Maldonado and Capps square off in Lompoc

September 25, 2012

Lois Capps

Congressional candidates Abel Maldonado and Lois Capps debated at a forum in Lompoc on Monday [KSBY].

Maldonado, a Republican former lt. governor, said he is focused on the economy.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs,” Maldonado said. “That is my number one priority — growing the economy — and if there’s a piece of legislation that creates jobs, Maldonado will be voting aye and if there’s a piece of legislation that hurts the economy, I will be voting no.”

Capps, a Democratic incumbent who has been in the House of Representatives since 1998, said she is helping grow the economy by proving support for small businesses.

“It’s tough to hire when you’re a small business in this kind of economy, so I voted 18 times to tax cuts for small businesses to make it more affordable for them to get out there and do that hiring,” Capps said.

Abel Maldonado

Capps also said investments in infrastructure and clean energy stimulate the economy, as well as job creation in the high tech sector.

Maldonado, who has been criticized by members of his own party for voting with the Democrats on tax increases while in the state senate, said he would not rule out siding with the opposing party again in Washington.

“If the Democrats have a good idea, then I’m going to vote for that idea,” Maldonado said. “If they have a bad idea, the I will vote no on that idea.”

In recent months Maldonado has backed out on several speaking and debate appearances. Some wonder whether that has to do with his history of voting against his own party.

Maldonado and Capps are competing for the seat of the redrawn 24th Congressional District , which consists of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and parts of northern Ventura County.

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Abel – would you have commuted the sentence for a murderous son of the former speaker of the house, Fabio Nunez. Your best buddy Arnold did? You’re a republican joke. Your public life has to end this year. Dog catcher would be too good for you.

Lois – your eyes are bugging out of your head – is this campaign really stressing you out? When you shout “high tech jobs, high tech jobs”, do you mean the wasted millions your Obummer administration handed over to the thieving Solyndra crowd?

Ay, caramba

Wrong! The Solyndra deal was initiated by the Bush Administration. President Obama made the mistake of praising the deal, wrongly thinking that the Bush Administration did something right for once.

Wrong! Go back and read the history of this deal which did start under Bush but was disapproved and revived by Obama.

Yeah, right… Bush did it but he also didn’t. Perfect!

As opposed to Obama’s ‘You didn’t build that’ , thanks small businesses

No ……..Lois eyes are bugging out while watching Mary Malones Duck going after June bugs. ( (see Below ) L.O.L. some of the CCN ‘s blogs have more humor than the comics in the Trib…

Rep. Capps didn’t report rent income to IRS for a decade | The Daily ……/rep-capps-rented-room-to-staffer-for-years-didnt-r…

Aug 2, 2012 – Lois Capps rented a room in her personal home to one of her … her rent for five years, Millman again dodged: “When the problem was noticed, it was … for [Abel] Maldonado to publicly release his taxes for every year he’s held …

I was at a meeting today with Abel Maldonado and he had already met with two groups in the Paso/Atascadero area. Abel is still in dispute with the IRS and is suing the IRS over deductions. Lois, on the other hand, was caught as a tax cheat (not reporting income). She only paid up this year before the election. Did she forget that fraudulent returns where she didn’t report rental income are fifty times as bad as disputing the validity of deductions?

For any conservatives, you are much better off with someone who will vote Republican most of the time–not all the time –than someone who will and has voted the Democratic ticket without understanding the consequences and gets mixed up with the yes and no vote buttons. “Representative says she pushed the wrong button when she voted against resolution condemning religious persecution

If you have any doubt about Lois actually understanding the issues, please attend one of the debates. The questions are given out beforehand, and she still has befuddling problems. l

“Capps—a darling of the far-left J Street and the mother in law of Bill Burton, the head of the Obama-affiliated Priorities USA Super PAC—has spent her political career on the outskirts of Congress’ pro-Israel majority, refusing to back numerous measures affirming the U.S.-Israel alliance” › News From The Web

A vote for Capps is a vote for Obama and a vote against Israel. She is 74 and will end her term, if she wins, at 78. Is she really up to it?

It was Lois Capps who brought her tax error to light in order for it to be corrected. The amount of additional tax she will pay is relatively small, and probably less than most people who read this would have to pay if their tax record was scrutinized as sharply as Lois Capps’ is.

“In a possible congressional ethics violation, California Democratic Rep. Lois Capps rented a room in her personal home to one of her congressional staffers for years and did not report the income to the IRS — during that time, or for more than a decade — until 2012. Capps also withheld that information from the proper congressional authorities for five years — from 2001 until early 2006.” Daily Caller.

