Monkey attacks Paso Robles woman

September 7, 2012

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services seized a monkey after they say it severely bit its owner in the thumb and upper arm. [KCOY]

State Department of Fish and Game wardens are determining whether to press charges against the monkey’s owner who waited several days to seek medical treatment.

Zoo to You is currently caring for the Macaque monkey named “Jenna.”


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Paso and Atascadero and Nipomo are on the same par if you ask me.




and the coastal communities (except Oceano)


same par

My list of like cities:

SLO and Templeton

Paso, Atascadero, AG

Nipomo, Grover Beach, Santa Margarita

Cambria, Pismo, Cayucos


Gee ! I raised that alligator from a baby , treated her like my own . Who’d ever thunk it would eat the neighbors grandkids .

To no one’s surprise, this is in Paso Robles.

Mary …. Again… Which garden of Eden area do You live in … In San Luis Obispo County ? You always seem to take delight in cutting Paso. You have anounced in past posts that Your a flaming Liberal ? Is Paso too conservative for Your taste ? Or did Our meter maid ticket on some past day ? SLO County has problems in ever City, Paso is not the only problem area in the County. Atascadero may follow in Stocktons foot steps.. and have You been downtown in SLO recently ?


photocal if you don=;t like

Sorry I slipped, You don;t like my home get the hell out! At least we have a great police dept.and zoo. This is almost the Garden of Eden.

Our pool in the summer gets cool at night and stays that way all day. Paso gets hot and doesn’t cool off. We also have the Carlton and we are getting a Walmart. What more could you want?

Please refrain from talking negatively about my home. God Bless you and your bad taste in cities..

I suggest that Mary takes a look at the post you wrote at the bottom of this page, just 2 1/2 hours after you took your pot shots at her for mocking the Paso Robles dredge. I suggest that you’re a troll.

Negative Cindy……. I think a lot of people in most cities have monkeys on their back. Its just an expression of frustration with their current status. as for Spirit filled… I wasnt knocking the citizens of Atascadero… but the way its run. Where were the millions of FEMA funds used ? It will be time to pay their dues soon. I love living in Paso….. moved here by choice…. to retire… It has problems but so do most cities. Guess I felt Mary was always very quick to pan Paso…or…. I guess I really dont appreciate self anointed liberals.

Paso has problems that the city council/manager will not acknowledge or try to resolve(look at what they did with their incompetent pervert police chief). Until they own the problems, they will be ridiculed. However, with Wallace and the South County Sanitation District, the five cities (if they do not fire Wallace) will be in the same boat and up for the same ridicule. The Nipomo Mesa group of meth users/ parolees is very similar to the Nacimiento Lake meth users and parolees. Grover Beach has its own parolees and street people, and Oceano has Oceano 13 generational gang members.

If Paso announced a “war on gangs”, and set about using its money for roads and streets, and recreational opportunities for the youth, you would see a new found respect for the city administration.

These types of animals belong in the wild because their genetics have been programmed over thousands of years to deal with extreme predators and conditions, put one in a domestic situation and anything can happen…

I do not feel any sympathy for this gal and hope animal reg Does not snuff the monkey just because a human showed poor taste in choices of pets and control over a uncontrollable beast…

Bit by macock in Peso Robles. Of course.

There are quite a few people that have a monkey…………….. on their back… in Paso Robles. Really a good place for Zoo to You.