Paso Robles man pleads not guilty to child abduction

August 20, 2012

Eunice Serrato

A Paso Robles man charged with kidnapping his 16-year-old girlfriend Eunice Serrato pleaded not guilty on Thursday. [Californian]

Juan Manuel Salazar Jr., 19, was initially booked into jail after he and Serrato turned themselves over to agents at the U.S. border in San Diego on Aug. 4, a week after an Amber Alert was issued for the girl.

On Aug. 9, Salazar was released from jail after charges were not filed against him. Shortly after his release, the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office had Salazar arrested in Riverside County on suspicion of child abduction.

Salazar is also a suspect  in the July 28 shooting deaths of Hector Reyes, 33, and Daniel Fraga, 35. Because of insufficient evidence, Salazar has not been charged with the murders of the two men found in the bathroom of Serrato’s San Ardo home not long after her alleged kidnapping, District Attorney officials told the Californian.

Salazar is scheduled to return to court on Tuesday.

A few days before Salazar and Serrato turned themselves in, deputies arrested Salazar’s mother, Maria Aviles-Rodriguez, 36, of Paso Robles  because of her alleged involvement in the kidnapping. Aviles-Rodriguez is charged with kidnapping, child stealing, child endangerment, accessory after the fact, conspiracy to commit a crime and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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It’s doubtful that the girl was kidnapped. If you see the full picture of Eunice, she has her breasts hanging out in the picture.

She probably went willingly with her boyfriend. After all, who wants to be left in the house with two dead men in the bathroom. How do you explain that to your parents when they get home, or the police? Oh, the drama that Latinos contrive. The entire kidnapping sequence with the amber alerts and the police looking for them was the great escape drama.

Little Rogilio Aviles (5’5″)was with them initially in the great escape. He has been taken into custody for the Dry Creek Apartment attempted murder. He also lived at the same residence as Salazar Jr’s mother, the one arrested for kidnapping, etc. and the midget Rogilio is a suspected gang member.

The real question is who shot and killed the two men from King City found in the bathroom? Drug deal gone bad, or gang shooting. Who will Eunice identify as the killer? Or was she busy in the kitchen making brownies and didn’t see anything?

At this point, the only thing I want to know is where does Salazar’s mother live in Paso because I want to avoid the area. We deserve to have that information.

Oh, the drama that Latinos contrive

your racist stereotype is showing .

I’m the same race as these people.

Speaking as a white person, I know of more than a few whites that hate whites. Sad and pointless.

So, criticizing a crime and the people involved in it by calling them dramatic indicates hate? No, it indicates disgust with one gang related family and friends who went on a crime spree, starting with the uncle breaking into a house for robbery and shooting the homeowner. Then two men are killed in another house in San Ardo. Meanwhile, we have a drive by shooting on the main street in Paso and attempted murder at an apartment house (man shot in the chest in front of his family).

We have the Monterey County Sheriff’s Dept., the Paso Police and SLO County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Border Patrol all involved in looking for these people and making arrests and the cost to the taxpayers has only just begun. I’m disgusted with the meth crimes we already have and now I’m disgusted with the gang/drug dealer crimes (this is only the beginning).

Citizen says: “It’s doubtful that the girl was kidnapped. If you see the full picture of Eunice, she has her breasts hanging out in the picture.”

Seriously? So the way a women is dressed in one picture tells you if they are victims or co-conspirator? Really?

” We deserve ” Sure you do.

No idea what took place but I can’t understand how her breasts have anything to do with it?

The picture of Eunice shows her as someone who looks like they are 12 years old. The charge of child abduction adds to the image. I’m just pointing out that Eunice is a little more mature and perhaps not quiet as innocent as she appears. She is the girlfriend of the son of a known criminal and gang related family, and the bottom half of her picture (not shown here) shows someone older than 12.

Yes, I understand that legally she is a child and under the law will be treated as a child.

Alot of kooks and questions with this.

Agreed! Haven’t read about a motive…did the killer(s)? know the deceased men? Is it gang-related? Are they legal US citizens? Were drugs involved?

Let’s see – the mom is charged with “kidnapping, child stealing, child endangerment, accessory after the fact, conspiracy to commit a crime and contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” but the son, who actually took the girl, is only charged with kidnapping? Seems like the DA is going after the low-hanging fruit again.

If they are not citizens they should be jailed immediately and then, whether or not down the road convicted of the crime, should be deported immediately. Or is it not politically correct to ask if these people are citizens?