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The first Department of Motor Vehicles was created in 1915 with enactment of Senator F.S. Birdsell’s “Vehicle Act of 1915.” Vehicle registrations that year had climbed to 191,000.

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Salinas DMV employee traded drivers’ licenses for bribes

A Salinas DMV employee pled guilty Tuesday for her part in a conspiracy to sell class A commercial driver’s licenses to people who had not passed the required tests. Five other people, including two DMV... (Continue reading)

Is Google causing car crashes in California?

Four of the 48 cars currently driving themselves around California have been in accidents since September. [NBC News] Two of the accidents occurred while the cars were driving themselves, and two took place while a... (Continue reading)

California issues 110,000 licenses to illegal immigrants

Over the first seven weeks of 2015, California issued 110,000 driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. [LA Times] Assembly Bill 60, California’s law granting immigrants who entered the country... (Continue reading)

Immigrants line up at Central Coast DMVs

Central Coast offices of the California Department of Motor Vehicles are booked up with appointments for undocumented immigrants seeking driver’s licenses. Assembly Bill 60, California’s law granting immigrants who entered the country illegally the ability... (Continue reading)

Are self-driving cars appearing on California streets?

California regulators are lagging on their task of creating a plan to test self-driving cars, which some manufacturers are now unleashing on state roads for trial runs. [Business Journal] Department of Motor Vehicles officials said... (Continue reading)

Has the DMV compromised your credit card?

Problems encountered at the Department of Motor Vehicles may go beyond long lines and wait times. Law enforcement officials have alerted the California DMV to a potential security breach in its processing of credit cards.... (Continue reading)

California considering electronic license plates

A bill that passed the California legislature last week would create a pilot program introducing electronic license plates that authorities could remotely access. [Mashable] Electronic license plates are not yet in circulation in the U.S.,... (Continue reading)

DMV says licensing illegals will reduce collisions

A California Department of Motor Vehicles study is recommending that the state license illegal immigrant drivers. [LA Times] The DMV study determined that unlicensed drivers, the majority of whom are illegal immigrants, cause nearly three... (Continue reading)

DMV bureaucracy restricting voters

Many Californians believed they had registered to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles only to find themselves ineligible to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. [California Watch] Since its adoption in 1995,... (Continue reading)

Driver’s license furor erupting

Faced with fast and furious reaction to an earlier decision, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is reexamining its stated intent to issue driver’s licenses to young illegal immigrants who become part of the federal... (Continue reading)

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