Man killed in Orcutt accused of molestation

September 7, 2012

Family members of the man shot and killed by his son on Sept. 3 accuse the victim of sexual molestation. [KCOY]

Brian Reid was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his father and critically injured his mother at an Orcutt park during a family dispute.

Reid’s daughter told KCOY her grandfather would come into her room at night and touch her and her two sisters.

“We attempted to press charges, but they had promised a lot of things and it never really happened and we were just starting to bring it back up when this just happened,” Reid told KCOY noting that she thinks her father’s discovery of the alleged molestation could have prompted the shooting.

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Eight years subsequent to these alleged molestation acts, Brittany Reid now brings it to the forefront again? Regarding this molestation, they “attempted” to press charges in the past, but nothing really happened? Huh? If anyone brought forth charges of three underage girls being molested, how could “nothing happening” be the outcome?! It doesn’t add up.

Because of Brittany’s now enlightened actions to bring this topic back up, her grandfather is now dead, her grandmother is in critical condition, and her dad looks as though he is going to do life in prison.

If Brittany could live with this alleged molestation for eight years subsequent to it allegedly happening, and especially only “attempting” to press charges and being okay with it not going any further at that time, then subjectively, she has some real soul searching to do for the rest of her life in the fact of what happened afterwards.

What I’m having trouble digesting is that this molestation happened eight years ago, Brian knew about , but when he fell into “financial” difficulties he moves back in with mom and the “molester”?

Sounds like some “brilliant” minds at work here. Ted….it doesn’t MATTER to this case whether the molestation happened. It matters that Brian THOUGHT it did. And he did. Brian is one of the kindest men I’ve ever met.

Get a freaking grip and think about the case and humanity as a whole.As for whether the DA does or does not pick up a case or not….you’ve apparently never dealt with idiotic lawyers. The DA does what makes the DA look good….as elected officials they’re in it for the money.

You want to know who the REAL criminal is in all this? THEM. Lawyers could have fixed the mess; at least brought some justice to it; instead they’re letting a bloodbath happen and then they’re swooping down to make money on the aftermath.

Do me a favor and do your homework before spouting off.


For those that call William Forest Reid a sexual predator of Brittney Reid when she was 12 years old, lest we forget, Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, was around 12 years old as well when our God “celestially impregnated” her. I know, it was the times and culture that allowed this act. Nonetheless, our God condoned the act.

Of course no Christian is going to call the Christian God a predator as well, but the ramifications of a young pregnancy occurred nonetheless, as it would today.

For example, apparently no one at that time, including Mary herself, was expecting the Messiah to be born of a virgin. This is why she asked the angel Gabriel how she was going to bear the Messiah when she was not married and sexually active (Luke 1:34). This is why years later, the religious leaders still thought that Jesus was a bastard child, born of fornication (John 8:41 – KJV).

You would think that our God wouldn’t have been a copycat, and would have had a better plan for the birth of Jesus. Especially since throughout written history, miraculous births were not unique and exclusive to Christianity.

Because of society’s morals of today, Billy Reid is considered a sexual predator and a pedophile. It’s funny how things change, even as early as the 1950’s when Elvis started dating Priscilla Beaulieu when she was only 14! Or, how Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin, Myra Gale Brown, at the age of of 13! Many other examples were present in this time period as well.

The irony is the fact, that our future Republican president, Mitt Romney, is a Mormon, and a part of this religion allows polygamous marriage of very young girls as shown in the link below. I am sure that Mr. Romney will speak out against this fact very soon, don’t you think? Oh wait, I forgot that he won’t speak about his Mormon beliefs! We can only wonder why?

I also think it is irony that according to the Taliban, who negotiate with Hillary and the State Department, they routinely take young girls and kill their families if they find them wandering the streets without an accompanying male relative. And our current Commander in Golf has spent a LOT of time in muslim counties, perhaps in his second term he will have more “flexibility” to allow some of that here at home!!!!!!

Ted, I hope you understand what a dilemma we have this election season!


There certainly is a difference between a country performing acts of their culture that we may disagree with, and the fact of our country doing acts of the same nature that is the impetus of this upsetting story. Wouldn’t you agree?

Barring the fact of Mormonism allowing polygamous marriages in the past, and of which young girls are married to older men in certain sects of this belief system at the present time, this belief system is so draconian that it is no wonder that Mitt Romney wants to remain silent upon his religion.

Subjectively speaking, is the fact that if anyone can swallow Mitt Romney’s belief system, where is their logic and reason to be president? Is Mitt the one we want answering the phone at 3am in the morning?

Bob, we could play quid pro quo all day long regarding our past president’s MO’s. As an example, presidential libraries reveal that President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was on vacation for 1,020 days in his 8 year term!!! This was more than any U.S. President since Herbert Hoover and possibly more than any other President in history. Bush’s frequent trips to Crawford, Texas cost taxpayers upwards of $20 million, but, what the hell, vacation time was more important than watching the store as the economy tanked.

