Central Coast is fungi heaven

October 31, 2012

The nation’s second-biggest (legal) mushroom producing area can be found on the Central Coast. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Only Pennsylvania, where mushroom farming was pioneered, puts to market the volume and variety of edible fungus that can be found in the wild in Monterey Bay area. Among favorites that can be hunted  here are restaurant favorites shiitakes and portobellos, as well as chanterelles, King Bolete, and the highly-prized candy cap.

Mushrooms are low-calorie and loaded with B vitamins, vitamin D, protein, lots of iron and minerals, and antioxidants — and some cultures attribute immortality and improved vigor to consumption.

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LIfe with fungi is rather simple. There are old mushroom eaters and there are some bold mushroom eaters. However, there are NO old, bold mushroom eaters. Be careful what you put into your mouth when mushroom hunting in the woods. Mushroom poisoning generally attacks the liver, occasionally leading to a fatality.

But Mario took mushrooms like the one shown and he gains HP from it!

The best part of this whole article and comments was the Mario reference! Thanks for the chuckle!

Uh, why is there a picture of Amanita Muscaria (poisonous) on the front of an article for edible mushrooms?

Because its kind of pretty and the person who put it there didn’t think about anything else in selecting it.

I think it may be prudent to become just a little educated and change the picture, it is pretty though.

Thanks for the tip — I didn’t recognize it. But I am smart enough not to eat mushrooms unless I KNOW they are safe (I assume the ones in stores are).

The ones in the store, Agaricus Commercialis look almost exactly like Amanita Virosa (Destroying Angel) (Deadly poisonous),

What is interesting is the link to the SFGate article has pictures of nothing but edible mushrooms.

That all said, I used to pick Chantrells at Montana De Oro. Very easy to recognize and very tasty.

Hey……it’s good to know that some things You eat are good for You . Thanks !