Paso Robles man charged with murder and kidnapping

August 7, 2012

Juan Manuel Salazar

A Paso Robles man has been charged with two homicides and the kidnapping of his 16-year-old girlfriend Eunice Serrato.

Deputies booked Juan Manuel Salazar into the Monterey County Jail for allegedly shooting and killing Hector Reyes, 33, and Daniel Fraga, 35, in the bathroom of a San Ardo home before kidnapping Serrato and taking her to Mexico.

Salazar and Serrato turned themselves in to law enforcement at the United States border in San Diego on Saturday morning, a week after the murders and kidnapping and the day after deputies had arrested Salazar’s mother Maria Aviles-Rodriguez, 36, of Paso Robles for her involvement in the kidnapping.

On Friday, deputies booked Aviles-Rodriguez into Monterey County Jail on charges of kidnapping, child stealing, child endangerment, accessory after the fact, conspiracy to commit a crime and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her bail was set at $750,000.

Deputies returned Serrato, who was not charged with any crimes, to her family.

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To bad it didnt happen in santa maria…then all we would have to do is pay the coroner to identify and place a tag on his toe.

Any idea why this person took the lives of the two men?

Latino macho posturing (beauty) perhaps.

Days earlier, this same house was hit with gang grafitti. So, a good guess would be gang warfare or drug warfare.

We have also heard nothing about the two men who were killed. One report said they were from San Ardo, and that’s it.

There are only 500 or so people in San Ardo. I’ll bet that about half of them know the whole story, if only one of our news sources would ask around, surrounded by body guards, of course, with a fast car ready for a quick get away, outfitted with a bullet proof vest and a good disguise.

Sad but true, Citizen.

My friend’s family has lived in town there for 50+ yrs. They’ve seen San Ardo go from a sleepy farm town to a whiskey tango/meth/gang hangout. Very sad for the hardworking locals there to watch their little place go down the toilet.

Another one we’ll be taking care of, for the next 20 years +/-!

Couldn’t agree more! Another example of our justice system at work. This person? is now faced with 1 of 2 choices. Choice #1: He will now have free room and board, access to very good medical care, 200+ channels of HDTV, plus more – all paid for by the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this state; or Choice #2: He will get off on some technicality, such as the arresting officer was wearing wrong color uniform or didn’t read him his rights in his native tongue, or some other stupid reason.

So that after enjoying Choice #1 for at least a year (probably more, considering the time it takes to have trial, etc.; this person? will be out scott free to do it all over again.

Choice #3 After his fair & speedy trial, the punk gets convicted and is swiftly executed.

Of course, the death penalty’s not enforced in CA but at least he’d get fewer priveleges if he gets sent to death row.

Plus if this punk does have gang affiliations, life won’t be that easy for him behind bars…lots of gang rivals trying to knife each other.

With all due respect, I did not realize that the recent Mars probe had found life on another planet – I stand corrected. You must be from another planet if you believe that a Choice #3 really exists anymore in this country. As to this punk’s possibility of getting ‘offed’ if sent to death row – well la-di-dah! One less, a few thousand to go.

If he’s found guilty of double murder, I have no problem with him losing his life in prison. Sounds harsh…but oh well. Double homicide plus kidnaping plus gang membership equals bye bye.

As for Choice #3 being implemented, you’re correct. But here are the top 5 states that actually use the death penalty: VA, OK, AL, OH (I’m surprised by that one) and of course…TX.

I thought the TX stats were interesting: Since ’07, 85 men in TX were executed. 36 were black, 28 were white, and 21 were Latino. The TX Constitution even forbids the governor from imposing a moratorium on executions. (C.S.Monitor Sept ’11)

Like the saying goes–Don’t Mess with Texas!

I believe we think much alike, and Hooray for Texas!!.

This goes far beyond this one story about some drug thing that went wrong and 2 people got killed, and now the state will have to take care of this ‘punk’ for the next several years (unless someone in prison takes action).

This country’s and this state’s criminal justice system does not work and cries out for major changes. Taking over a year to have a trial, and even if found guility and sentenced to death, it takes another 15- 20 years for appeal of this and appeals of that and then more appeals of this or that. Stupid waste of resources (with minor exception of the huge number of appeal lawyers that are employed by such a system). It may take less time in those states you mentioned above, but it still takes too, too, too long.

Holding mom hostage a smart move.

More accomplices and accessories to crimes should be charged. It seems they get off scot free quite frequently.