KEYT, Cox temporary agreement averts cancellation

August 20, 2012

KEYT and Cox Communications agreed to a short-term contract extension on Sunday that allowed the local ABC affiliate to remain on the air with just hours to spare. [Noozhawk]

Because of the agreement, there was no service interruption when the existing agreement expired at midnight on Sunday.

KEYT manager and CEO of the station’s parent company, Smith Media, Michael Granados has been in negotiations with Cox for about five weeks in an attempt to reach a new agreement.

Cox Communications blames Smith Media for the impasse, claiming KEYT’s parent company “is demanding unreasonable fees,” according to an email sent to some Cox Communication’s customers Saturday.

“Dear Valued Cox Customer, You may have heard recent reports by ABC-affiliate KEYT that KEYT and My Network TV may no longer be available on Cox’s lineup if their parent company, Smith Media, does not reach an agreement with us, the email said.

“We would like you to know that Cox is working hard and in good faith to negotiate a deal with Smith Media to keep its programming on Cox’s channel lineup for our customers. Unfortunately, Smith Media is demanding unreasonable fees that are far above market rate and that would cause our customers’ bills to rise — fees for a television channel that is otherwise available for free, over the air. Without an agreement, Smith Media is refusing to grant Cox permission to carry its signals past 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, August 19, 2012.”

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KEYT Not worth looking at………. Unless You really care whats going on in Santa Maria……. and gang related problems….. Frankly a waste of time.!!!

Who / what is KEYT?

I heard KEYT had a major equipment failure at their transmitter site that took their over-the-air signal off. I guess they need to raise some money to pay for their lack of maintenance in taking care of their equipment. Just like many of our politicians, always saying their problems are always someone elses fault, because they never do anything wrong…..