Searcy wants back on the Oceano board

August 2, 2012

Richard Searcy

Former Oceano Community Services District Board Member Richard Searcy has filed papers to run for the seat he recently vacated after being arrested for driving under the influence.

CHP officers arrested Searcy, 59, in May for DUI after he swerved off U.S. Highway 101, over corrected, and rolled his Ford F-250 down the freeway. Officers closed the freeway’s northbound lanes for more than an hour following the accident.

He resigned his seat at a board meeting in late May after CalCoastNews reported his arrest.

Board members voted to appoint Searcy to the board in 2011 following the resignations of Jim Hill and Carol Henson.

Searcy was first elected to the board in the early 1980s. He lost his seat in 2004 after a four-year term, and then had an embarrassing run in with the law in 2005.

At the time, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, and Pismo Beach police departments were conducting a sting after receiving information that females posing as exotic dancers were performing acts of prostitution.

Police arrested Searcy and seven others during the two-day sting.

Since May, four district residents have filed paperwork laying out their intent to run for the one two-year seat and the three four-year seats up for grabs in the November election.

Former journalist Karen White, who the board appointed to fill Searcy’s vacated seat in June, is slated to run against Searcy for the two-year seat. Current board members Mary Lucey and Matt Guerrero have pulled papers for the four-year positions.

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Oh God. If Oceano is stupid enough to vote this boob back into office, then they deserve exactly what they get.

There is no doubt that Rick has made some poor choices in his past, but he was one of the driving forces behind the Oceano Boys and Girls Club getting off the ground, and if memory serves, he was also involved in the Senior Center project as well.

As a resident of South County, I believe he has done some real good for the community overall while being an OCSD Board Member. Its just a damn shame that he has tarnished the good things he accomplished by doing dumb things in his personal life.

The fact that while he was in office he did nothing to get rid of the Wallace Group is reason enough not to put him back.

John Wallace and Searcy have been buddy buddy for years. you’re right, Searcy supported Wallace 100%. The only Oceano rep that I can ever remember really taking it to Wallace was Dave Angello. Definately no love lost there.

Unfortunately Dave was outnumbered two to one by Grover and AG. Sound familiar?

The gang’s getting back together…”Felma and the Felons.”

Are you kidding? How did Searcy get appointed after his stripper shenanigans? Does the public have such short memory that they forgot he’s a womanizing, drug using, speech slurring, buffoon?

TPR states his DUI case was continued and the reason he wasn’t jailed was due to “head injury and a fractured pelvis.”

Guess the head injury made him pull the papers?

When will the press remind the voters of Mary Lucey’s checkered past?

>>”TPR states his DUI case was continued and the reason he wasn’t jailed was due to “head injury and a fractured pelvis.””

You shouldn’t believe the newspapers. The TPR is wrong. Minor injury, no hospitalization.

If the injuries were minor as you say, then why didn’t he go to jail?

THE GANG IS ALL HERE!!!!! Felma picked up papers today!

“Felma and the Felons” are scheduled to play the Great American Melodrama; 8:00pm, November 6.

Oceano residents, we deserve what we get.

Run Forest, Run! Someone with half a brain…please run!

You seem to have half a brain, why don’t you run?

Yep, I have half a brain, wouldn’t want to lose the rest of my mind sitting on that Board.

Come on, so we as a community can’t or won’t do better than this? And then we wonder whats wrong with our youths. Way to go.

What’s wrong with this dude running for office again? Boozing and Broads? If that is the objection, perhaps he should be on a national news network…Eliot Spitzer anyone?

Each time we hear from this guy he’s flat on his back! First hookers then drunk driving.

Maybe he can become the party planner for Oceano, BYOB of course.

Sounds like He’s done too much party planning already. Another role model for Our childern. Guess there isno end to this type of jerk.