Supervisor threatens Pismo Beach Council

October 2, 2012

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill said that a county agency he does not sit on is planning to sue the city of Pismo Beach if it does not cough up funds to fight a lawsuit contending he improperly conspired to win his reelection.

Last month, the Pismo Beach City Council agreed that the cost of fighting the lawsuit filed by a developer against members of the San Luis Obispo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) would not be paid for by the city.

The suit filed by developer Larry Parsons, says members of the board abused their authority in order to promote Hill’s reelection and their own political careers.

Last week, Hill responded by sending a letter to the editor of the New Times in which he claims Pismo Beach is facing retribution for refusing to pay LAFCO’s legal costs and suggests the public vote in a new council.

“Pismo Beach is refusing to honor its indemnification contract with LAFCO,” Hill says in his letter. “This will lead to Pismo being sued by LAFCO or its insurance carrier. This follows a period when Pismo was not paying its bills to LAFCO over its work on the Los Robles Del Mar application. Most likely this will lead to LAFCO refusing to accept any more applications from Pismo. This is unprecedented.

“All of this is relevant because Pismo’s council has a well-established reputation for thumbing its nose at its neighboring cities and other agencies like LAFCO and the Coastal Commission. It has also bailed out on its obligations to Lucia Mar in regard to redevelopment monies.

“As its representative to the county, Pismo’s behavior is quite frankly, embarrassing. That’s why I am urging voters of Pismo to support Erik Howell and Sheila Blake for council. Not only will they better represent the concerns of Pismo’s residents, but they will encourage a new cooperative spirit in the city’s government. That would be very refreshing.”

A hearing to determine if LAFCO’s decision to deny Parson’s proposed project should be overturned is set for Nov. 29 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.


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This guy is way more trouble than he’s worth. Whenever he’s up for re-election you people should dump him. Drop him like a bad habit and find somebody who is competent.

Yes, people, he “threatened” the city council. Hill does not represent Pismo, but he represents LAFCO. He said Pismo’s decisions are going to lead to Pismo being sued. “Being sued” I would definitely say counts as a threat.

What a coincidence. I was just thinking the other day, “Why haven’t we heard about any Adam Hill nincompoopery lately?”

I knew he hadn’t miraculously become a rational government official, or anything…

CCN must have felt my vibes of curiosity because, Ta-Da! here’s the latest episode of “The Nincompoop Turns.”

Slower….the unethical and questionalbe practices of Hill have nothing to do with his politics. I am a leftie, no growth individual and i find that Hills (and for that matter Gibsons) disdain for the people and his self-serving abuse of power to be disgusting. Go with your first inclination…the guy is pondscum and should be ousted. There are genuine people out there that can serve the community better.

I agree in that I don’t think Hill’s political side (conservative v. liberal, for instance) is the issue so much as it is the manner in which he conducts politics.

When it comes to politicians, no one likes a liar and a cheat. This is especially true in one who makes important decisions for the people.

Too bad for Adam Hill that he has already proven himself to be both.

Yet he gets re-elected. Obviously, a majority of local voters must identify with him.

Perhaps Hill and politicians like him are reelected because the less-informed voters have a “when-in-doubt-vote-for-the-incumbent” mindset?

Bruce is that you?

Funny… sorry.. very funny… what and how did this man.. even get this far.. ?

Unlike the headline, I don’t see the letter by Hill as a “threat” against anyone. He’s just stating fact about LAFCO & Pismo’s relationship, and not threatening anyone or thing, in that regard.

Beyond that, (and beyond that it’s a doozey!) the letter is a bald-faced attack on the elected officials of the Pismo Council, and by extension an attack on the citizens of Pismo Beach, plus an immature dig at his losing opponent in the primary. To me that should be the focus of the headline.

I hope for the Pismo council candidates’ sake that they did not ask for those endorsements.

I see it as a very stupid broadcast of how afraid he is over being involved in this lawsuit.

For a politician, that is a very stupid thing to do because politicians should never show their fear. It’s like dangling a baby seal in front of a great white shark. It is almost impossible for them to resist the urge to strike.

Hill is so incompetent he doesn’t even realize that his article in New Times serves as proof that the allegations in the Parson v. LAFCO lawsuit are true, and that there IS collusion and influence peddling between LAFCO and Hill.

Has LAFCO publicly stated that they will cut off development in Pismo if Pismo doesn’t cough up the money to pay for a lawsuit against LAFCO over alleged improprieties of influence peddling between LAFCO and Hill?

Adam Hill is not a LAFCO commissioner. Yet he rants about what LAFCO is going to do in the future if Pismo does not pay for a lawsuit against LAFCO, which also implicates illegal actions by Hill.

How would Hill possibly know about a decision by LAFCO to launch a lawsuit against Pismo when LAFCO has not filed the lawsuit? or publicly announced they were going to do so? The only way he would know is if he is given special access by LAFCO to its most important behind-closed-doors decisions by LAFCO’s commissioners?

I sometimes question Adam Hill’s tactics and statements, and wonder if support for him is justifiable.

Then, I read the venom from some of the the crazy Teabaggers that post here, and my wonder disappears.

Please rethink your application of your judgment.

“Crazy teabaggers” don’t have the political power that a county supervisor has to impact our lives on a local level.

So, while dishonest politics may be bad in any group of voters, it doesn’t compare to the kind of damage that can be done by a dishonest county supervisor.

Why must one be a “crazy teabagger” to be pissed off at a politician??? I am neither a Democrapper, Repulser NOR a Teabagger….I think they ALL stand for themselves and NOT for The People. Mr. Adam Hill stands ONLY for himself and how he can next screw the good people of his district…oh and yes, Mr. Gibson too for that matter!

Hill, a liberal, tried to overstep his authority into a conservative city council of Pismo Beach using illegal tactics. End of story. Lock him up.