Firefighter trial attendee threatens district attorney

September 24, 2012

John Ryan Mason

In an unusual twist, Superior Court Judge Michael Duffy warned attendees at firefighter John Ryan Mason’s trial on Friday that he would not tolerate threats aimed at the prosecuting attorney.

Mason is on trial for an alleged felony assault stemming from a 2011 altercation at Pappy McGregor’s with Jory Brigham, a man Mason said did not approve of his lifestyle.

“I thought he was going to punch me or go after me,” Mason testified. “After he pushed me and grabbed me, I punched him. It was on.”

While on the stand, Mason described the altercation using mixed martial arts terms including “roll out” and “double hook.”

Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel asked Mason what he meant by the term double hook.

“I don’t know what a double hook is,” Mason responded.

The packed courtroom then erupted in laughs and whispered comments while an audience member allegedly warning Imel to stop asking about martial arts terms.

On Friday, Judge Duffy said he would recommend prosecuting the person who allegedly threatened Imel if he knew who it was.

“This is not a sporting event,” Duffy said. “It is intolerable anyone would do that in a court of law.”

During his cross-examination by Imel, Mason said he did not think of himself as a big muscular person. Imel then asked Judge Duffy if she could show a picture of Mason taken at a 2010 Halloween party to the jury. In the picture Mason is arm wrestling another man with his right arm, while his bare left arm appears very muscular.

Mason’s attorney Chris Casciola argued that showing the picture helped paint his client as a violent person. He said that Judge Duffy’s rulings during the trial had been “unfair.”


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I’ll be glad when this whole thing is over, if for no other reason than I won’t have to look at Mason’s stupid mug any more. Oh, and as for the story, is it really such a surprise that one of his clan members would shout out a threatening remark to the Assistant DA? Bunch of thugs, nothing more.

No. I am surprised, however, that his clan hasn’t hit the CCN message boards. Remember some of the creepy self-proclaimed first-responders who posted in some of the first Mason folders?

Grc–Yes my Grandfather used to call men like that “Meatheads”… All muscle – No brains.

How many of you are having flash backs of high school after reading these articles on Mason? Ugh. Local little boys and girls that never grew up… Or had to.

 It’s truly sad to say that recently between the San Luis S.O. and the Fire Department- They are employing  men/women that both lack discipline when it comes to keeping their hands to themselves and keeping “it” in their pants! 

you’ve got that right…never grew up

Perhaps if the SLOCity PD and FD would have held Mason accountable for any of his previous violent assaults on civilians, Mason would have learned that–really–he is not that special.

Wow. I was there and that is not the way it went down at all. Whoever wrote this story should be ashamed of themselves.

…an audience member allegedly warning Imel to stop asking about martial arts terms.

How did the audience member warn and threaten the prosecutor to stop asking about martial arts terms? From the information presented, I don’t see that it was a threat or warning. It could be a lot of things…someone could be exasperated because they think prosecution isn’t doing such a good job, etc.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a “threat.” I just don’t get, from the information presented, why the statement was interpreted as a “threat.”

I would assume if the judge is concerned, than it must be pretty legit. I know Judge Duffy (personal, not from his court) and he isn’t a sky is falling kind of guy. He is pretty laid back.

I’m not doubting the judge. I just would have liked to have had a quote or something that demonstrated what they were talking about.

The courtroom erupted in laughter and the threat was made at about same time. Anyone wanna bet that most of the people laughing and the guy that made the threat are all friends and or co-workers of Mason??? What a bunch of tools!!

Well, birds of a feather flock together.

I’m going to say it’s all of his firement buddies. With all of the time off that they have this was probably the best entertainment that they could have. Summers over, the kids are back to school and it’s time to put all of the motohomes, trailers, boats and other toys away and figure out how to take care of the schedule so that they can get next summer off and collect overtime while filling in for their buddies who are on vacation or time off. What a racket.

Sounds like Mason got caught in another lie

Having sexual relations with a friend’s wife pretty much makes him a compulsive liar. His whole life is a lie obviously. How he could do that with someone wife and even more so, his friends wife, shows that he is devoid of character.