Los Osos daycare closes amid child abuse probe

August 21, 2012

A Los Osos daycare center has been shut down amid allegations of child abuse. [KCOY]

Last month, The Early Care and Education Center’s director reported allegations of abuse to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff deputies have since referred the case to the SLO County District Attorney Office for further investigation.

On Monday, the classrooms at the private, daycare center for children from six weeks to sixth grade were close and the playgrounds were empty. The owners rent space at the former Sunnyside School from the San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

At this time, it is unclear how long the center will remain closed.


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gimmee a break!

A special needs child is supposedly allowed to have physical tantrums as part of the child’s special needs and one person says they saw an employee slap the child one time during the child’s prolonged physical tantrum which the employee adamantly denies so now the place is shut down, 15 employees out of work, dozens of families out of care, business closed, government bureaucracy coming down on the owner and all you can report is “child abuse probe”?

Omission of facts underneath an attention grabbing headline can be very misleading can’t it?

“A special needs child is supposedly allowed to have physical tantrums as part of the child’s special needs”

What? I would slap the kid too ! That kid is going to grow up to be a big pain in the …….Better yet, I would have told his mother to take him someplace else so that the rest of the kids didn’t have to be exposed to that kind of disruptive behavior.

Never strike a child.

Like, to see a little more detail we are three blocks from there, the who when and what skinny on this.

This is our kids bus stop luckily we never even considered day care, when both parents work it’s hard to find a place to trust. And remember this could be just all cooked up to fry somebody, guilty or not when this hits a business the business hits the road, sorry but, it is what it is an accusation, and they can ruin a business.


If the people involved are guilty of child abuse I hope they fry. No short sentences as usual. Put them in with hardened criminals that hate such people. Make sure the perps crimes are common knowledge to everyone in the slammer.

I know a lot of times there are alligations of the crime but little truth comes to the forefront. Kids are force fed quite a bit of bull by caring adults by misstake so everyone must be diligent in finding the truth.

My wife and I raised a child that had been molested and took her to play therapy for years She was a little over two when we got her. Poor little thing. God Bless her and anyone else molested She’s twenty-four now and doing great.

I learned a lot about the human spirit from her ordeal. Molested children can get through it with our help. And the good Lord’s of course.

God Bless.

Terrible business to be in.

Sad sad news; it seems like the director really took responsibility by contacting the Sheriff’s Department though, good for them. Hopefully there were very few actual cases and all of the personal who have been investigated and cleared can get the center open again. Damn shame.