Brown signs immigrant driver’s license bill

October 1, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Sunday that will let as many as 350,000 undocumented immigrants qualify for California driver’s licenses. [LATimes]

Those under 30-years-old who came to this country before they were 16-years-old, would qualify if they are accepted by a federal program giving work permits. These immigrants would be eligible for the Obama administration program, which waives the threat of deportation for two years for those who have no criminal record.

Brown spokesman Gil Duran said the state’s driver’s license program will merely adhere to the new federal rules imposed by the White House.

“Gov. Brown believes the federal government should pursue comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship,” Duran said to the LA Times. “President Obama has recognized the unique status of these students, and making them eligible to apply for driver’s licenses is an obvious next step.”


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Remember the proof of insurance is checked when you renew your vehicle registration – what, we have to register a vehicle, really??? No thank you, I just want the license so I can get all my benefits and vote so I can get more benefits, thank you!

Your faith in people who register voters is very reassuring. /sarcasm.

Can they really read English. 1,000 Voters were registered at the same address in Oxnard. This was jerked off .MSMBC news in a heart beat.

Having a drivers license DOES not mean having insurance. If the new law required the illegal residents to have full insurance coverage, then maybe I could support this. But you can bet that your uninsured motorists insurance premium will go up – just look at your most recent insurance statement and see how much it goes up in next 6 to 12 months.

And I will place a small bet that sometime within the next 5 years, there will be a movement in this state to

have all traffic signs in both English and Spanish. What other choice do we have?

I can’t see any way to enforce the mandatory car insurance law on illegal aliens, or whatever they will call them. Their whole way of life is based on avoiding all government red tape, rigamarole, rules, regulations, frontiers, barriers, and borders.

In other words, they live like anarchists.

I have to be honest; I don’t blame them one bit for doing this because the nation state is nothing but a giant ripoff anyway.

Uninsured motorist insurance should be a thing of the past as everyone is, by law, to have insurance.

UNDERinsured motorist insurance coverage is packaged in your uninsured motorists coverage in this state so you really don’t want to get rid of it.

Well, one thing that sort of STICKS OUT is that this will be an increment to voting rights for the incumbent socialist politico. Reason? We gave you this. We can GIVE you more, so vote for ME. I gave you stuff.

Everything socialistic comes in increments. That how they roll.

Well, let’s see, this means that have to actually learn the traffic laws and take a test suporting this. Then, they have to have auto insurance. Like someone said before, they’re going to drive anyway, so let them learn the traffic laws and pay for it now.

Our traffic and road signs are in ENGLISH, and not Spanish, therefore we can only logically assume that their drivers test will also be in ENGLISH. Their insurance papers from Allstate will be in English. Their paychecks are in English. So, the obvious question has to be asked, when in the hell are ALL immigrants that want to come to America going to learn OUR language?

If we go to Mexico, or South America, do they placate to the gringo and have two languages posted within their country, whereas, the English language is one of them? NOT!

If you don’t like the country you’re living in, and you choose to live in the USA, then learn the language for Christ’s sake or go back to your country of origin!!!!

Insurance applications and policies have been issued in Spanish for several years now to accommodate the Spanish speaking persons.



Really? Why don’t we accommodate the native language of the American Indian in all of its diverse ethnic factions? We have many Asians in our country as well that don’t speak English. Do these groups have their own insurance and DMV applications as well?

Oh, since some take their tests and fill out their applications in Spanish only, can we be assured that they know the meaning of the ENGLISH motor vehicle signage along the highways and byways?

IMMIGRANT: “Sorry officer for going 95 mph in a construction zone, I am a Mexican immigrant that took the DMV test in Spanish, but still trying to learn ENGLISH once out here on the road.”

CHP OFFICER: “Turn around and put your hands behind you, you have the right to remain silent and …..”


Could you imagine the cries of racism if our government handled illegal immigrants like they have Native Americans? There would be a Civil war.

As far as why only a certain ethnicity’s ass gets kissed by O and the gang, we all know the truth. They are many, and somebody needs votes.


