Democratic Party withholds SLO mayor endorsement

August 30, 2012

Jan Marx

The San Luis Obispo Democratic Party voted not to endorse Mayor Jan Marx in her bid for another term on the city council.

The local Democratic Party’s election committee has endorsed Marx in past elections. However, issues over a contentious battle between the city employee safety unions have led some to question her support for labor.

In addition, in 2011, the Fair Political Practices Commission released the findings of a three-year state investigation into the funneling of cash and gifts to the campaigns to stop Ernie Dalidio’s proposal to develop his San Luis Obispo farmland. The investigation revealed Marx was part of the alleged illicit effort.

The board also did not endorse Steve Barasch, another candidate who was also vying for the endorsement. Local businessman Barasch has been outspoken about the city’s fiscal stability and lack of transparency.

While Marx received more votes than Barasch, she did not garner the two-thirds vote needed.

The committee did, however, endorse two candidates, incumbent John Ashbaugh and newcomer Jeff Aranguena, for the two open council seats.


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It is interesting that the primary reason for withholding an endorsement for her is one of the few things where she has shown realistic judgment (limitations on city employee benefits) and not unethical actions (Dalidio controversy) or NIMBYism.

I’m not fooled by her Betty Crockerish smile and matronly glasses and hairdo… I do not trust her. Never have, never will.