Morro Bay surfer Dustin Ray dead at 39

September 14, 2012

Morro Bay professional surfer Dustin Christopher Ray, also known as “D-Ray,” passed away last week at the age of 39.

The official cause of death for this local surfer who was known to struggle with substance abuse is yet to be determined. “Unashamed and honest,” Ray allowed his addictions to be publicized in the 2000 movie The Decline, according to Surfline.

Ray leaves behind three children, two of whom are now orphans. In 2005, Ray’s 23-year-old fiance and the mother of two of his children, Marcel Sueann Groesbeck, was killed after her car plunged off the east side of Highway 1 and crashed into 13th Street in Cayucos.

A friend of Ray, Azhiaziam founder and photographer Mike Jones, is organizing a memorial paddle-out scheduled for Sept. 29 at 11 a.m. at Morro Rock, one of Ray’s favorite haunts. In addition, he has set up a memorial page on Facebook while also requesting donations be sent to assist Ray’s mother, who is now responsible for the children’s care.

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It sickens me to see anyone get on here and be concerned only for their tax dollars. Photocal, you are

one sick douche bag son of a bitch. How you can call anyone else sick is beyond me. You clearly have no shame yourself to get on here and irresponsibly write the things you have with no concern

For his children and his friends and family who will read your words. One day his children will be on the

Internet and they will read about their father and everyone needs to keep that in mind. I have read so

Many wonderful things about him, we should all be so lucky to have so many people to say so many

wonderful things about us. Dustin is loved and missed by many! You need to get the hate out of your

heart and find compassion for others before it is too late or when the end comes Photocal, you won’t be

missed by ANY!!

Rest in peace.

I think that unashamed and irresponsible would be a better term…… He really did’nt give a s##t about anyone … or anything. Hop on a board… and everything would take care of its self. Lifes real loser…paddle out… and forget everything. His 23 year old fiance , the Mother of two of His childern………………….. What can I say ? I feel very sorry for His Mother…. now stuck with His childern… Glad She will take care of them… otherwise hello taxpayers. This is not a sad story……. its a very sick one.

The two children will be entitled to Social Security survivor benefits, which will be a great help. Very, very sad.

I doubt if sponsored surfers pay into social security. Will the children be eligible for benefits if he did not have ss? I don’t think so, but perhaps his finance had enough time in ss to provide benefits.

His fiance died in 2005. Keep your negative comments to yourself and show some respect for the dead.

D-Ray will be greatly missed. He may have had a troubled soul but he was amazing with his children and I am so sad for them.