You seem to be harboring the misunderstanding that I support the immersion of what I now call “Undocumented Democrats” to our state/country. I do NOT. My comment about insurance industry standard is to be informative. I have seen the industry change radically to accommodate those who come here and live undocumented and yes, it is wrong.

Don’t shoot the messanger.


I took your statement in a generalized form.

If I was to shoot the messenger that believed in their message that ran contrary to mine, trust me, you’d know it!

Now why would 7 people give Danika a thumbs down for simply stating what she believes is Insurance company policy? I guess they disapprove of the policy but the inference is against her and should not be.

I think many who are against the thrust of the article ignore reality. Lots of the ‘illegal aliens’ (Mexicans, whose country used to own California and Texas but lost them in wars with the US) were brought here as children, are dedicated to our state, country and principles, and will probably drive or need to. Be real, give them the opportunity to succeed and manage their affairs legally.

You wish is being granted. If the feds think they are going to “control” these illegal aliens the way they control brain-washed Americans, they are crazy.

Illegal aliens will not be controlled.

Sometimes I think that they are better citizens than we are. They live off the grid, they go their own way just as in the olden days when they rode horses and the horses didn’t have “licenses,” and they don’t take seriously or care at all about all the government rigamarole and crap.

Thanks, Hotdog. I realize people are against the principle of what I said more that ME being the one saying it. I appreciate your support! : )

Ted, this is one of your posts that I actually agree with everything you said!

Guys, most of these folks read, speak and write in English. Yes, they are illegal, but they attended our schools and most of them, I believe, would love to be Americans. So, please don’t bash them per se. These people did not break the law. Their parents did. Most of them are good people, and if you met them, you would like them.

What concerns me about this is whether they will be allowed to vote or not, since they are not officially Americans.

From the CA DMV website:

“Besides English, the basic Class C written driver license exam is also available in the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish, Tagalog/Filipino, Thai, Tongan, Turkish, and Vietnamese.”

That’s 31 languages other than English folks.

Also, no matter where you are in the CA DMV website, at the top, there’s a hyperlink to “Español” which will take you to a mirror site that has the entire site in Spanish.

So, are we accommodating a diverse multi-ethnic society or are we enabling immigrants to function without becoming proficient in English (which by the way is very helpful to obtain a good job).

A little wake up call here, Ca did not adopt the speakie English rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Act so when Commerical truck drivers that no speakie English cross the scales or Ports of entry here in Ca they are not required to be able to speak it, and the CHP lets them keep going.

Also DMV already has Mexican printed materials, we’re losing before we start.

LICENSE, LICENSE, we don’t need no stinking LICENSE


This is tantamount to………what?

Federal control of California?

If the feds control immigration, and immigration controls CA, then the feds control CA.

Conclusion: CA has ceased to be a viable political unit. It is simply a fiefdom of the feds.

The continuing refusal of the Feds to accept California voters’ decisions about medical marijuana shows that they have already adopted this position.

Certainly, the address on the license will be accurate at the time of issuance. The next step will be to get a retro birth certificate, ssn and become a bank manager. The best system that money can buy.

Of course the address will be accurate, just like the one in Oxnard used by over 2,000 people on their fed tax return for a refund that cost the rest of us millions in fraud !

Because we as a state are broke and in part because of the millions of uninvited immigrants (better known as (ILLEGAL Aliens).

And this places all responsibility on state enforcement not the feds. Not to mention the open ended amnesty it allows.

Great, as if this state does not have enough problems already…

Why is this a problem, they drive anyway and without insurance.

Heck, maybe they will drive back to TJ

Wow I agree with President Obama on this one. And for Gov. Brown to sign this bill is a good. day for us all. God Bless you all

Good day for Us all ? All meaning who ? But……. Thanks for the God Bless… We’ll need it. You didn’t mention the fact that a section of Browns train to nowhere has funding approved. Sorry…. I’ve been around so long that I remember Edmond G. Pat Brown as Governor and were still paying on many of His projects. Possibly instead of God Bless… it should be “God save Us” as the current Gouverment wont.

If you “agree with President Obama,” then it would be more appropriate for you to say “Rahimakallah you all” instead of “God Bless you all.”

Insurance is NOT needed for a drivers license, but is needed for registration of a vehicle or the operation of a vehicle.