Brown signs immigrant driver’s license bill

October 1, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Sunday that will let as many as 350,000 undocumented immigrants qualify for California driver’s licenses. [LATimes]

Those under 30-years-old who came to this country before they were 16-years-old, would qualify if they are accepted by a federal program giving work permits. These immigrants would be eligible for the Obama administration program, which waives the threat of deportation for two years for those who have no criminal record.

Brown spokesman Gil Duran said the state’s driver’s license program will merely adhere to the new federal rules imposed by the White House.

“Gov. Brown believes the federal government should pursue comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship,” Duran said to the LA Times. “President Obama has recognized the unique status of these students, and making them eligible to apply for driver’s licenses is an obvious next step.”


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Who voted for this old bozo anyway, high sped rail boondogle,illegal aliens,enviromental fruit cake,huge supporter of carb, the list goes on, this guy was a nut the last time he was in office.

The entitlement folks voted him in, and the relatives of those on/seeking entitlements. The thought process for the relatives is this:

If I can get the taxpayer to support my family member, I won’t have to open my wallet.

Selective memory? Meg Whitman was the absolute worst candidate for Governor the Republicans have put up since I started voting back in 1972. I don’t agree with everything Governor Brown has done this time around in office, but I know that a huge majority of Californians would be really upset with what she would be doing if she had somehow gotten elected.

It seems that Californios cannot even run their own affairs without the feds dictating how things will be.

It’s as if CA had simply ceased to exist as we have known it and thought of it, isn’t it?

If it’s not what we thought it was, then just exactly what sort of political unit is it?

Maybe we should start thinking of ourselves as an extension of the “federal district,” or a sort of quasi-military base.