seem to be doing when we vote for our politicians…

well DUH


Tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants have enrolled in a program created by Obama that defers deportation and provides them with a Social Security card. [Many see this as a ‘back door’ amnesty.] WSJ 2012 Aug 15

“As the nation’s attention turns back to the fractured debate over immigration, it might be helpful to remember that in 1986, Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration reform bill into law.

The law granted amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal immigrants, yet was largely considered unsuccessful because the strict sanctions on employers were stripped out of the bill for passage.

Yes, I know the Mexicans use to own the majority of California, but since we screwed them and took it over subsequent to the Mexican-American War, there should be no more restitution other than us sending our jobs south of the border! English is the official language of the U.S., immigrants should learn and use it.

What’s next? Bilingual road and highway signs? Who’s next on the list, Islamic language signs as well? Where does it stop?

“Officer, I am sorry, I don’t completely understand your language, so I didn’t know the sign said ‘no left turn’, therefore I hope the person is not mad that I demolished their new car. When will his bleeding stop?”

Hatred, divisiveness and xenophobia. Jesus is proud, Ted.

CA Native,

Quit your Satanic whining!!! Our God goes beyond xenophobia!

As Jesus set an example for us to follow, His Father, aka, Hebrew-Christian God, did so as well. Jesus has to be proud of me if I followed His Father’s inspired words shown below.

“That whosoever would not seek the Lord God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.” (2 Chronicles 15:13).

God’s favorites (True Christians) just can’t wait until everyone else is slaughtered. (Rev.6:10)

“If you hear of a city where another god is worshiped, then destroy everyone in the city (even the cattle) and burn it down.” (Deut 13:12-16)

Get it?! Now, get back to your daily program, and don’t preach to me ever again, because I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know about TRUE Christianity! Comprende?

Driver’s licenses? They don’t need no stinking driver’s licenses! They drive just fine without them.

And bob, if you think they will abide by the same laws concerning auto insurance, you are sadly misled…..

Yeah, cynical…they drive just fine, right? *sarcasm*

Let’s just remind ’em that this isn’t a third world country and we really do have traffic rules, such as…

You cannot pack 14 people in your 7 person ’82 Dodge minivan.

You need to go faster than 45 MPH in the fast lane on Hwy 101.

You really do have to fasten your 6 kids in car seats and safety belts.

You cannot drink a large can of Bud Light on your way home from work and then toss it out your car window.

Oh…and the one that they seem to have a hard time with…you really DO need valid insurance and you really can NOT leave the scene of an accident.

I dare any doubters to just drive up and down 101 between Templeton and Salinas for a few days. Unfortunately, you’ll see I am correct.

Right on Pasoparent, keep it up.

@ pasoparent5,

You didn’t hear the *sarcasm* in my post?

Yeah, I did, it’s obvious. Funny, I’ve picked up a few Bud Light tall cans on my street, it leads to a farm…….you’re right, they “slam” beers & toss the emptys before they hit the main road.

What did we do to deserve living next to Mexico, Nicaraugua, Honduras, etc. Why not France, Germany or England?


“What did we do to deserve living next to Mexico, Nicaraugua, Honduras, etc. Why not France, Germany or England?”

Well, you’re going to have to take that topic up with the Hebrew-Christian God in prayer tonight.

“From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” (Acts 17:26)

Having spent some time in Solidad last weekend, I can add these :

If the light turns red

when you’re approaching, then just make a u-turn in the middle of the street, and go around the block.

Miss that parking space in the parking lot, just back up and the people behind you will get out of the way.

If you have a truck, you can make a u-turn going up over the curb into someone’s yard.

Yes, you can stop in the middle of the street and talk to someone else in their car. Just wave people around into oncoming traffic.

Why not issue a California driver’s license to them, provided a couple of provisions; first, that the identification clearly states that the person is NOT a U.S. citizen; second, that they have to be able to recognize and understand all of the signage a driver is required to observe when operating a motor vehicle; third, that they understand that they have the same requirement to have auto insurance on every vehicle they operate. Surely if all those provisions are met, the Tea Party members won’t have any objections, right?


Have you been partaking of that devil-weed again?

I wouldn’t have a problem if the license stated clearly that the person was not a citizen, but the Democrats are not going to allow that–the purpose of the Dream Act (Obama executive order) is to create Democratic voters. If their ID says non citizen and the state requires ID, then they can’t vote, can they?

L O L Mr. bobfromsanluis. I’m not a “Tea Party member” but yes, I have objections to your naive and silly plan.

How about this, bob. Why don’t you conduct a little experiment for us. YOU go down to Mexico…or El Salvador…or France…or Germany. YOU sneak into their country without proper papers. YOU try to enroll your kids in their public schools or try to obtain medical care, food assistance, etc. YOU then try to get a driver’s license in that country. Oh, and remember to speak only English the whole time and act completely clueless. Then demand the services of an interpreter. Be sure to report back to us how the Mexican (French, German, etc) government treated you. Sound good?

Home run, out of the park, pasoparent…

Um, wow. The vitriol being directed at me is somewhat surprising; this isn’t my plan, I didn’t think it up, legislate it, push for it to be passed. I commented on a link to a story about how the State of California is looking into how it could issue driver’s licenses to persons here in the U.S. who are not citizens; my suggestion was that as long as the license showed quite plainly that the person holding the identification was NOT a U.S. citizen, that they could understand the signs on the road and that they would have to meet the same requirements to furnish proof of insurance, I really didn’t see how that would much of a problem. I guess I just didn’t count on the blatant racism exhibited by all of those who have condemned such a plan. Do you guys use starch in your white sheets, or is hot water and bleach good enough for keeping your minds so “clean”?

Typical liberal response: name-calling. Tsk, Tsk, Bob. None of us are members of the KKK; are you?

xenophobes don’t wear robes

Also they don’t need driver’s license’s.

Note: When i applied for my passport, my drivers licence was not accepted as proof of citizenship.

Illegal is not a race.

Okay, so you’re ready to deport all of the illegal Swedes and and British citizens? How about Koreans and Vietnamese? Is it just possible that perhaps your view of “illegal” is somewhat, “colored” by your fear of the “other”?