Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Festival, event photos

August 29, 2012

American General Media Radio produced the grand foodie event of the year on the Central Coast, the Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Festival at Le Vigne Winery in Paso Robles on Aug. 25. A portion of the proceeds went to support the Zoo To You Organization to help maintain food and healthy living for all the exotic animals.


See the photo gallery here


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Gourmet macaroni and cheese ?

What next…”designer baloney” ? Boutique SPAM ? Couture ramen ?

Have to keep repeating that it IS Paso.

Zoo to You has had two fires and an incident where a large cat (I don’t remember what kind) attacked a young boy at one of their presentations. The latest fire killed 4 animals, and the fire in 2009 killed 40 animals. Worst of all, a young boy sitting in the audience was attacked and injured during one of their presentations because of their negligence.

This organization has a history.

Well said, Citizen.

More locals should do some research of their own before blindly donating to a cause just because they “want to help animals.”

No other organizations that do it though

I think the Mac & Cheese festival is a great idea BUT I’d never support a cause that gives a dime to Zoo To You.

Remember when the Nunn family of Paso made an online donation to them and made a mistake? She typed her zip 93446 in the donation amount box and Zoo To You took out $93,446 from her account and wouldn’t give it back?

That was in 2001. It took a lawsuit for that family to re-coup only part of their money EIGHT YEARS later in ’09 . David Jackson of Zoo To You KNEW it was a computer error; “he had acknowledged the mistake and returned $30,000 to the couple almost immediately, according to court records.

But he claimed the rest of the money — about $60,000– had already been spent. He eventually returned an additional $12,000 in installments, but then the payments stopped, according to the court filings.” (Trib 12/31/09)

David Jackson of Zoo To You is a greedy, unethical man and I’ll never financially support that group. I hope future Mac & Cheese festivals will benefit more worthy causes.