Candidates and campaigns congregating at Cuesta

October 16, 2012

A barrage of political candidates and campaigns will appear at Cuesta College this week.

Associated Students of Cuesta College will hold two election forums: one today at the San Luis Obispo campus and another Thursday at the Paso Robles campus.

Today’s forum, which lasts from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Associated Students Auditorium, will feature campaign representatives ranging from the city to federal level.

Representatives for Congresswoman Lois Capps and Republican challenger Abel Maldonado will speak in the morning followed by all three candidates for San Luis Obispo mayor: incumbent Jan Marx and challengers Steve Barasch and Donald Hedrick.

Two of the four San Luis Obispo city council candidates, Dan Carpenter and Kevin Rice, will likewise appear at the forum today, as will representatives for the other candidates, John Ashbaugh and Jeff Aranguena.

Democratic assembly candidate Gerald Manata will appear along side a representative for Republican incumbent Katcho Achadjian. A spokesman for current assemblyman and state senate candidate Bill Monning will speak as well.

Cuesta College Board of Trustees candidates Barbara George and David Baldwin will attend both forums, as will county Libertarian Party president Gary Kirkland, who will debate a county Democratic Party representative on Proposition 30.

Thursday’s forum in Paso Robles, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Dallon’s Hall,  will also feature north county city council candidates. Paso Robles City Council candidates Nick Gilman, Steve Martin and Fred Strong will each attend, as will Atascadero City Council candidates Roberta Fonzi, Tom O’Malley and Ann Ketcherside.

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If Cuesta College loses its accreditation and closes, will they have to move these meetings somewhere else?

Fine Deal

I plan on attending. Sounds like there may be more elbo room than the Paso Inn affair

BCP – please do not fail to ask Mr. Strong why he could not attend the Paso Inn forum to answer detailed

questions concerning the citizens of Paso Robles, but can find plenty of time to attend the Cuesta gathering to discuss county or state issues.

Could it have anything to do with who put on the 2 different forums?? Or is this just his way of showing

further disdain to a large percentage of Paso citizens?

I would suggest you take the time to contact him yourself. I’ve found that he is very accessible. Could be he has a problem being invited to his own hanging, but best to ask him.

Page down to Strong, his contact info is there.

I have, many times. Several emails, asking about specific issues raised in 1 or more CC meetings + other issues. And quite frankly, his answer have been less than complete (in my opinion).

It is interesting that you state “Could be he has a problem being invited to his own hanging”

Are those your words or does that what Mr. Strong really feels? (I know, I should ask hiim).

But if this is what he believes, then I can only wonder why he would have this belief? He represents the total population of this city and should be able to clearly and distinctly defend his stewardship and be willing to be asked pointed questions about key issues.

I disagree that somehow, somebody is trying to “hnag” Mr. Strong. But I do believe he has played a very big role in where this city is now, how this city got here, why our water plant and sewer treatment plants had no reserves for replacement, why a 2% TOT was approved by this city (ie. tourism promotion) in 2008, just when the economy was tanking (and have renewed it each and every year – when maybe that money could have been better used for streets), why our city gave away 1/4 million of our dollars to a ex-police chief that had her feelings hurt by public comments (yet was lauded as a superior law enforcement person), why even more of our dollars will be spent to judicate or (more likely) settle the other lawsuits filed as a result of her actions. And I could go on.

If these questions and concerns make Mr. Strong feel is his going to be “hung”, so be it. He was elected (and his running for re-electilon) to represent all citizens, not just those who always agree with him.

My words, not his….

Fred Strong missed out on the opportunity to attend and participate in a very professional, non “hanging” Forum. It was well moderated, planned, and attended. I encourage you to call Jim App or John Hamond and ask how the event went in confirmation of my statement.

My sincere thanks to all who attended, participated, and walked away with a better understanding of their candidates. You made the event a success!