T is for Texas!

Bullshit strikes again!

The State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism on Tuesday. Once again, the U.S. government has deemed Iran the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The Iranian regime’s sponsorship of terrorism includes troubling relationships with al Qaeda (“AQ”) and the Taliban.

the money shot:

” Future President George W. Bush is Governor of Texas at the time. The Taliban appear to agree to a $2 billion pipeline deal, but will do the deal only if the US officially recognizes the Taliban regime. The Taliban meet with US officials. According to the Daily Telegraph, “the US government, which in the past has branded the Taliban’s policies against women and children ‘despicable,’ appears anxious to please the fundamentalists to clinch the lucrative pipeline contract.”

don’t feed the troll

***************RON PAUL 2012***************


Yes, by all means, Ron Paul 2012! NOT!

Ronnie’s Libertarian beliefs state that taxes should be abolished along with all the programs and departments that taxes fund. He doesn’t believe in Medicare and Social Security. Ronnie doesn’t believe that there should be fire departments, police departments, public transportation, grants for education, unemployment, disability, food stamps, and every other type of government system and assistance that you can think of.

Dear, if he was president, and if he could get his policies through, what would you do if the above reforms were enacted? First thing, I would suggest that you purchase a firearm and a couple of years worth of ammunition!

Cindy, quit being a silly women as depicted in this passage; “For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,” (2 Timothy 3:6)

I had to read these comments more than once because I didn’t want to believe anyone could be so offensive and awful. How dare you blame a child for any of this? It wasn’t her fault at 12 that she was molested and it definitely isn’t her fault the shooting happened. I would continue but logic, common sense and decency are concepts you do not grasp. I respect your right to be ignorant and misogynistic however commenting publicly to try and shame this girl says a lot about you. Also, anytime a person attempts to substantiate their hate by referencing the Bible so obviously doesn’t understand God. Nor do you understand that the world today is not comparable to Biblical times. Please educate yourself or stay quiet. Do you really in your heart and conscious believe it acceptable for a grown man to have sexual contact with a child? That isn’t at all what the Bible is saying sir and William Reid was a sexual predator. Shame on you.

Why did he shoot his mother too?

bad aim.

This is truly sad. I am not condoning violence, and I am sure there is more to the story.

However, don’t mess with this Mama Bear! A situation like this would bring out the worst in many of us.

Criminals who commit such crimes against children have no place in our society. I don’t think they are even worth the money it would cost to keep them in jail the rest of their lives.

DONE….sleep well girls.

What a sad story. I can empathize with a father who learns that his daughters have been molested especially when it’s by someone that he trusted. My heart breaks for his pain but unfortunately, there is too much of this going on and we (society as a whole) can’t have vigil anti tactics for reasons that are too numerous to account for. If this is true, I suppose it will be a substantial mitigating factor but I’m afraid that this is 1st degree murder no matter how you cut it and the victims have now lost their father who they surely needed. How sad.

Once again I say, do not touch children nor women. I have no sympathy for those who do and if it happened to one of mine there would be hell to pay.

There is too much apathy by the sheeple for these predators, they choose their prey wisely because they know they have a better than 50% chance of getting away with the crime and if caught just get a slap on the wrist…

Animals behave better than this scumbag….

Yes I agree but we still can’t allow vigil-anti justice. You know as well as I do what that leads to. Perhaps if the molestation allegation is proven, he can get off with temporary insanity. If I were on a jury and I was convinced that he did this for the reason that his daughter suggests, assuming he was allowed to plead insanity, I would let him off. With that said, I think it will be difficult for him to meet the criteria for such a defense (judge won’t allow it) and I know that the DA will charge him with murder 1. Hopefully the jury will consider a nullification type verdict and send a message to perverts. In the mean time, this man screwed up big time by shooting his parents and caused greater damage to his immediate family, not less.

In the OLD WEST there was a hangman’s tree in almost every town…

Justice was swift…!!!

And didn’t cost society millions of dollars like it does today, to take care of business.

Cindy…. Have You ever been on jury duty anywhere , or is this wishful thinking ?

Yes, I have been on a jury before but not where there was a question of extreme justification or consideration to acquit a perp however it does happen. Brownie Mary comes to mind but I also have a friend who was on a jury that unanimously blew off the charges of a DUI driver after they determined that he had drove while impaired to save his life so nullification does happen.

Judging by the thumbs down I’m getting, people seem to think that he was justified in pulling the trigger and I don’t have a problem with that (peoples outrage towards the pedophile) if the allegations are true but the fact is that the “original perp” should have gone to trial, that is how we do things and for good reason. Now we have the man that took justice into his own hands going to trial and I have no doubt that he will be charged and it will cost his family all their savings. Unless he gets lucky, he will go to prison for murder, what good does that do anybody? What good does that do his family?

I say the money saved by just having to water a tree would feed and help with cost for medical care for a lot of our brother’s from the south. Women and children might be saved from poverty.

Thanks for the suggestion group. Blessings.