Gangster sought in Paso Robles shooting

August 10, 2012

Jose Hernandez Jr.

Paso Robles police are seeking a reputed gang member in connection with the July 27 shooting at JnJ’s Liquors, said Lt. Ty Lewis Thursday.

An exchange of gunfire between several individuals was the result of dissension between a King City gang and rivals in Paso Robles, according to investigators. No one was injured in the 3:22 p.m. incident.

After watching surveillance tapes, police were able to identify Jose DeJesus Hernandez Jr. as being at the scene and he is now “a person of interest,” Lewis reported.

Hernandez also is being sought by California State Parole for a parole violation.

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This is one of the few sites I go to for local news and such, but what I really enjoy is the “Comments”

Section, and this one didn’t fail to please. It may hold the record for most non sequitors on a single topic. The gamut has been spanned from Hispanic gang bangers to Ex Chief “Round Heels,” to Elisha in the TANAK, to a couple members of the over 25,000 different sects of christianity getting into a p—–g contest, moving on to psychiatric etiology, and finally back to the theme of the article (kinda).


We still need our Hebrew-Christian God back to make His presence to mete out His justice towards gang bangers like Jose DeJesus Hernandez Jr., therefore, we won’t need jury trials at the tax payer’s expense. A win-win situation.

Please don’t lie about the Christian faith! There is not 25,000 divisions of Christianity, but 40,000 plus “divisions” of our faith that all claim to be correct! Tsk, tsk.

The “perfect Word of God” is notoriously difficult to interpret, even though what God said once, He couldn’t have meant to be interpreted in many different and contradicting ways AND with all claiming to be the truth. That’s our cross that we have to bear in hoping that we picked the right division (sect) of Christianity.

Oh, and the Tanak, aka, Old Testament, is the foundation of the New Testament, and one cannot operate without the other. One has to accept the obligation of the whole. Those poor children. :(

Welcome to the jungle. This has nothing to do with the management of the city or its police. And it’s coming to your town soon if it isn’t already there. Even in SLO the meth heads roam freely at night looking for crimes of opportunity. The police didn’t create the problem and they can’t fix it, all they can do is do what they can.

I’m strongly tempted to agree, but “illegal” drugs are NOT the sole province of your typical gangbangers.

The police are also involved, as well as the CIA and the banks.

Our descent into the cesspool of crime is a much bigger and more complicated phenomenon that most people imagine.

This is an example of Chitty’s real legacy…

PRPD needs a manned sub-station in north Paso ASAP. The gang boys are coming in from the north and have easy access to Oak Park and the north Paso barrio area.

It’s scary how Lisa could’ve given a #$% about the safety of Paso’s residents while she was in charge. How did that Safe Mode work out, Lovely Lisa? And Phat Bald Guy App doesn’t care either and the councilmen–well, they’re just clueless.

You’re right Crusader. Chittygate has greatly tarnished Paso and the consequences of Lisa’s actions will live on…and on…

This is the REAL damage she did. What a horrid legacy. What a dangerous legacy.

The police don’t give a good gd about your “personal safety.” Their main, official duty is to enforce laws and generate revenue for their cities.

Unofficially, the police have been commandeered to help build a total control grid, better known as the POLICE STATE. They are being increasingly “militarized” for this purpose.

How does that make you feel?

Makes me feel like you are a wack job that needs to stop drinking bong water.

get your police state training nearby

right here in town for the last forty years!!

“we have met the enemy and he is us”

or not

Another gang member male anatomy contest at the expense of injuring or killing innocent bystanders. Enough, back to biblical principles!

If our Hebrew-Christian God can send two bears to rip up and kill 42 little children for making fun of Elisha’s bald head, then in the same vein, why couldn’t He have done the same to this gang-banger that did more undeserved damage than these children did? (2 Kings 2:23-24)

Is our God taking time off from meting out His judgment like he used to do? I ask you, why? Our Hebrew-Christian God killed, maimed, tortured, sent plagues, pestilence, killed the first born of Egypt, etc., at the drop of a hat in our bible. Where in the hell has he been of late?

