Wallace Group, cartoon

September 26, 2012

Check out cartoonist Joseph Rankin’s work at the Kranky Cartoonist.


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Kind of a dual purpose cartoon as its applicable to the districts attorney as well. The same good stuff that flowed from the plant that day flows from his mouth when he speaks on this case.

To coin a phrase from of one of Wallaces / the Districts “preferred” contractors, he wouldn’t make a pimple on a real lawyers ass…. LOL.

:-0 what? That cartoonist again? :-)


Mr. Rankin’s cartoon runs right above CCN’s Comment Guidelines requesting no ad hominem or personal attacks from us trolls. Well, what the hell is this cartoon if not that?

If the Wallace Group is proven guilty of malfeasance over the spill of raw sewage, let them hang.

The Wallace Group is still allowed due process. Petulant crap like this so called cartoon only cheapens CCN’s previous investigative reporting.

Interesting that YOU see it that way, from a subjective viewpoint.

Quite interpretive from your crystal ball.

Perhaps NorCoMod you don’t understand what an ad hominem attack is. In fact, I’m wondering if you understand the way our society works at all. Allow me to explain:

An ad hominem is attacking the person instead of their argument. For example, to say “Chelsea wants us to believe that McDonald’s makes better hamburgers than Burger King, but we should believe her because she is a tax cheat.”

Wallace Group is entitled to Due Process, IN A COURT OF LAW. Not in the court of public opinion.

In the court of public opinion, he can be hung as early in the proceedings as the gen pub wants to hang him.

This “petulant crap” is what most of us call a political cartoon and if is embraced by all intellectual classes as being a valid form of social commentary. Don’t believe me? Pick up almost ANY newspaper. Even (i’d bet) your beloved Tribune. Look, cartoons!

Posts like the one above, I think, demonstrate a key issue in why the central coast is simultaneously dubbed the happiest place of earth, or whatever, and is rampant with corruption: the citizens are running around spouting psuedo-intellecutal garbage without understanding what it really means, and instead of focusing on the actual details of the world around them. Wake up Central Coast.

I am a citizen of the central coast, and I approve of SLOChuck’s message.

Good for you. You and 3 others.

Well said SC