CPRN2012 sets candidates’ forum

October 12, 2012

A political forum featuring candidates for city office in Paso Robles and sponsored by Change Paso Robles Now (CPRN2012) is slated Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Paso Robles Inn’s Grand Ball Room.

The candidates’ forum will feature former member of Congress Andrea Seastrand as moderator, and Sally Reynolds and Kevin Rice as question presenters.

CPRN2012 chair Karen Daniels said the event will present the opportunity for Paso Robles residents to pose questions on controversial civic issues that have remained largely in the shadows. She said one big unanswered question is the reason for the large cash settlement made by city officials to former chief of police Lisa Solomon-Chitty. Citizens also want to know why city streets are in such poor condition, she said.

“This forum will give Paso Robles people a chance to see and hear from the candidates what they plan to do to change the direction of this city,” said Daniels. “We all need to pay more attention to what our city officials are doing — or not doing.”

During the two-hour event, candidates will each respond to 10 preselected questions, followed by an open microphone question-and-answer period for audience members.

Attendance is free but seating is limited to 200. Call 805-400-5652 or email cprn2012@aol.com for more information.

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Open questions:

1. What do you think is the #1 biggest issue facing Paso Robles?

2. Are you:

A. Satisfied with the way Paso Robles’ City Council and City Manager are handling the issue?

B. Dissatisfied with the way Paso Robles’ City Council and City manager are handling the issue?

3. If you are dissatisfied, what suggestions would you have for a better way to deal with the issue?

The decision by Strong and Picanco not to attend the CPRN2012 candidate forum speaks loudly, clearly, and with absolute conviction to their deep down, in-the-heart feelings for the majority of the citizens of this city. They are choosing to serve those who serve them, not the entire city.

This forum is for the primary purpose of getting information to the ‘common’ citizens from all candidates, so that the citizens can make better and more informed decisions.

Strong is more than willing, even eager, to express his extensive knowledge on almost any topic, as long as it is at a time and place, and to a crowd, of his choosing. Yet, at a forum put on by an organization that wants to change Paso, he chooses not to attend (prior committments?), and is telling the citizens who are in favor of change to go fish – you don’t matter to me.

Voters, is that the councilman you want? Is that the councilman that has a provable history of being for ALL

citizens? If not, be sure you vote, get your friends to vote, get your neighbors to vote, get anybody and everybody to vote – and vote him out of office.

Danika (Karen Daniels, Chairperson of CPRN2012, will be on Congalton tonight after 6:00 pm.

UPDATE: Participants of the Candidates’ Forum

All candidates, with the exception of Mayor Picanco and Councilman Strong, have agreed to particiapte. Both Picanco and Strong have cited scheduling conflicts, though Picanco advised he may show late in the event.

Does Mayor Picanco mean “he may show late in the event,” as in after the questions have been asked and answered by the other candidates?

Well, all I can say is they better check underneath the City Council’s chairs after the next council meeting because there may be eggs underneath two of the council members’ chairs.

Mayor Picanco said he might be able to attend around 8:15pm, which would put him arriving AFTER the questions are asked and answered by the other candidates.

In the interest of fairness, I certainly understand their (Strong/Picanco) not being able to re-arrange their schedules for our event, which is mainly focusing on questions and concerns spoken directly by the very people who will be voting in the upcoming election. They obviously have more important things to do.

Lisa Solomon must be having a MaryKay party.

Did I understand this correctly….Candidates will know the 10 questions ahead of time??? Answering blind questions is a better way to test of their knowledge and also shows their ability to think “on their feet”. Also, will the candidates for Mayor be invited as well?

The candidates will get to know the few questions ahead of time, which is common practice in events such as these, BUT the majority of the event is open mic to the public…meaning, the candidates will spend the most of their time having to “think on their feet” and answer to the people without prior knowledge. The Mayoral candidates were invited, yes.

I disagree. As it is, the incumbents already have a huge advantage in the “incumbent advantage.” Part of that is the experience they gained from the time they were elected to the city council–experience they didn’t have BEFORE they were elected.

Some of the questions may be broad, or some may be more detailed.

Allowing all candidates to have a day or so run-up, by knowing the questions ahead of time, shows how quickly the non-incumbent candidates can get up to speed on issues with which they are not familiar. This is what they will be doing, on some, if not all, issues and policies if elected to the city council, so it is good to see what quick learners they are.