I promote that all Christians, true or pseudo ones, pray diligently to our Hebrew-Christian God to get Him back to His killing ways of the bible when lessor offenses than this gang-banger did, hurled our God into a vengeful and killing machine!

Let us pray.

You are a deeply offensive and ignorant non-Christian. No Christian would write the hateful crap that you do. You continue to post your inflammatory nonsense either to bring attention to yourself, because you simply don’t have a clue and/or worst of all because you want to parody Christianity.

Shame on you.

If I am going to do any praying in this context it will be for you be banned or for at least the means to put you on permanent ignore status.


I understand your plight, in that I’ve schooled you so many times regarding the Holy Scriptures, that I’ve lost count. Therefore, you want me removed to save yourself any further embarrassment. Then you would be able to run rampant with your Satanic lies as you’ve done before without me correcting you.

Once again, you’re attacking the messenger instead of the message. What I have brought forth above, is biblical fact and put into context relative to the story, as Jesus did many times as well.

If you’re having a hard time in reading the direct and literal passages of the bible, and the subsequent godly concepts tied to them, then take it up with the Hebrew-Christian God in prayer, in a closet, and not me. Comprende?

Conversely, look at yourself in that you’re trying in vain to hide biblical axioms that were godly inspired. If you’re ashamed of certain bible narratives, then change your religion and don’t whine. Shame on you!

I will now pray for you as well to see the light!

I pray you will hibernate for summer, fall and winter…and maybe spring.

He’s a troll; ignore him.

Of course if he were rattling on about Muslims, mocking their holy book… well, it would be quite different. Christians read his #$% and tolerate his nonsense but he’d literally face death threats if he spouted off against Islam.

You’re right of course he is a troll. One does however have to wonder just how fouled-up he is in order to continually post the hateful sewage that he does? I get that he is neither Christian nor Jew. I get that he has never received the gift of faith, but his posting are still beyond the pale — particularly when he masquerades as a believer in the grace of God. His posting say something troubling about him as a person. I still wish this place had an IGNORE function so I would add his dead soul to my list…

To pasoparent5 and Crusader,

Oh, but you DO have an ignore function !

It’s called scrolling down past those you don’t want to read and scramble up the few remaining synapses that are have a problem relating to one another.

It would be so much simpler, and your head would stop hurting so much.

OR, you would pray for the salvation of those you disagree with. Apparently, you have not been doing such a good job of that holy directive.

Crusader-he is obviously a paranoid schizophrenic. People with this disease typically focus on their favorite topics usually involving a direct connection to God or aliens from outer space. Ignore his illogical ramblings. They give God and aliens a bad name!

And flytrap’s medical degree came from what school?

Thank you, Crusader.

Your comments are so bizarre I don’t know what to say.

It is important to remember the area in which this shooting happened is very close to the site for the new Uptown Family Center/Park in Paso Robles. Would be interesting to see the crime stats in that area from the last 5 years and if those who approved this project considered the criminal activity before approving a park for children.

Really? Danika, does your computer have “Google Maps?” The shooting took place at 16th and Spring. The proposed location for the park is at 36th and Oak. My math tells me that’s 20 blocks away…damn near half-way across the town.

The shooting took place at 3355 Spring St.–J N J’s Liquor Store. That’s 3 blocks away.

NoCoSkeptic: It’s easy to see how you incorrectly identified the shooting location; Paso’s had so many stabbings, drive-by’s, robberies and shootings that you obviously mixed up this latest gang incident with earlier crimes.

Regardless, danika is correct (like she usually is) and this latest crime happened in the glorious confines of Paso North… in the vicinity of Oak Park, Georgia Brown, the upcoming Uptown Park… not damn near across town at all, but neighborhoods full of children and unfortunately active gang members.

NoCoSkeptic, no need to apologize. You now know you are the one using wrong math and faulty Google Maps…

Yup, that’s exactly what happened. My apologies….carry on.

Did they ever get the Paso crime stats sorted out? They must be on about version 49 now, I think.