One problem with the article. There was no “ethics violation”. And Capps has paid all outstanding tax bills, unlike Maldonado who is said to owe MILLIONS of dollars to the IRS

And do you honestly believe Lois Capps purposely avoided reporting income in order to save a few thousand dollars at most?

No matter. The fact is that Capps is the best candidate for the job and the majority of voters know that, despite the heavy-handed misleading spin presented by her opponents.

“helping grow the economy by proving support for small businesses”???

Is this woman living in a dream world?

WHAT growth??????

We are in an economic collapse!

There must have been more to this joint appearance.

After seeing both of them in San Luis Obispo all I can say is, we are the gertest nation in the world and these are the best we can do????

YES! We is so gert becuz we has the best sepllers on erth !

Remember to vote Repulican and Libertarien too !

“Jobs, jobs, jobs. ”

Yeah, right. I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that stinking bucket of recycled horse feed.

Republicans have blocked 19 Jobs bills since taking over the House of Representatives in 2011, along with the Senate Republicans that block by threat of filibuster. They won’t even allow debate to proceed, because they don’t want to be on record for preventing the economy to improve.

This was done as a cynical ploy for pure political reasons. They knew two years ago that this years elections would hinge on the state of the economy and job creation. so the Republicans did everything they could to foestall that from happening.

Thankfully, it now appears that more than enough Americans are aware how it was the Republicans that have undermined efforts to improve the economy that collapsed and became mired because of the bad policies pursued and enacted by Republicans when they were in complete power.

Maldonado would do nothing but be another rubber stamp for the Republican henchmen and their corporate paymasters.

So our choices are a rubber stamp for the Republicans or a rubber stamp for the Democrats? with this it seems either way the voters loose

Perhaps one needs to loosen some innards, because someone is full of it.

Representative Capps has been in the majority in the House for all of two terms: 2007-2010. Her vote for the Affordable Care Act was one that made it possible: providing for health coverage for at least 30 million citizens, preventing redlining against pre-existing conditions, closing the ‘donut hole’, and providing a template for America to join the rest of the civilized world.

Capps also was integral for the passage of the Lillie Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, that had to wait for the election and inauguration of a Democratic President to sign it to make it law.

Whenever the Republicans are in charge, nothing gets done; or they pass radical social legislation that restricts rights of women and minorities.

“Jobs bills” What a joke. There are no laws that they create that can help the economy. They need to keep their hands off of businesses and quit burdening us with ever changing regulations and fees.

He showed up! Now THERE is a surprise.

Lois Capps is way too nice for politics. I can’t believe she didn’t nail him for his no-shows at previously scheduled meet-the-voters events. She should have been on him like a duck on a june-bug about that issue because it goes to the core of whether voters can depend on him.

Duck on a june bug ????? My God where did You grow up Mary….. June Bug Anyhow .. Thanks for injecting some humor in a warn out discussion thats run too long !

“a piece of legislation that creates jobs”???

What can this guy be thinking?

Government does not exist to “create jobs,” Abel!!

Why don’t you go and read some Aristotle, Abel? The very first line of his Politics, Book I says,

“EVERY STATE is a community of some kind, and every community is established with a view to some good; for mankind always act in order to obtain that which they think good. But, if all communities aim at some good, the state or political community, which is the highest of all, and which embraces all the rest, aims at good in a greater degree than any other, and at the highest good.”

Government exists ( in a democratic republic ) to preserve order and to protect the rights of individuals. Without government rules and regulations, people would be constantly at war with their neighbors. The strongest bully would be the de facto dictator, or the most organized gang would terrorize the rest.

Government also does those things that individuals cannot do for themselves…even insufficient groups of people.

It was only government that made possible the Hoover Dam, the WPA, the PWA, the TVA, the Interstate highway system, NASA, and thousands of other national programs.

By the way, those projects provided plenty of good paying jobs. Government made those jobs happen, so your premise is totally false.


The taxpayer’s hard earned dollars made those projects happen.

Government then took people’s $$, skimmed about 1/3 for bureaucratic b.s., and then returned 2/3 back to the rightful owners of those $$$.

Now, what did that 1/3 overhead do for us again?

Listen…you libertarian extremists have a choice. You can co-exist, and YES contribute to a mutually beneficial society with decent schools, roads, police and fire departments, and other collective improvements.

OR, you can move to an ‘every man for themselves’ utopia like Somalia, or Myanmar, or South Sudan.

The you can leave US alone !

We will get along well without you.

Spoken like a true communist.

takes one to know one eh comrade?