Gearhart’s benefactors unveiled

August 15, 2012

Kelly Gearhart

An Atascadero woman and another from Texas each pledged $50,000 to keep former North County developer Kelly Gearhart out of jail.

The sister of former developer Ron Hertel, Camile Tompkins, pledged to cover half of Gearhart’s bail while Tiffany George, a relative of Gearhart’s who lives in Texas, put up the other half.

In 2009, when Hertel and his former business partner Bob Fowler’s company R.W. Hertel and Sons was forced into bankruptcy, the business debt exceeded $100 million.

On Monday, Gearhart  pleaded not guilty to 16 charges of mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. Investigators accuse Gearhart of bilking more than 1,200 investors out of up to $100 million.

As a result of the bond, Gearhart was not taken into custody while he awaits a trial currently scheduled for Oct. 9. though a motion has been filed to continue the trial to Jan. 29. He faces up to 300 years in federal prison if found guilty on all charges.

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I can understand so keep it on.

$100 says he bails with millions to South America. $500 bucks says he cut a deal with his benefactors for a return on their investment when he bails. But i bet there is a ponzi in there somewhere…I hope the benefactors were paid in advance….

I get what Nancimeek is saying………..they steal together. Right on Nanci!

$100 says he’ll run.

$1,000 say’s he has made arrangements all ready, time to put the hobbles on! Now Dieter (FBI), you let him go, I’m suing you too. Just for fun, I learned how, and see you soon Courtney.

A short airplane trip…10,000 feet without a parachute, is the answer here.

Aww…you will be missed, Slowerfaster. ;)

“The sister of former developer Ron Hertel, Camile Tompkins, pledged to cover half of Gearhart’s bail while Tiffany George, a relative of Gearhart’s who lives in Texas, put up the other half.”

My take he gave them the money back in 08, greased them up good what’s the skinny on Tyfanny George?

We pretty much know we have been greased up good, relative of Gearhart, does she know he ripped off his own mother?

I smell our money being put up for bail and Gearhart hitting the trail to hiding, would you turn yourself over for 300 years?

And another continuance that means Gearhart, so innocent, you will be able to make our September 12, 9:00 am. court date in the Paso Branch. Right? You can high five Courtney , she’s supposed to be there too, fraud depts are not released by a fraudulent bankruptcy, you did receive notice of review hearing did you not?

Everything else daddy could make go away but, sorry honey you are going to have to pay me, just like O.J.,,, you people caused deaths,,, I believe a jury would be quite sympathetic to my case,,, but not your pathetic excuses like,,, I am just the daughter not the V.P. and was looking the other way the whole time. (Doing my nails).

I believe you meant to say benefactors, not beneficiaries. Benefactors confer benefit. Beneficiaries receive it.


this IS CCN and have learned to live with vocabulary malfunctions :)

Inaccuracies give me swamp gas!

I saw it too, but so what CCN has done so much good fighting slime while no one else would print it.

To nit pic is to be sick, you knew what they meant, things happen making a deadline and lord knows if your blogging you aren’t making a deadline, try working for a paper some time and give some room for error, like everyone of your posts is perfect?

Silcad not mad just sad, and want very much to keep these topics alive, no need for an English teacher here, I think they have it under control, things just happen and CCN didn’t steal $125,000,000 from old people (which is the issue at hand) and claim to be freaking innocent. Beneficiaries don’t always receive what their father wanted them to have when Kelly Gearhart partner attorney Robert grigger jones commits fraud and forgery. Review our web site. that’s your truth and the man who helped Gearhart. Hey I’m just sayin’. I sleep much better knowing the good guys are winning and being tenacious. Read our story. Birds of a feather steal together

He should be in the county jail awaiting trial…

Those with the money or means will always get preferential treatment. If this perp had no basis in fact, no proof of his business trans actions he would be able to claim a walk, but he has a long history of cheating and lying.

Look at the facts, look at the proof, then make a calculated choice. Did he rip off his clients or is he just a pawn…

Wasn’t Bernie mad off held in jail before his trial.

Birds of a feather flock (?) together.

Get it………..Nanci meek has it right! They steal together. Right on!