Bag ban challenge fails as ordinance takes effect

October 2, 2012

A challenge to the newly implemented San Luis Obispo County plastic bag ban failed in court Monday. [SLO Tribune]

On the same day the ban went into effect, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Charles Crandall ruled that the county Integrated Waste Management Authority did not need to conduct an in depth review of the environmental impacts of the ban before enacting it.

Crandall wrote that the group of plastic bag manufacturers and distributors that filed suit, Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, failed to prove that the bag ban might cause harm to the environment. The judge said that evidence submitted by San Francisco attorney Stephen Joseph on behalf of the plastic bag coalition did not pertain to San Luis Obispo County.

The plastic bag ban is now in effect at supermarkets, large retail store, convenience stores and pharmacies across the county. Shoppers who do not bring their own reusable bags or pay a mandated 10 cents apiece for paper bags.

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Did crafting this ordinance go on some gov’t employee’s annual performance review as a task they actually accomplished in 2012?

This is just getting silly…

You betcha!! And he 9Or she) got an outstanding job performance appraisal + a very nice salary increase – thank you ever so much. You couldn’t possibly believe these ‘hairbrained’ ideas just happen all by themselves- right?

As to the comment from Danika that plastic bags were introduced to stop killing trees to make paper bags.

Very true, just goes to show you that you should hang on to all those old things – they will come back.

Such as leisure suits, bell-bottomed pants, bobby sox, 8 track tapes.

And finally, this is another issue that we, as citizens, can sit around and ‘bitch’ about; or we can take concrete actions to change it, if we want. What will it be?

Bunch of weak losers of San Luis County -they have this teeny weeny small measure of control that affects the real producers of this nation, the manufactureres of useful products. You think because you’re just way cooler than us morons that you know what’s best for us. You make me vomit in my re-usable canvas bag, ah shit now I gotta throw it away. Maybe I’ll just hike down to the creek and throw it in, just like I used to do with all my plastic disposable bags. Why don’t you go down to Pismo some time and watch all those looser valley people chucking their trash into the ocean. I’ll be doubling down with my produce bags – I’m gonna use them by the bushel, and oh by the way, I have a choice to shop S.B. county – so bye-bye tax dollars on all the non-grocery stuff in my cart. You supes are a bunch of nothings.

We are cooler than you.

Well, at least you admit you are a moron; I gotta compliment you on your well-reasoned post, tho…want some cheese with that whine? BTW: I am a manufacturer located in San Luis Obispo, and I design and manufacture useful products that I ship all over the country and the world. And i think the bag ban is great, because morons like you cannot be trusted to use them responsibly.

C’mon, Russ. let’s try a little harmony! WAAAAAAAAA…..WAAAAAAAA……WAAAAAAA

I once hit my head on a sign that read “Watch your step”. Thanks protectionist society; I was fine before you stepped in.

Once again the marketplace reigns supreme. All the stores we went to yesterday were as busy as ever

and we left with new reusable bags. The only new twist will be soon (I hope) I’ll have to take a bag with me on my walks to pick the recycles lying along my way. As it is now, I just find one of the plastic bags we just replaced and use it to bring my recycles find home. Thanks SLO county for making the right move.

Gee, the sky didn’t fall after all. Who wudda thunk it?

Give it time….I remember when plastic bags were introduced as a way of getting rid of those brown

paper bags. We’ve come a full circle. Give it time…

Kind of reminds me of the experts have said about eggs and coffee over the years. First they are good for you. Then wait no maybe not. Wait they are. Well then again. Yea what to believe. I have read (seriously) in a news mag. in the eighties that drinking water can cause cancer. I have read that having sex can cause cancer. Yes cerivical (becoming sexually active at young age) but this was in general.

Yep all the experts on this and that. God help us all.