Capps failed to disclose more income

October 19, 2012

Lois Capps

Congresswoman Lois Capps faces new charges from Republican challenger Abel Maldonado over failure to report personal income [Noozhawk].

Legislative Resource Center records show that Capps did not disclose two pensions as income, totaling more than $500,000 for her first eight years in Congress. From 1998 to 2006, Capps failed to report to the House oversight body her income from the State Teachers Retirement System and the Regents of the University of California.

Capps corrected the omission in 2008 and has reported the pension income ever since.

The Maldonado campaign jumped on the issue Thursday, attacking Capps and linking the lack of disclosure to a previous failure to report rental income. Capps’ published tax returns revealed earlier this year that she failed to report $41,000 of income from renting a room to former staffer Jeremy Tittle, an omission she did not disclose to Congress until 2006 and to the IRS until 2012.

As the personal finance charges grow against Capps, Maldonado remains troubled by his own tax problems. Maldonado continues to battle IRS claims that his family business underpaid it taxes by more than $3.6 million and that the candidate underpaid his personal taxes by about $470,000.

Additionally, state elections records revealed two weeks ago show that Maldonado claimed a $3,686 catering bill from a 2007 event as a business expense despite raising $35,000 for his state senate reelection the same day. The Capps campaign claims the event was a political fundraiser, not a personal party.

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Does ANYONE have anything GOOD to say about Capps’ opponent Abel Maldonado?

We have plenty of people who tell us that Capps has helped them, and how she is nice, but we don’t hear much positive about Maldonado, even though he’s lived area for decades and has been in local politics for years. What gives?

Nope. The guy is at least as useless as Capps, if not more so.

You will always hear good things about incumbents, because in order to be a successful incumbent, you have to give away other people’s money to another group of people. So you ask the people on the receiving end “hey, has that person that gave you money any good?” – Surprisingly, the answer is usually “yes” – go figure.

Oh, but this candidate likes and does so much for them!

Yeah, yeah. How ’bout that? Go figure.

Both “no spending”-Capps and Moldinaldo (yes, with an “o”) need to GO AWAY. Please.

rOY, your theory has a glaring flaw:

Maldonado HAS been elected to public office several times and STILL most people have NOTHING good to say about him.

Except I never had a theory about Maldonado being liked…

rOy, you said incumbents “always” have good things said about them.

Maldonado spent many years as an “incumbent”, but not much gets said good about him.

Get the point?

rOY, I think the problem is that you are so intent upon denigrating Democrats that you lose sight of what is relevant and end up stereotyping.

The bottom line–something we should both be able to agree upon–is that Lois Capps most certainly is the better candidate of the two. Correct?

In all the years she has been in office, EVERYONE I know of with a problem or concern has been content and satisfied with her service or the service of her staff, more than any other political official I know of…

You must not know many people!

Then why is the country so screwed up?

Two words. George Bush.

Not me. Her office staff was “dumb as a stump” and I had to get another public official to get her office to do “their job”.

What was it you needed?

That’s been my experience also. I’m voting for Capps.




I’m Still voting for her!

So is it BS that Maldanodo did??

Able and Capps, both have tax problems. Hmm two peas in a pod. Can we NOW have another candidate from either party? Something better than these two BOZO’S!

As Mary Malone pointed out elsewhere, Bozo was a professional clown, and probably finds the comparison distasteful.


Whoa There! Wrong. Capps does NOT have tax problems. She resolved all of hers some time ago. No problem!

Maldonado, on the other hand, DOES have tax problems. Something like Four million dollars plus of a problem.

I don’t know what bothers me more, that Lois Capps earned $500,000 from the State retirement system for the past eight years PLUS her congressial salary (Started at $136,700 in 1998 and is now $174,000 in 2012) PLUS benfits (health, dental, vision, life, long term care) PLUS rental income OR that she didn’t report it as income. What the hell did she think it was, a gift!

She will continue to get State of California Pension (about $63,000 annually) for her school nurse position, PLUS her congressional pension, PLUS her social security (yes, congress gets social security benefits since 1984). Not bad, how many of you hard working middle class people will get these retirement benefits when you retire??? PROP 30 – NO NO NO NO NO

Not much to choose from here, is there?

Can we just leave the office unfilled I am tired of try to decide which candidate will do the least amount of harm?


Maybe Eastwood was on to something… let’s leave her chair vacant!

Heck, we could probably leave A LOT of government chairs vacant and not even notice a difference. Myabe even notice an improvement?

They are all dirty. Which one will represent the poor working guy the best.

Abel has my vote. At least he is up front about his problems.

Before voting for Abel, I would like to suggest you investigate how his “company” treats their employees. A smiling face shaking hands proves nothing to me. And up front about his problems? I don’t think Abel was the one to disclose his IRS problems, really!

I give you credit in recognizing that Abel has employees. Do you know how many Ms. Capps has? If you know of someone who has 100% happy employees (except the government) it would be nice to know who they are and what they do to achieve that.

oh, snap!

It doesn’t matter.

We are partisan enough that we will overlook anything, so long as the candidate is of our stripe.

Sad but true, more often than not